The Fundamental Truths of our Time


We are All deeply deceived, and live in a time of universal and mass deception.

That the purpose of deception is Thought Control, and therefor since we live in a time of Mass Deception thus we are all thoroughly thought controlled. All of us, and for our entire lives.

That the purpose of thought control is enslavement. And since we are ALL completely deceived, and thus absolutely thought controlled, therefor we are all completely enslaved.

That the purpose of our enslavement is for the many to enrich the few… that billions would enrich thousands. Some call them ‘Elite’, I will not. For they are not better, or special… they are the worst of the worst. They are scum, filth, users, manipulators, and perverts. Psychopaths, thieves, liars, and cowards. These are proper names for the few who have stolen the lives of the many. I will call them the Criminals in Charge. The CiC (using the soft ‘c’, so it is pronounced ‘sic’).

This is the reality of our lives. This is the Truth of our existence.

If this is the first time you’ve ever read such statements it most likely comes as a shock. Possibly so much so that you simply cannot believe it. It’s not possible… right?!? I hope… ? Writing from personal experience I can attest that is difficult to even contemplate that possibly everything I’ve learned is at some level false. It can be difficult to wrestle with the fact that one major event in the past ‘official narrative’ is a lie. Let alone that almost every event we’ve learned about we’ve been deeply misled. It is a tough pill to swallow.

How can this be? Because there are those who will do anything to enrich themselves. Because greed has no limits. Because modern societies have been taught since birth that the only way to measure themselves is by how much money one makes, how new and expensive one’s automobiles are, by how big one’s house is. Because the only way that one person can become wealthy, relative to their peers, is to exploit the many. That wealth concentration creates poverty.

It bears repeating. There is a % of the world’s population that will do A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G for money. And this includes great evil. In fact what is shocking is how little some will sell out for. We live in a time of extreme greed. Where all options are explored in order to become wealthy.

It is through deception that populations ‘thoughts’ and thus their ‘actions’ have been controlled to convince the many to serve or enrich the few. This reality is ancient. This is how the Ruler or King or Emperor convinces their populations to risk their very lives, and march off to war. Of course they never tell them the reason is simply for the King’s pleasure or to enrich the King. No, they always have some reason why the young men must risk their lives. One of the most common is to convince the populace that some other Nation is ‘evil’, and they are out to get them! And if that is not enough then stage an attack (false flag) to justify a war.

Mass deception = mass thought control. I use the term ‘thought control’ because we’ve been thought controlled to believe that ‘mind control’ is not possible. How’s that for deception? But let’s try some other terms. Influence, suggestibility, advertising, propaganda, hypnotized, herd behavior, indoctrination, social engineering… to name a few. The fact is ‘thought control’ is very real, and in fact we are all victims of a lifetime of thought control systems and techniques. One technique is hypnotism (another term that we’ve been thought controlled to believe is not real), and in fact 20% of the population is easily hypnotized, 60% moderately so, and 20% relatively immune. Hypnotism does not require that it be done in person, and in fact can be done with audio alone (despite the Bungle’s claim that ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’) thus the radio is still an effective tool of the mass thought control system(s) we live in today. One can be hypnotized against their will. One can be hypnotized without realizing it. One can be hypnotized to do things one would not normally do (see Manchurian Candidate… Sirhan Sirhan). One can be hypnotized, awoken, and then dropped back into a hypnotic state through a planted post-hypnotic suggestion. One can be knowingly hypnotized, then told hypnotism is not real, awoken and then claim they could not be hypnotized or that hypnotism is not real and then be immediately hypnotized with a planted post-hypnotic suggestion. It can be impossible to tell when someone else is under a hypnotic state, contrary to Hollywood’s ridiculous portrayals of ‘hypnotized’ behavior. Now couple this with the fact that the TV (actually any video device that projects an image using light; projector, smartphone, computer monitor, tablet) quickly changes the brain wave state of the viewer into an alpha state. Effectively putting one into a ‘receive only’ mode, and turning off one’s critical thinking. Thus video, regardless of what is being displayed, puts most of us into a semi-hypnotic state. Couple that then with specific techniques used through video (both auditory and visual) to hypnotize, and the amount of video that average person exposes themselves too, and thus I can say with authority that 80% of the population is under some level of mind control on a daily continuous basis. The video image is an extremely powerful and effective thought control tool. What of the 20% who are basically immune? Well first, don’t assume you’re in that group, it would be wise to error on the side of caution and assume the opposite. But regardless, the immune 20% is always in the minority position. And they are still subject to social pressure. Just because they normally resist being hypnotized does not mean they are immune to influence all together. And they certainly are not immune to deception, and we are drowning in a deluge of lies. More sophisticated techniques must be used on the Immune 20%. And there are many. Hypnotism is just one specific technique of manipulation and control. But don’t take my word for it. Get a copy of George Estabrooks ‘Hypnotism’ for direct evidence, or Milton Erickson’s ‘Hypnotic Realities’, or ‘Hypnotherapy’ by Dave Elman, or listen to Aldous Huxley’s ‘Ultimate Revolution’ speech at UC Berkley.

