The Poverty of the Truth


One cannot serve two masters. You either serve God or mammon (wealth). Christians should know this from the teachings of Jesus. And yet we have entire Christian denominations today that cater to those who serve mammon. Mammon is what is now worshiped in many nations, much more so than any God. Especially in ‘first’ world nations. And yet there are so many claiming to serve both, claiming they have the truth. But this cannot be. One cannot server two masters.

Many will be unable to hear this. But it is true. Truth is the enemy of wealth. Why is this? Because wealth accumulation by the few is always at the expense of the many. Because deception is used by the few to control the many. Because the love of wealth is a corrupting force, and corruption exist in the shadows, never in the light of the Truth. And thus those who love wealth and power will always despise the Truth. Because Truth is a direct threat to their power.

But in a nation deceived, populated by deeply deceived peoples, the Truth is hard (impossible?) to hear.

There is no money in the Truth. In fact quite the opposite. But this should not be a surprise to those who claim to be Christians. Jesus was taken by the Jewish priests and turned over to the Romans for execution because he spoke the Truth. Why? Why was Jesus’s message so dangerous? Because he threatened the Priest’s money making scheme, and thus revealed them for the frauds they were. That the people had to pay tribute to the Priests in order to make supplications to God. When Jesus said one needed no priest to talk with God. It is no different today.

There is no money in the Truth. Why?

Because it is extremely time consuming to find the Truth. Ask any serious researcher on any subject how much money they made revealing the Truth.

Because it is extremely difficult to find the Truth. Which is why it is time consuming. The Truth is buried under many layers of deception. Many false leads, dead-ends, and gatekeepers. And since so much is gained by deception, then the incentive to bury the Truth is high. And why so much time and effort has been expended to do just that. A honest researcher could (does) spend years trying to find the Truth… they have many eye witnesses. But did the witnesses tell the Truth?

Because depending on what Truths one is revealing it can be life threatening, especially if it is first person or eye witness information. And because of this much Truth is concealed. Hidden by threat. And if the stakes are high enough and the deceivers desperate and immoral enough then murder it is. Often times this murder is made to look like a suicide… called ‘suicided’. And often times this is done sloppily, to send a signal; “This is what happens to those who reveal the Truth”.

Because the Truth is hard to accept. Difficult to swallow. Especially today, when almost everything we know is a lie. Then the Truth becomes preposterous, ludicrous, hard to believe. But the lie is so easy to sell. So smooth, tantalizing, and captivating.

The Truth is dangerous to those who profit from deception and corruption. So then it is impossible to become wealthy telling the Truth. If someone is becoming wealthy claiming they are speaking the Truth they are either lying about their wealth or they are not speaking the Truth. It is that simple. For sure there are some who ‘believe’ they are speaking the Truth, whilst getting wealthy, and in fact point to their success as proof of their truth. You know…, they have been ‘blessed’. When in fact what their wealth proves is that they are NOT speaking the Truth. Possibly the very best and most effective disseminator of deception is the honest, moral, conscientious person who themselves has been deceived and turns around and spreads the lie with integrity and conviction. Religion in particular is littered with these unknowing agents of deception. I can say with absolute certainty that any person claiming to be providing the Truth and requiring payment up front in order to share their truth is a fraud.

There is no money in the Truth, in fact it is quite the opposite. The Truth is a threat to those who profit from deception, and that is many. The Truth is a bright glaring light to those who participate in the occult. The Truth is unwanted for those who enjoy their fantasy life. The Truth is frightening to the deeply deceived, which is most. What person wants to find out that almost everything they’ve learned is false? What person wants the rug pulled out from under their feet? What person wants to discover that the foundation of their belief system is built on lies? What person wants to admit they’ve been tricked…their entire lives? The Truth is dangerous to those who victimize the innocent. The Truth is unwanted by the manipulators and the users. The Truth is infuriating to the unfaithful spouse/lover. The Truth is a difficult road, a lonely road, a perilous road, a steep and rocky road. It is not the way to the ‘easy’ life, it is not the road that leads to wealth. The road of Truth is the same as the small gate and the narrow path. And in fact the only way to stay on the narrow path is to live in Truth.

Is there anyone who wants to hear the Truth? Is it any wonder there is so little Truth spoken or revealed? And yet here I am, writing and posting. Why? Because God our Creator did not create us to live lives of deception. We were not created to be used and manipulated by a few others for their own selfish benefit. We were not created to have our lives stolen from us. We emerge from the birth canal as free beings, it is other men (people) who then immediately set about to enslave us. Why risk speaking the Truth? Because I believe in one of the core messages of Jesus;

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,”

WE are the poor in spirit (more like absolutely destitute of spirit), WE are the brokenhearted, WE are the captives, WE are the bruised or oppressed. And the reason WE are ALL these things is because we are ruled and controlled by deception. And it is why I write and post what I have. Because true liberty and freedom are at the core of who I am.

I have no desire to reveal the secrets of others. My desire is that we all live in freedom, as we were created to be. I have no desire to expose those behind some of the most heinous events in the past few decades. But in order to live in Freedom and Truth deceptions must be exposed. In order to set the captive free and give sight to the blind the Truth must be spoken, the lies revealed.

There is no money in the Truth. The best one can hope for if they truly are trying to spread the Truth is to eek out and existence. I stand by these words. I know this is true. My conviction about this reality only grows with each passing day.

There is no money in the Truth.

The choice is simple; You either serve God (Truth) or Mammon (Wealth). It is impossible to serve both. You can only have one Master. And if one tries to serve both or claims to serve both then Mammon is always Master.

Whom do you serve?


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