Overcoming the Globalist Agenda…


How do you defeat a monster? How do you defeat an opponent who knows every move you make… before you make it? How do defeat an entity with unlimited resources? How do you win a game created by your opponent? A game rigged against you, where the rules are changed on the fly to their benefit, and they still have to cheat to win? How do win against an enemy who will do ANYTHING to win?

How do we defeat the Globalist?

Some believe it is not possible. And those who do are already defeated… in their minds. But we can overcome the globalists agenda. It is not simply possible, it is very possible. And the Globalist know this. For ultimately it requires two events. The dissolving of the illusions used to manipulate us. And the cessation of participation in the systems used to control us.

How do we overcome?

We overcome by not playing their game. If we play their game then they are in control from the outset. Their game is fraudulent, it is rigged, they change the rules as it suits them, and they still have to cheat to win. We must reject their game, their reality. We must create are own.

We overcome by acting instead of reacting. If all we ever do is ‘react’ to others actions then we will always be a step behind and ultimately controlled by the ‘actions’ of others. True reporting, and factual news are important. But reporting on past events is all reaction. It is important to report and expose the numerous and vast frauds occurring. But in order to affect real permanent change we must start acting.

We overcome by not rebelling, but by rejecting, refusing. Rebellion, though justified, roots are anger, frustration, revenge. Rebellion is an emotional response to the onerous systems of control being used upon humankind. But rebelling is not the way to overcome. We overcome by controlling are justifiable emotions and responding with intelligence. By simply rejecting their systems of control, in a peaceful, dignified manner. By refusing to participate in their systems of control. By no longer acknowledging their illegitimate claims of authority.

We overcome by not revolting. Violent revolution is not the answer. For if you succeed if means the root of your success is violence. It means the foundation of your new society is built on violence. It means your just going in circles. For that is the root word of revolution?… ‘revolve’. To turn or spin in a circular path, to repeat, or roll back. We need a non-violent evolution. We must move beyond the pyramidal model of control. We must move beyond conquest and ‘winning’. We must move beyond the love of money. We must move beyond revenge. We must move beyond violence as the answer.

We overcome by understanding that revolting/rebelling are Reactions, but refusing/rejecting are Actions.

We overcome by no longer consuming that which has been designed to control us, manipulate us, destroy our families, poison our minds, and enslave our spirits. By turning off our TVs. By turning off our radios. By putting down our phones, tablets, readers. By turning off our computers. By coming to an understanding that our Mass Media is being used against us. That manipulation has been hidden within entertainment. By understanding that a light displayed image in any form (TV, tablet, smartphone, projector, computer, etc.) puts our brains in a reduced function state, our critical thinking is turned off, and we lapse into a receive only mode. By admitting we are addicted to our TVs, smartphones, computers and that this is not healthy for us. That these systems have been designed to addict us. And that we are controlled by our addictions.

We overcome by admitting that we are creations, products of other persons designs. That our thoughts, likes, opinions have been programmed into us. By acknowledging this fact but STILL taking responsibility for our actions. By taking back control of our lives, each of us as individuals. By understanding that we cannot break our conditioning until we take responsibility for our actions. By not blaming others, even when they are to blame, but by claiming that your life is your own, and then reclaiming that which has been stolen from you.

We overcome by understanding that just because we are able to ‘choose’ our programming does not mean we are not programmed. By understanding all options are controlled. All social groups are controlled. All classes of society are controlled. All political parties are controlled. All media is controlled. All news is controlled. By stop consuming that which is being used to control us.

We overcome by admitting that we’ve been deceived into believing that we are Free, especially those who are in the USA. Free people are not threatened by lawsuit or jail if they don’t pay fealty (taxes) to their Government. Free people cannot have their land taken away if they do not wish to pay to educate other people’s children (property taxes). Free people are not forced to vaccinate their children. Free people are not forced to purchase health insurance. Free people are not forced to educate their children by strangers. Free people are not forced to serve (draft) in the Armed Forces.

We overcome by admitting that we are enslaved. That we live under numerous systems of control. Designed to do just that… to control us. Not allow us to live freely. Government, Judicial, Religion, Education, Monetary… all sophisticated systems of control. Refined over thousands of years.

