Truthshock: the psychological condition induced by a barrage of Truthbombs. Oftentimes accompanied by distress, disbelief, and denial.

TruthShock. I did not appreciate when I created this blog how accurate, how prescient, how appropriate that title was. When I set out to create this blog I wanted to call it ‘The Forest’. Alluding to the well known quote; “One can’t see the forest for the trees”. Which is alluding to the fact that when one is in the middle of ‘it’ it is difficult to see the whole, or to even realize there is a greater part. All one can see is the trees in their immediate vicinity, never realizing their reality is but a tiny part of a much greater whole. Thus one cannot see the whole Truth.

When I went to WordPress to create the blog I had no second choice, plan B, or back-up plan. I tried numerous variations of ‘The Forest’ and the quote it came from but they were all taken. I am unsure where ‘TruthShock’ came from. It just popped out. But frankly, it’s a much better title and descriptor than ‘The Forest’. It’s more direct. It’s grabs the attention. And more importantly, it’s true.

The Truth is shocking. And depending on many factors, can be more than shocking. Hard to believe, hard to swallow, distressing, disturbing… dangerous. Thus why so many are quick to ignore it, to dismiss it, or deny it. And I speak thusly of those who are not directly affected by the Truth, or more appropriately not directly affected by exposing the deception. But for those who benefit from deception, and have for many years, and at the expense of others (which is always the case) they loath the Truth, they fear the Truth, they fight tooth and nail against it, including doubling down, tripling down, quad… I could go on, for some will deceive until their last breath. And some will kill to keep the Truth from seeing the light of day… and many have.

And because of this many good, honest, decent people avoid the Truth. None of my business. Not my concern. I don’t want to hear it. What good will come of it? Which is EXACTLY what the deceiver wants.

James Perloff writes; ‘Truth is a Lonely Warrior’. He is a correct, and a poor one too. And harassed, unloved, despised, hated. Is it any wonder that so many close their eyes to it? Why would anyone pursue it, if this is so? What kind of fool would do that?

The kind of fool that knows that humankind is enslaved by deception. The kind of fool that knows that they cannot ignore this fact. The kind of fool that feels compelled to stand against the evil of deception. The kind of fool that believes that we were created to be free. The kind of fool that is willing to sacrifice their life to stop the enslavement of humankind.

The kind of fool… that is me. I’ve spent most of my life being a fool, always at my expense. And if I’m to spend the rest of my life being a fool then I choose to be a fool for the Truth.

The Truth (and I capitalize Truth to indicate that which is actually true and authentic, meaning that which actually occurred, and emotions that are genuine) is shocking because the amount of deception is staggering. The Truth is shocking because the scale of deception is jaw dropping. The Truth is shocking because the age of the deception is ancient. The Truth is shocking because the number of people involved is massive. The Truth is shocking because we live in a world of mass deception. We are directly affected by it every single day, in numerous ways. Our very lives are defined by it, the foundation of our lives are built upon it. In fact the vast majority of what we believe to be true… is false.


So shocking, so dangerous, so revealing. That a whole industry exists to keep the Truth concealed. It has many facets. And numerous tentacles. And many names. You might recognize some of them.

Wall Street Journal, New York Times, ABC News, CNN, RT, Al Jazeera, The Guardian, InfoWars, ZeroHedge, The Economic Collapse Blog, SGTReport. Some might not recognize all of these, some might recognize that some of these proclaim to be telling the ‘real’ story, alternative or truth media. Many don’t even know they are concealing the Truth. But how can this be? How can one not know they are hiding the Truth?

You can’t see the forest for the trees. This is true because the environment we are born into becomes our normal. But normal is just that which is commonly accepted. It does not mean it’s good, or healthy, or even generally liked. Millennials walking around with their faces stuck staring at their smartphones has become normal. And in fact what we find is that when a sizable % of the population gets addicted to something at the same time this is labeled ‘normal’. But it’s rarely called ‘addiction’. Because normal also implies it is ‘ok’.