As mentioned, thought control is ancient. In my opinion this is what the ‘secret of the ancients’ is. The techniques to manipulate other people, both at the individual level, the group level, and society level. Certainly one of the oldest ‘systems’ of thought control is Religion. I would argue it is the oldest example of an organized system of control. However, what is very different today, what is unique in History, is not only the sheer volume of thought control, but that there are so many numerous entities competing to control us. Especially in modern western societies. In fact Religion is being pushed aside by the more dominant system(s) perpetuated through MSM (mainstream media). This ‘competition’, so to speak, is breaking down. Unintended consequences are occurring. It is creating a tremendous amount of stress upon society. It is also the primary cause behind why so much cognitive dissonance exists in our cultures. People are being manipulated to accept contrary positions because they are being thought controlled by competing messages.

From Wikipedia:
‘In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress (discomfort) experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values, when performing an action that contradicts those beliefs, ideas, and values; or when confronted with new information that contradicts existing beliefs, ideas, and values.’

If one is thinking critically, thoughtfully, carefully. Then cognitive dissonance would not occur. But if one is simply consuming, receiving, exposing themselves without critical thought then cognitive dissonance is easily possible. And in fact is inevitable if one daily exposes themselves to mass media.

Hysteria is a direct result of though control. The ‘unreasonable’ person, is a direct result of thought control. We must remember that one of the primary purposes of thought control is to prevent the individual from using their reasoning faculties. To stop critical thinking. To arrest questioning and introspection. Thought control’s objective is to prevent ‘thinking’. To control or dominate the thought life of the individual so that they have no thoughts of their own. A hysterical person is not thinking at all. They are simply reacting. Thus why it is foolish to try and argue or reason with a hysterical person. The first step is to calm them down so that they might be able to take back control of their thoughts.

If you need an extreme example of thought control manipulation then look no further than Bruce Jenner (Caitlyn is the manipulated creation). I would argue that all of these false genders, there is only male and female, are simply thought control creations.

But I’ll give a better example. Donald Trump. It’s been fascinating to watch the Trump phenomenon. It has proven to me how easily manipulated people are. But especially in regards to how the Alt Media was manipulated by the propaganda. But there was a critical turning point. Overall the Alt Media was cautious or anti Trump until a specific person endorsed him. I’m going to pause here to provide an opportunity for the reader to contemplate who this personality was. I’ll give a hint. They are arguably and unfortunately the poster child for Alt Media… Alex Jones. It was amazing to watch how Alt Media piled on the Trump bandwagon immediately after this endorsement. This is how simple thought control can be, and how effective. One person’s endorsement and poof, Alt Media was behind Trump. Not only behind, but many became cheerleaders. (My respect to those who did not fall for the manipulation, TruthStreamMedia, William Engdahl, Paul Craig Roberts, to name a select few who did not). Trump did not surprise those in control. Because Trump was their creation. Trump became an agent of the Rothschilds when he was bailed out by them in 1990. Trump is easily manipulated, through money and his enormous ego. If you need to be reminded of how a real threat to the system is then see how Ron Paul was treated in the ‘08 and ‘12 elections. But Trump got massive amounts of MSM (mainstream media) airtime, proving that the CiC were behind him. It does not matter that much of his exposure was ‘negative’, and in fact this was the point. As this is a specific thought control technique called ‘reverse psychology’ (it’s most successful example being that of that making certain substances illegal, thus ‘creating’ demand for them). One of the primary goals of the 2016 election was to create social division and conflict. And it has worked beautifully. They could not have picked two more polarizing persons than Hillary and Donald. And the Alt Media fell for it. Despite Donald’s pomposity, arrogance, misogynist, racist, and sexist ways. Despite the fact that Trump hobnobbed with the Criminals in Charge (CiC), that he filed for Bankruptcy multiple times, that he was a Reality TV personality. Trump dropped a few truths, or hinted at them, and he had most; hook, line, and sinker. At least when he started picking his cabinet members some of the Alt Media began to question and doubt. And now with his warmongering and flip-flopping on campaign promises even the die hard Alt Media supporters are having their minds freed. And unlike Obama, whose ruse lasted a few years, Donald’s has only made it a few months. The President of the United States is in control of nothing. I wonder if Trump really had any idea what he was getting into. I suspect not.