We overcome by understanding that ‘Choice’ is not freedom. Oftentimes referred to as the ‘Illusion of Choice’. Though more accurately expressed as the ‘Illusion of Freedom through Choice’. If someone else controls what your choices are then you DO NOT have freedom. You’re just allowed to choose from limited (and controlled) options.

We overcome by admitting and coming to a fuller realization that we live in a world of mass deception. That mass media has allowed the lie to propagate instantaneously. That though we may know that a major event occurred what we are is egregiously misinformed about who was behind it and why. That often times the supposed victim was actually the perpetrator, and the alleged perpetrator is an innocent victim.

We overcome by understanding that a percentage of the world’s population lives by deception. That this number could be as great as 20%. Their very lives are deception. That these full time deceivers are always acting. They lie as a matter of course, and look upon honest, truthful people as fools… and easy targets. We overcome by understanding that secret societies are groups of those who live by deception. That these deceivers use deception to use, abuse, and prey upon the honest, decent, benevolent peoples of the earth… the vast majority of the earth. That these predators simply look upon everyone else as prey. That these predators are not obvious. That most times they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

We overcome by not fighting evil with evil. Because those who do will inevitably be consumed by the very evil they wrestle against. You do not fire with fire. By not returning evil with evil. By loving our enemies. By forgiving those who have wronged us.

We overcome by defending, not by being the attacker. The aggressor is the one in the wrong. The legitimate defender has a right, nay a moral obligation, to use appropriate means to stop the aggressor.

We overcome by understanding the principal of the right of the defender is abused by those who lust for power and control by instigating false-flag attacks to frighten, agitate, and manipulate people into a false sense of defensiveness.

We overcome by understanding that we are all in a war. All of humanity. A war of the few who use deception to control, exploit, and abuse the many. By understanding that this war has existed since before written history. By understanding that the ‘great secrets’ of the ancients are simply the tools, techniques, and systems used by the few to control the many. By understanding that these few who war upon the many have no allegiance to flag, country, or religion.

We overcome by stop participating in their illegal, illegitimate, immoral systems of control. Stop participating in activities that are destructive to the others and the planet. Stop feeding the beast. Soldiers stop using their weapons in aggression. Stop working for companies that make weapons of war. Stop working for companies that are poisoning are planet. Stop working for companies that create products that are knowingly unhealthy. Stop giving our monies to corrupt governments. Stop voting for corrupt politicians. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still CHOOSING evil! Do not choose evil!

We overcome by no longer denying that ‘mind control’ is fantasy. By admitting that mind control is a very serious threat to humanity. Possibly the most serious threat. By understanding that mass media is the primary vehicle used to implement mind control. And that video is the primary tool used to manipulate us. By understanding that our entire cultures are really giant Psy-Ops.

We overcome by understanding that secrecy is self destructive. By understanding that secrecy is a breeding ground for evil to flourish. By being fully transparent. By resisting secrecy and deception with openness and honesty. By understanding that even if a group with honest, decent, honorable intentions chooses secrecy to fight evil then eventually the secrecy will pollute and corrupt the group, for this is the nature of secrecy.

We overcome by understanding that we’ve been programmed to consume. That we’ve been conditioned to believe that ‘success in life’ equates to accumulating as much wealth as possible. That we’ve been indoctrinated into believing that ‘winning’ is the most important thing. We overcome by realizing that these are all gross lies. Consuming does not make us happier. The accumulation of wealth can ONLY be for the few and is ALWAYS at the expense of the many. When winning means ‘everything’, then ‘anything’ will be done to win. Thus cheating, lying, stealing, sabotage are to be expected. “Just Win Baby” = ‘anything’ is justifiable to win, regardless of the costs or damage to others.

We overcome by not seeking revenge. For revenge is an ugly motivation. And it’s foundations are always negative. Jealousy, anger, spite. We forgive. But with the understanding that forgiveness does not necessarily absolve the guilty party of restitution. That forgiveness does not mean that we allow the forgiven to continue to wrong us. For ultimately the act of forgiveness is as important to the wronged, as to the wrong doer. For by forgiving, the wronged breaks the power of the wrong doer over the wronged.