And if we’ve all been born into a world of mass deception, then this world of illusion has become our reality, it is our normal. And thus it is difficult if not impossible to see it. In part because one of the primary goals of this mass deception is too keep us stuck in our little neck of the woods. To prevent us from seeing the forest. And in fact it has been so successful that very few can or have. That even those who manage to escape from the forest, or accidentally exit it, and look back upon it cannot see it for what it is. Their eyes blocked by so many layers of deception, so many scales, that even when they look directly at the Truth they cannot see it. But in fact when you’ve been taught nothing but deception sold as truth, then the Truth itself is bizarre, incredulous, unbelievable. And that is the goal of those who practice deception. To keep you trapped in the maze of lies.

An individual can only teach another what they themselves know. If I only know 50% of the Truth, then that is all I can reveal. And if I believe the 50% Truth I know to be all of the Truth, 100%, then I’ll never dig deeper. And therefor will inadvertently become a gatekeeper of the 50% Truth I do know. And thus this reality exists within the News community at large, whether it be MSM or Alt/truth media.

Nobody has all the Truth, for that is impossible. Which is an excellent argument then for why you should get your information from various and numerous sources. But eventually you must step out on your own. And it’s a bloody minefield. You’ve got people deliberately deceiving, you’ve got thoroughly deceived people repeating lies as truth, you’ve got people stuck at partial truth passing it on as whole truth. You’ve got people who deliberately stay at a particular level of truth, for various reasons; reputation, fear, monetary. You’ve got people who started out sincerely searching for Truth but completely underestimated the reality we’re in, who were targeted and have become puppets to handlers. Either by manipulation, bribery, or blackmail. We know common tactics of secret societies are infiltration and subversion, controlled opposition, agent provocateurs. And since the Truth is so dangerous then be sure to know that the closer to the Truth you are the greater the danger, the more deception, the more deceivers. So logically one can only conclude that the Alt/Truth media is thick with disinformation and wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I’m becoming more and more convinced that most blocking the Truth are simply pawns. Just unknowing tools in the hands of the master manipulators. Frankly, it makes it much easier to not judge, and be forgiving. The bulk of our enemies are just pawns in the game. With only a very very few who ever realize this.

So then the question becomes who is what? Who are the agents of secret societies? Who are the occultist? Who are the honest and sincere but deeply deceived? What are the honey traps? Where are the limited hangouts? Who has sold out for money? For fame? And who are the genuine Truth seekers, who’ve been able to break through the mass deception?

You want a list? No. That would be the absolute worse service I could do. It is up to you as an individual to fight your way through the morass. To wrestle, to struggle, to doubt, to question. It is up to you as an individual to learn how use both your intellect (mind) and discernment (spirit) to discover the Truth. Learn to trust yourself first.

For now I will not call out the numerous frauds, however I will make some general observations;

  • Be wary of anyone who is regularly ‘selling’… anything.
  • There is no money in revealing the Truth. In fact the Truth and Wealth are in direct opposition.
  • Those who focus on one subject too long eventually see what they want too see… (this applies in every discipline, every culture, every subject… it is a normal human condition.)
  • Seeking the Truth is difficult, time consuming, and perilous… proceed with caution.
  • Any person who claims they’ve got all the answers is either a liar or a fool… or both. Another way of saying this is anyone who ‘always has an answer’ should not be trusted.
  • Anyone who never admits mistakes should not be trusted. Not because they won’t admit it, but because this behavior is motivated by pride, and the prideful are easily manipulated.

I will also say that the number of legitimate Truth seekers is very small. There is only a handful I trust.

TruthBomb #1 – we live in a world of mass deception. How much? Imagine the size of the known Universe. That kind of big. If that makes your head spin then you’re close to grasping the enormity of the deception we live in.

TruthBomb #2 – the primary purpose of TB1 (mass deception) is thought control. For that is what deception is, to control what another thinks. We live in a world of mass thought control. This is not a new phenomenon, thought control (and the systems to implement it) is ancient. However what is unique to the time we live is mass media. And this fact has taken thought control to absurd levels. We are all swimming, most floundering, and many drowning in an ocean of thought control.