Take North Korea. North Korea is an example of a relatively primitive thought control system. Implemented at the State level. It is a single message system. There is only one belief system, and that is the States. It is implemented at all levels of society. There are no alternatives. Now take the USA, it is an example of an extremely complex system, which includes competing interests. Technology has allowed a massive amount of options to exist. These options in part provide the ‘illusion of choice’. But this has also created fracturing, and it would appear that any one unique message is getting lost in the cacophony of noise from all the other choices. Too much information too quickly and humans cannot process it, and thus we tend to ignore all of it.

Being aware that Thought Control is real and prevalent does not magically make one immune from it’s affects. No, and in fact this is a trap. It is similar to learning of a big lie, and then believing the next layer of deception is the Truth. Not only do we live in a time of mass deception, but many deceptions are layers deep. The same principal applies to thought control, with the same objective. To make you think you are free and know the Truth, when in fact you are still tightly controlled and deeply deceived. In effect what happens to most is they are able to free themselves from one system of thought control, and then are captured by another.

Humans are so easily influenced. So easily led. Humans are social creatures, humans are tribal creatures, thus we naturally have a herd mentality. But this group also naturally is relatively small. A couple hundred would be a big tribe. But in cities, in modern societies we have huge tribes. Millions. Billions. The only way to have these massive tribes is through thought control systems. It is only through these systems that it is possible for a small number of individuals to influence and thus control millions or billions.

We are all victims of mass thought control. All of us. Male, Female (and those are the only two genders, all the other ‘new’ ones are just more thought control BS). Republican, Democrat, Independent. Black, White, Yellow, Brown. Young and Old. Uneducated, Educated, College, Doctorate (and in fact some of the most thought controlled are the highly educated, as all education is indoctrination, and the more indoctrination thus the more thought controlled.). Rich, middle class, poor. American, European, African, Russian, Chinese.

The primary tool(s) of thought control is Mass Media. Print (books, magazines, newspapers), Radio (Rock, Country, Talk, Spanish), Video(TV, Movie, Youtube), and lastly the amalgamation of all three… the Internet. And it’s now most popular and ubiquitous delivery tool… the Smartphone. The purpose of Media has always been social control. And this ‘control’ is always done through manipulation utilizing deception. Entertainment is simply the lure, the wrapper to bring people into the thought control bubble. Information is what ‘News’ uses to lure people into it’s web of deceit. The great irony that the regular news reader/watcher (who are trying to stay informed) are the most misinformed, and usually also the most opinionated.

It appears a greater % of the population is rejecting the MSM news. I don’t see this as surprising. MSM is nothing but deception, and in fact has trained us to be deceivers as individuals. A person who regularly practices deception will assume that all others they meet are potential deceivers as well. Well this mentality applies to the MSM news as well. That the MSM is also a potential deceiver. Couple this with how outlandish the lies are becoming and more and more are seeing the MSM news for what it is… thought control. But how far will they go? Rejecting the primary lie does not mean one knows the Truth. But at least it allows one to be open to it.

