My name is Kevin Scott King. I was born, have spent about 3/4 of my life, and currently reside in the D/FW area in Texas. I try and write what is on my heart, what is within my spirit. I am driven by a desire to know how things really work. Sometimes called the facts, or the truth. I’m a big picture thinker, I either natively had the ability to ‘see the forest for the trees’ or developed it, regardless it is what I seek. As I have awakened to the true reality of the world we live in I am compelled to act. I have spent most of my life searching for meaning, and found that the American Dream and the ‘desire for more’ left me unsatisfied and depressed.

There is a cost, a great cost, for those who reveal the truth. Seeing as mankind lives is a world of mass deception and is enslaved by deception, and since I believe that we were created to be free. Then what greater purpose is there than to help free humankind from it’s enslavement?

I’m a former Christian, who has rediscovered my spiritual self. We are all spiritual beings, spirits in a material world.  And ultimately our struggle against tyranny, oppression, and control is a spiritual war. Though I no longer affiliate or participate in the religion of Christianity, I have become an even greater proponent of what I believe is the authentic message of Jehoshua(Jesus). In particular that of living in truth and freedom.

Do not be discouraged, but when you get discouraged do not berate yourself. It is very normal in these times we live in. But don’t stay discouraged. Remember that your strength lies within your spirit, and the Creator longs to touch your spirit with his strength and love.

Be still and know.

Seek the truth, speak the truth, live the truth.


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