TruthBomb #3 – the primary purpose of TB2 (mass thought control) is mental enslavement. And mental enslavement automatically leads to physical enslavement. The Truth is that we, people’s of the Earth (Asians, Europeans, Russians, Chinese, Africans, South Americans, and yes even those of the USA) are not free at all. But quite enslaved. And fast moving towards total and complete enslavement.


Is coming to a full realization of the above three Truth bombs. Is wrestling with the ramifications of mass deception, mass thought control, mass enslavement. Is understanding that everyone you know is deeply deceived. And the ones who think they are not are the most deceived, especially relevant to the intelligent and educated who think they’re too smart to be thought controlled. Is understanding that those labeled the most successful in our society are actually the most enslaved, the most controlled, the most sold out. They are simply the house slaves. Those willing to bend their knees and worship the false gods of fame, fortune, and power.

Huxley said the goal of this most malevolent ultimate revolution would be that people loved their servitude. But he was mistaken, or more likely he deliberately misspoke. The ultimate revolution is that people would never realize they are slaves. For how can the slaves revolt if they don’t even know they’re bound and chained? The very definition of insidious.

It is not falling into the rabbit hole… it is trying to climb out. For everyone is IN the rabbit hole. Deep deep within. And the goal is to keep you stuck inside. (Note: I ran into the ‘climbing out of the rabbit hole’ somewhere else, but cannot remember where or who, not my idea but 100% accurate). So then the struggle is crawling out of the rabbit hole. And there are countless dead ends, false trails, and false exits.

If we’ve been born into mass deception then how would you know it? This in and of itself is a deep question. What is real? What is illusion? Who is genuine? Since thought control is real and we are immersed in it, then what thoughts are my own? If my thoughts define who I am, and most (all) of my thoughts have come from others (mass media)… then who or what am I?

It is one thing to ask the question, “Who am I?”. It is another to attempt to answer it. And and a whole other reality to truly struggle, search, and fight to discover the answer.

Do not believe me. Do not trust me. Think for yourself. Make your own way. Blaze your own path. Take back control of your life. Be your own person. Decide what and why you believe in and stand up for it.


For the Truth will set you Free! But no one said it would be easy or painless.


Personal Note:

This might be the last blog post I write. Or the last for a while. Why? Because if I am to write anymore I must practice what I know to be true. I must unplug from mass media. All of it. Newsprint, Radio, TV/Movie, Computer(Internet). I’ve conquered 3 of then, the last to fall is the computer. I must free myself. For I know I’m controlled. I can literally feel myself fighting against it, on a daily basis. It’s bizarre to become aware of one’s own self wrestling against it’s programming. My ego watches as my id and superego fight it out. It’s maddening, frustrating… but a struggle not only worth it but necessary. First, one must free themselves.

For those who are struggling, confused, frustrated, angry, lost… it’s ok. You’ve got to walk through the fire to find the Truth. But I can assure you of this. For those who sincerely seek the Truth you will find it. You must fight to stay unbiased. You must be slow to judge, and even slower to make conclusions. You must be willing to admit your wrong. You must stop trying to be ‘right’. You must learn to accept the Truth as best you can piece together, knowing we’ll never get the complete picture. You must understand that sometimes the best you can do is expose that a deception has occurred. You must eventually realize that it is impossible to become completely undeceived.

You must decide to stop living your life reacting to the actions(deceptions) of others, and forge your own life. You must take back control of your life.



3 thoughts on “TruthShock!

  1. Dear Kevin,
    This is a good article – in particular the idea of climbing out of the Rabbit Hole.
    BUT, I don’t understand how you can (correctly) call out RT and SGT Report as ‘Untruhful’, and yet recommend them in your links page… frankly, that does not give me confidence in you as a ‘Truther’.
    You have my email address – I do hope you will reply to my reply.
    Yours kindly,

    1. Thanks Kevin,
      I appreciate your reply…. and agree with it.
      I very much enjoyed reading through your blog, it’s A+ stuff.
      I wish you all success.
      Yours kindly,

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