The News Media has always spread lies and deception as a matter of course. From it’s inception. This is not news, pun intended. Upton Sinclair exposed the medias role in his book, ‘The Brass Check’, a 100 years ago. Thomas Jefferson in a private letter to John Norvell expounded upon this reality 200 hundred years ago. That the MSM news spreads lies as a matter of course is not new, it did not just start. It has Always been this way.

It is important to note that the MSM news does occasionally tell the truth, but only when it suites the agenda. The Liberal media is more than happy to expose the lies of the Right, but fail to mention all of their lies. Of course the inverse is true as well. It seems it is human nature to believe that if an individual or group exposes lies about another individual or group, especially about someone/something one does not like, then one is automatically predisposed to believe that the revealer always tells the truth. A powerful tactic for the deceiver to win trust. Remember, some of the best lies are wrapped in truth.

Alternative Media != (does not equal) Truth Media. It is simply an ‘alternative’ to the MSM media. The alternative media is full of hucksters, frauds, wolves in sheep’s clothing, shills, gatekeepers, and fools. Yes there are legitimate folks as well. What I try an ascertain is whether the individual is genuine in their search for the Truth. Those are the folks that I listen to and read. But this does not mean you believe everything they say. You still must use your intelligence and intuition to decide for yourself what is the Truth. Remember the most effective deceiver is the good, honest, morale person who has been deceived themselves and turns around and repeats the deception as truth. I feel it important to remind the reader of the ‘Rebekah Roth’ deception. And in particular the different members of the Alternative Media who fell for her story. I initially was fooled. But after a few exposures, and after reading her horribly written first book, I became suspicious and in fact decided to not listen/read her anymore because my intuition told me something was not right. I could not prove anything, but something rubbed me the wrong way. Many Alt Media personalities that I like and respect interviewed her. I cannot recall one of them apologizing for having her on, or admitting they were fooled by her.

There is no money in the Truth. And in fact they are at odds. And this statement puts me at odds with many in the Alt Media, including those I respect. At best one might be able to eek out a living exposing the Truth, but one is not going to get rich or be well off. And there are multiple and valid reasons for this. These reasons also provide a litmus test to judge for yourself whether someone seeks and speaks the Truth.

First, the Truth is difficult to find. Which means it’s time consuming. Extremely time consuming. Ask any legitimate JFK researcher. This fact alone explains why so much news is at best misinformation. Because the newspaper or news-station cannot afford to pay for the manpower hours needed to discover the Truth. Even if they wanted to.

The Lie is more tantalizing than the Truth. Thus the temptation to exaggerate, to titillate, to misrepresent taints even those outlets who are trying to find it. And since the Lie is more tantalizing than the Truth thus we know that the Lie sells better than the Truth.

The Truth is dangerous. Especially for those who are exposing current deceptions. And depending on the revealer’s position, can be deadly. This is the great litmus test. The legitimate Truth tellers ultimately will experience many of the following realities;

  • They will be ridiculed.
  • They will be harassed.
  • They will be threatened.
  • Their character will be assassinated.
  • Relationships will be targeted.
  • Disinformation will be spread about them.
  • They will be gang stalked.
  • Their financial security will be threatened or stolen (fired, blackballed, etc).
  • Their websites will be hacked.
  • They will be ostracized.
  • They will be isolated.
  • They will struggle to be heard.
  • Their work will be banned.
  • They will be murdered.

In particular suicided. And for those who are unfamiliar with this term it simply means a murder is reported as suicide, or made to look like a suicide. Because the best criminals always make sure someone else takes the blame (to frame someone, the patsy), and in an alleged suicide there is no perpetrator to look for. The accidental death is another favorite of the professional killers, as there is no presumed perpetrator. Another option is death by natural causes. Because there can be no crime, if the death is ‘natural’. In all these cases the murder is made to look like something else; a suicide, an accident, natural causes.

Why is the Truth dangerous? Because we are exposing the who, what, and why. We are exposing the massive frauds. In which billions can be at stake. We are exposing the murderers. We are exposing the abusers. We are exposing the psychopathy of the criminals in charge. Because we are exposing how we are being manipulated, revealing the method. Because we are exposing the Lies. Because the Truth reveals the crimes of the few against the many. Because the Truth awakens one, if but a little at a time, from the mass thought control we are all under.