We overcome by stop looking for a hero, savior, messiah, politician, government leader to save us. For by so doing we dis-empower ourselves. By stop looking for someone else, anyone else to solve our and the world’s problems. By realizing that we must each be our own hero. We must save ourselves. We must take personal responsibility to correct what we can, when we can, where we can. By picking up the mantle laid at our feet, and putting it on, and acting accordingly.

We overcome by stopping the worship others. For by worshiping others we give our power away. By worshiping others we surrender our personal sovereignty. By worshiping others we place ourselves under their influence and control. By worshiping others we are submitting to the false concept that one person is better or is above another. By worshiping others we allow ourselves to be ruled.

Do not worship another person, thing, or entity. The Creator does not need your power. But the Deceiver does.

We overcome by choosing the hard road. The straight and narrow. The road less traveled.

We overcome by understanding that we not just programmed but deeply deeply so. Layer upon layers upon layers of conditioning. One does not easily or quickly free themselves from decades of indoctrination. It is a process. Never assume you are fully awake, for one can, and many are, drug deeper into the pit of deception when one falsely believes they are fully awake. By understanding that there is no red pill choice, but many blue pill choices. One does not awaken by taking a drug or consuming a substance. One awakens by stopping the consumption of that which is designed to program. Drugs do not awaken, they simply shift consciousness. They may reveal some truth, but ultimately enslave. We’ve all consumed so much deception, and there is so many layers of it. It may not be possible at this point to become fully awake. Keep searching for the Truth. Understanding that we will always be fighting against deception and deceivers.

We overcome by understanding we are spiritual beings. That our spirits have been deliberately and systematically starved, repressed, damaged, and/or broken. That we all are in great need of deep and restorative spiritual healing. That is from our spirit that our strength as individuals resides. That we must first re-connect with our spirit, recognize it, in order to restore it. That the damaged spirit is vulnerable, sensitive, afraid. That we need to help restore each other. At the personal level. The one-to-one level.

We overcome by understanding that we are being spied upon constantly. By many different organizations, corporations, NGOs, governments, and individuals. We overcome by choosing not to spy. By choosing not to play the cat and mouse game of hide and seek. By declaring our intentions in the open. By not using the tools used to spy upon us. But also not making it easier for others to spy upon us.

We overcome by not being afraid. By facing our fears and defeating them. By realizing that the only thing to fear is fear itself. By realizing that fear is the mind killer and arresting it in it’s tracks. By not allowing ourselves to be manipulated by the constant barrage of fear mongering that is constantly pushed through the MSM.

“I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

Frank Herbert, Dune (1965)

We overcome by taking that which was meant to stop us, confuse us, distract us, harm us, destroy us and turn in into something for our benefit. Take the negative energy directed at us to drain us and convert into positive energy that feeds us. Take that which was meant to weaken us and use it to make us stronger. Take the plans designed to harm us and flip them into outcomes that benefit us.

We overcome by understanding that we, humanity, are at war. A war that has been raging for thousands upon thousands of years. A war of the few controlling, ruling, enslaving the many. By understanding that ‘deception’ is the first rule of war, and ‘truth’ the first casualty. A war thrust upon us all. A war in which in order to defend oneself one must first realize they are under assault. A war in which the primary battleground is the mind. A war for the control of the body, mind, and spirit. A war of deception.

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”

William Casey, CIA Director (1981) (as recorded by eyewitness Barbara Honegger, at a Reagan Cabinet level meeting at the White House)

We overcome by understanding that we live in a world of deep deception. That not only are there countless deceptions, but many are thousands of years old, and thousands of years in the making. By grasping that this deep deception has left most blind, mesmerized, spellbound. By realizing that mass media is the primary tool used to spread deception. To admit that even though we know the mass media is used to control us, we are not immune from its affects if we expose ourselves to it. By understanding that even the honest person lies regularly but unintentionally because they themselves have been deceived and thus repeat the falsehood believing it to be Truth. And in fact this is the most effective deceiver of them all. The honest, earnest, sincere person who unknowingly repeats a falsehood as Truth. And this demonstrates how powerful deception is, and how so many can be so easily deceived.

We overcome by rejecting the falsehood that ‘success’ in life is the accumulation of wealth. By rejecting the notion that the best are those with the most wealth. When in reality we now know that those with the most wealth(Oligarchs, Globalists) lied, cheated, stole, and sometimes killed their way to the top. They are not the best. They are the greediest, the most immoral, the worst.