A very short list of those who have paid the ultimate price for seeking and/or speaking the Truth. This includes many that I believe were ‘suicided’.

  • Danny Casolaro (working on a book about US Govt corruption called ‘The Octopus’)
  • Aaron Swartz (co-founder of Reddit, a website critical to my own awakening, but now fully compromised. A personal ‘thank you’ to Aaron)
  • Michael Hastings (exposed General McChrystal, was working ‘on a big story’ and needed to go ‘off the radar’, knew he was being surveilled, tried to swap cars with girlfriend day of crash, violent car crash, engine block thrown 60 yards)
  • Andrew Breitbart (the first to expose John Podesta in a tweet in 2011, exposed ACORN corruption, and in Feb 2012 was claiming he was about to expose Obama, then dies suddenly of a heart attack)
  • Pat Tilman (NFL player, joined Army after 9/11, who began speaking out against the Iraq war, whose tour of duty was about to end, killed by ‘friendly’ fire.)
  • Dorothy Kilgallen  (very popular news columnist and guest on ‘What’s my Line’, ie. a personality who had a large influence on America, proclaimed to confidants she was going to “break this story of the century” about the JFK assassination. Died of an ‘accidental’ overdose, but was not a drug user. All of her JFK research… disappeared)
  • Micheal Ruppert (I tend to believe his suicide was legitimate, but he was driven to it. His book ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ is what convinced me that the official 9/11 narrative was impossible, and that at the very least insiders turned a blind eye, but most likely were involved. Bless You Michael.)
  • Phillip Marshall (author of ‘The Big Bamboozle’, but was working on a new expośe of 9/11, his two children were murdered as well. Philip at one time flew for the CIA, thus why his children were targeted. And if you want proof of how accurate his Bamboozle book is, see if you can find a hard copy for under $125 bucks.)
  • Barry Jennings (9/11 witness in Tower 7)
  • Beverly Eckert (husband died in 9/11, did not believe official story, pushing for disclosure, killed in commuter airplane crash)
  • Gary Webb (Almost every possibility I listed above Gary experienced. He exposed the CIA’s drug running in his ‘Dark Alliance’ newspaper series.)
  • Vince Foster (deputy White House counsel to President Clinton)
  • David Kelly (UN weapons Inspector who said there were no WMD in Iraq)
  • Paul Wellstone and Hale Boggs (Senators who died in small plane crashes, and challenged the status quo; Wellstone regularly challenged Bush administration, Boggs, original member of the Warren Commission, who later publicly expressed doubts that Oswald acted alone)
  • JFK
  • RFK
  • MLK


To the legitimate Truth seekers who are trying to make a living doing so. You have my utmost respect. But as one of my daily websites has recently learned, SGTReport, if you go to far you’re shut down. SGTReport’s YouTube channel was demonetized because of his persistent coverage of the Global Child Trafficking, Pedophilia, Ritual abuse issue (#pizzagate, #pedogate) that has direct ties to many politicians in Washington, D.C. But from what I’ve observed, and my own experience, at some point one has to make the decision. Am I going to pursue the Truth and speak it and live with the consequences? Or am I going to sell out, at whatever level?

Secondary Truths

Debt – One of the greatest evils upon the earth is usury, or that of lending money at interest. But especially so when said money lent is created out of thin air (like the World Central Banking system). The United States Federal Reserve is NOT part of the US Government, but is a private corporation with foreign owners that controls the Money of the US, actually the money of most of the World. In this current banking system, money is only created by the issuance of debt. Debt is a form of enslavement. And one of the critical issues of our time is massive worldwide debt. This debt issue has metastasized into many problems and has forced the Central Bankers to rig markets; stock, bond, precious metals, and many others. It has also caused debt bubbles, and unlike 2008 when it was just the US housing market, which has been re-inflated, we now have debt bubbles in auto loans, credit cards, and college loans. Not to mention the various Governments, both local and national, around the world whose debt load is unsustainable. We know there is a fundamental problem when the banks/politicians answer to a debt problem is… wait for it… more debt! Imagine your house is on fire and the Fire Department shows up and starts pouring gasoline on the fire. That’s insane you say? They would never do that. Of course they wouldn’t. But pouring gasoline on a fire is exactly what is happening when a debt problem’s solution is more debt. That is insanity. What is amazing is how many intelligent and educated people never question this… ‘solution’.

I recently watched a speech given by Michael Ruppert in 2011 in which he stated that nothing will change until the current monetary system is changed. I disagree. I think the problem is deeper than that. Nothing will change until Humankind stops it’s greed. Ultimately the issue is a spiritual one. If one measures their worth by how much monetary wealth they have then they will measure everyone else the same way. In all modern societies this is precisely what is happening. Remember, wealth accumulation by one is always at the expense of (many) others.

Education = Indoctrination, Indoctrination = Brainwashing, Brainwashing = Thought Control

Education = Thought Control. But now it’s much worse than that. In America the education system is destroying minds. It is called Common Core. Common Core was created by someone who has ZERO experience in Education. The purpose ultimately is to make it impossible for children to think and reason at all. Because a person who cannot think for themselves also cannot question authority. A person who cannot think for themselves is automatically a dependent. The current education model is; memorize, regurgitate, forget. That is not learning. And it certainly is not employing logic and critical thinking skills. Again, don’t believe me, look for yourself. Study the history of how the public education system was forced upon the US populace. Find out who was behind this and why. I’ll give a hint if you’re interested. John Taylor Gatto and Charlotte Iserbyte.

Corruption – Universal Corruption. I’d say it’s been just as difficult to grasp the scale of corruption as the scale of deception or thought control. It’s mind boggling. It has become systemic within Western societies. At all levels. Across the board. Corporations. Governments. Law Enforcement. Religion. Legal. Science. Education. Private. Public. But this is the result when Money is god. When winning is everything. When people will do Anything to obtain wealth, power, or fame. And because the corruption has become so prevalent it will also be the undoing of the entire societal model we now live under. History itself bears out this fact. The level of corruption hits a tipping point, and the entire system collapses. Many have argued, and I concur, that we’ve actually passed the tipping point. Why no collapse yet? Two primary reasons. First, and this is unique in human history, it will be a global collapse. Historically when an economic system collapses it is a local or regional event. But this will be a worldwide collapse. There aren’t any other systems to pick up the slack, there aren’t any safe havens. There is no where to hide. No other places to exploit. Second it proves just how much control the CiC has, in particular Central Banks.

But what I refer to above is mostly focused on monetary corruption. But of course that is one specific type of corruption. In Science it is the corruption of the Scientific Model. That fraudulent data is being used and presented as facts. In Education the corruption is of the mind. Or in particular the ability to reason and think critically. But possibly the most serious corruption is of the human spirit. Though historically a role reserved to Religion. It has been supplanted by MSM. Music, Entertainment, News. Our minds and our spirits have been deliberately poisoned through mass media. People entertain themselves with graphic violence, sexual perversion, conflict, exploitation. This has so corrupted our spirits. Check out Jan Irving’s work at GnosticMedia. His focus in particular has been on how music and drugs have been used to corrupt and debase our culture. You can observe this progression by listening too and watching media from each decade since the 20’s.

The Internet – The device that was to provide access to all the world’s knowledge. The gateway to enlightenment. Is also a portal, a black hole, to every kind of vile perversion that exists on the earth. Funny how no one ever mentions that. And this portal has thus created an epidemic of child exploitation. Leading to an explosion of Child Pornography, Pedophilia, and Human Trafficking.

Universal Surveillance – Snowden revealed that the NSA is vacuuming up and storing all electronic communications. The recent Vault 7 release reveals the CIA is spying on everyone. But these are just two big names. The are numerous government agencies who are spying on us. And that is just the US Government. What would blow the minds of even the best informed is the shear number of unique entities that are spying on us. Communications companies, Internet Providers, Websites (Google, Facebook, Youtube), Banks. There are so many devices used to do this. Smartphones (in fact all Smart devices are Spy tools), webcams, smartTVs, game consoles, tablets. Any internet connected device with a microphone or camera can and is used to spy. Hackers. Private foundations. Governments at all levels; Local, State, National, International. Individuals. In fact you could separate the worlds population into two primary groups. Those who spy, and the spied upon.