We overcome by understanding that we are what we consume. That everything we eat, everything we drink, everything we listen to, everything we read, everything we watch defines who we are. But we do have the ability to control what we consume. We must stop consuming that which is making us physically sick. We must stop consuming that which is mentally controlling us. We must stop consuming that which is destroying our spirits.

We overcome by putting aside our selfishness and sacrificing for others. For the young, the innocent, the naïve. By realizing that there is something more important than ourselves. By forgetting about reputation or status. By not seeking fame or glory.

We overcome by understanding that those who oppose us our themselves also deeply deceived, deeply enslaved. That their hate for us comes from fear, self loathing, abuse. The deceivers are themselves deceived. The players also being played. But because they practice deception, wrongly assume that they themselves cannot be deceived.

We overcome because we must. Because the very future of humanity hangs in the balance. The very future of life on Earth.

Do not be afraid.

We will overcome.


Author’s Personal Note:

In many ways this is a personal message to myself. A reminder. I would identify it as my spirit, my ‘id’ speaking to myself, my ego. I can, I will, overcome. Because there is something worth living for, and thus worth risking your life for.

I’ve already taken steps. I have not had a TV in 3+ years, nor a cell/smartphone in 2+ years. Have not used a credit card since 2005. Debt free since 2008. I shop at local and sole proprietor businesses as much as possible. Local transactions are always in cash. I regularly disconnect my internet/landline phone so I am literally ‘off’ the network. I try and buy food at local farmers markets. I’ve used Linux as my PC OS for 2 years now. But I know I need to go much farther.

I also feel compelled to share that I speak from a place of independence. By this I specifically mean I have no affiliation with any organization, business, school, or club. I represent no specific group, and no group controls or influences my opinions for their own gain. I have severed my ties with the University (Texas Christian) from which I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and a Master of Business Administration. I do not represent TCU in any way, shape, or form. I have no membership in any club. I have never been a member of a fraternity.* I did pledge one, but de-pledged a few months in, which turned out to be a critical decision in my life. I have no affiliation with any religious organization. I follow no religion. I do not work for any person or organization.

My point is to say I represent myself. I represent those people who actually value freedom. Who value honesty. Who respect all life. Who value all peoples from all countries and races. Who respect all religions even though they may not follow any. I represent those who wish to live in peace and harmony with other peoples and their environment. I represent Free peoples… or in my case those struggling to be truly Free. I represent those who have not bowed down to the gods of fame, wealth, or power.

*I am technically a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, honor society. Which basically means because I had a certain GPA I was allowed to pay money to join this organization. So I paid my dues, said this pledge , and I’ve had no further contact since the day of my graduation. One does have the option of opting out of the oath. So I formally break my oath here to BGS and renounce my membership.

This independence has turned out to be critical in my awakening. It has helped, to a significant degree, to prevent being blinded by bias. At least actively. This independence has allowed me to view the world more openly, more honestly, more accurately. It has taught me to be slow to anger, and even slower to judge. I have stayed aloof from most, both deliberately, accidentally, and sometimes against my desires. This has not come without a cost. I have pushed away those who were genuine. Who were not users and deceivers. But it appears in hindsight it was something I had to do. I am convinced that each of us as individuals are responsible for freeing ourselves. Now, this does not mean we are suppose to do it alone… as I have. But some must. It was necessary for myself. I could not find myself with others constantly telling me what to believe, value, trust. And imo, most of the ‘others’ is not personal contact, it’s influence from mass media. And even if one completely avoids the influence of mass media, 99.9% of every other person you interact with, will be controlled by it.

This meant on a personal and practical level that much of what I had to throw off and unlearn the past three years in particular was from the Alt/Truth media. Let that one sink in for a bit. It is something that many need to think on long and hard.

I also want to thank my father for giving me a wise piece of advice as a child. “Do not follow the crowd”. He was right. For today in particular, the crowd is being manipulated by malevolent forces.

Put the Truth first, and you will discover the Truth. It will not be easy, or painless. And you will go down many blind alleys, and dead ends. But it is necessary if you want to free yourself from the tyranny of others.

The Truth will set you free.



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