Geoengineering – Global Weather modification is a reality and has been going on for decades. Cloud seeding to create rain has been practiced for many decades. Geoengineering is weather modification on a worldwide scale. It is the application of large scale spraying operations to change the Jet Streams and thus change normal weather patterns. This can be done to create floods or droughts (as extreme examples), and explains why it is under the Military umbrella. As it can and is used as a weapon. Deliberate spraying is obvious. A jet engine at high altitude creates a natural contrail. This ‘contrail’ is reaction of the exhaust (water) hitting the cold air. A contrail dissipates quickly, and are relatively short in length. More so for smaller jet engines, and newer high efficiency engines in large aircraft. But a created ‘chemtrail’ does not dissipate at all. It stretches across the sky. It slowly spreads out and forms a fine wispy layer of cloud. Normally multiple trails are created and oftentimes are crisscrossed. Eventually this will form into a large (but thin) cloud layer that fills the sky. I just watched it happen 2 days before I wrote this in Central Idaho. A beautiful clear blue sky with scattered cumulus clouds was turned into gray overcast day in a matter of about 6 hours. I watched the spraying occur AND I saw regular aircraft whose contrail dissipated within minutes.

Vaccinations – The facts are there. The number of proven vaccination damaged children is there. Did you know that Pharmaceutical companies CANNOT be sued for damage caused by vaccines? Is it any wonder that a few years after this law was passed in 1986 that the number of recommended vaccinations skyrocketed? Did you know, that unlike medical drugs which must go through exhausting and time consuming testing before they are released for sale to the public, that vaccines are not required to have ANY testing before being released? Does that make any sense? Did you know that the rate of Autism has skyrocketed the past 2 decades? Did you know rate of severely sick children has skyrocketed. Did you know that a shot bypasses the natural protection system of the human body, that of the digestive tract and skin? Do you know what is IN vaccinations? You don’t at all do you? And nor does your Doctor or nurse. Research and find out! I was born in 1968. There were almost no Children’s Hospitals back then. But there has been an explosion of them in the past two decades. Why? If Vaccines are so beneficial why do some feel compelled to ‘force’ them upon others? If Vaccines are so necessary and beneficial then one proof of this would be that unvaccinated populations would be in terrible health. And yet the exact opposite is the case (see the Amish/Mennonite who have Never vaccinated).

Glyphosate – the primary ingredient in the herbicide RoundUp. A product created by the company Monsanto. From a summary of a talk by Stephanie Seneff, PhD Scientist at MIT;

Glyphosate’s toxicity is insidious, and it comes about mainly because glyphosate is a synthetic amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. When you replace glycine, an amino acid, with glyphosate, a synthetic amino acid, in a protein, often the protein no longer works as intended. Sometimes it can’t be broken down and it accumulates in the brain, causing neurological disease. Other times, it is inactivated as an enzyme or it can’t attach to a membrane. Glyphosate also pretends to be glycine at glycine receptors. Glycine is a neurotransmitter, but glyphosate fools the receptor and then doesn’t behave as expected. This wreaks havoc on human physiology in multiple ways, leading to a nearly complete explanation for the strong correlations between the rise in glyphosate usage on crops and the increased incidence in a host of chronic modern diseases, including diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, adrenal insufficiency, anemia, spina bifida and autism”.

Did you know right before many crops are harvested they are sprayed with RoundUp? Crops including Wheat and Corn, the two most consumed products in the USA. You use RoundUp at home to kill weeds. Why are they spraying it on wheat and corn and killing it right before harvesting it? Because it dries out the plant and makes it much easier to harvest. But this means that, one the plant is dead, and two the plant is infused with glyphosate. So not only is the nutritional value of the plant destroyed since it has been killed, but glyphosate, a neurotoxin, is being consumed daily across the United States by the majority of it’s people. You don’t think this is dangerous? Then I challenge you to go pick up a bottle a RoundUp and take a good long drink. Let me know how it turns out… assuming you live.

Eugenics – Definition; {noun, (used with a singular verb) the study of or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population, especially by such means as discouraging reproduction by persons having genetic defects or presumed to have inheritable undesirable traits (negative eugenics) or encouraging reproduction by persons presumed to have inheritable desirable traits (positive eugenics)}.

That is the polite definition. The more accurate definition is the creation of the desirable class and the elimination of the undesirable. Not just making sure the undesirable does not procreate. But to eliminate them all together. And it also ties the prior 3 topics (Geoengineering, Vaccinations, Glyphosate) together. A concerted effort by an element of the CiC to destroy humanity. The Slow Kill. Which they also call; population control. Remember the CiC, including many at high levels in Government (Social Engineers), believe they are above you. They are better than you. They are in a different class of being than you. Thus eliminating the hoi polloi is not a crime to them. Culling the herd is their gift to us. Don’t believe me? Research! Look up the Georgia Guidestones to start.


I have spent 9 years now trying to find the Truth. It has been a difficult journey. It ways heavy on my heart just how much of a mess our world is. How much deception. How thought controlled we all are. How corrupt humankind has become. How perverse. How much evil there is. How many innocent lives have been destroyed.

It grieves my Spirit. I regularly have knots in my stomach from this knowledge. It creates a great deal of stress. It makes for many a restless night.

How I wish that this entire article was untrue. I would give my life for that to be the case. I truly would.

For those who have read this article and are still skeptical then do your OWN research! DIG. DIG. DIG. If you doubt then do your own research!! THINK for yourself! Question. Question. Question. Be skeptical. Be wary. Remember we are buried in deception. Finding the Truth is hard work. It is time consuming. It can be frustrating. Don’t let personal opinion get in the way of facts. Don’t let personalities prevent you from understanding a theory or opinion. Weigh and measure. Listen to everyone and trust no one. Remember the most important question in researching a crime or event;

¿Cui Bono? – Who Benefits?

Approach your research like a trial except that you play three roles. In particular that of the prosecution and defense. So you must look at both sides of the argument and then put yourself in the role of the jury and decide for yourself what the Truth is.

I challenge those who doubt what I write to do just this. Dive into one subject I have mentioned above and see what you find. Put aside your disbelief and biases and search for the Truth. Rekindle your critical thinking skills. Don’t let someone else tell you what to believe, including myself, but do your own thinking, your own reasoning, come to your own conclusions.

Many times people ask why would someone else do this? And the sad truth is in almost every instance the answer when you get down to the core of the issue is monetary… greed. Follow the money… and you will find the Truth. Who Benefits? But don’t stop there. Because there is something more alluring than wealth, that which extreme wealth brings… power.

YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH” – a famous quote spoken by Jack Nicholson in the movie ‘A Few Good Men’. But you can handle the truth. It might be hard to believe. It may be difficult to swallow. It may be impossible to digest. It may make you sick to your stomach. But we can handle it. The only persons who can’t handle the Truth are those who benefit from the lie. Because their thefts, their perversions, their murders will be exposed. Remember, if a % of the population will do ANYTHING to make money, then they are fully prepared to do ANYTHING to cover up their crimes to keep that money.

At the end of the day I keep coming back to two realities; Thought Control and Eugenics. If humankind does not collectively become aware of how we are all manipulated through thought control techniques then we will never change the paradigm we are in. If humankind does not wake up to the fact that there is a tiny group of people, the 1% of the 1%, who believe they are above everyone else, that these CiC are at war with humanity and their goal is to eliminate 90+% of us, then humanity will be destroyed.

Turn off your TVs, stop surfing the web, put down your smartphones. All is not lost. We simply must disconnect from the systems of control, especially the MSM, in order to break the thought control we are under. Once we do this, then we can stop the plans of the CiC to destroy humanity. What needs to be done is simple. Doing it collectively is the challenge.

I have deliberately not included links in this article. Because I’m not trying to prove anything. I’m not trying to get you to believe me. I’m trying to get you to THINK! If you disagree or want more information then do your own RESEARCH. You know how to use a search engine. I would recommend using Startpage or DuckDuckGo.


In a time of universal deceit – telling the Truth is a Revolutionary act“, (Author unknown, though incorrectly attributed to George Orwell)


Truth is treason in the empire of lies”, Revolution: A Manifesto by Ron Paul



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