Exposing Obama’s Next BIG False-Flag… Before it Happens.



Since Obama has been in office numerous mass shooting events have occurred. Particular one’s of note;

  • Fort Hood – Fort Hood, TX Round 1 – Nov 2009
  • Gabbie Giffords, Tuscon, AZ – Jan, 2011
  • Batman Shooting, Aurora, CO – July 2012
  • Sandy Hook Shooting, Newtown, CT – Dec 2012
  • Navy Yard Shooting, Washington, D.C – Sept 2013
  • Fort Hood – Fort Hood, TX Round 2 – Apr 2014
  • Charleston Church, Charleston, SC – June 2015
  • Umpqua College Shooting, Roseburg, OR – Oct 2015
  • San Bernardino Shooting, San Bernardino, CA – Dec 2015

Most have substantial and significant evidence of false-flag events, with the primary goal of pushing the Gun-Control agenda. But so far this has not been working. If anything it is backfiring. Every time one of these events occurs there is a spike in gun sales. So instead of making people afraid of guns, it’s making people afraid not to own one. The gun-control propaganda is not working as intended. I attribute this to several factors. First, Americans entertain themselves with a tremendous amount of gun violence. TV, movies, video games. And what does this exposure teach us? That those who have guns have power, and those who don’t are nothing but victims. Second, and in conjunction with the first, pro-gun propaganda. Really, it is more accurate to call it pro-war propaganda. Because it’s darn hard to be pro-war without being pro-gun. The classic image of the modern soldier is always with their rifle. Third, the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution; “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Forth, over saturation of false-flag events. I recently heard someone claim that false-flags are a modern phenomenon. I strongly disagree. People using deception (false-flags) for their own gain is not a modern phenomenon, it is ancient. However, what is a modern phenomenon is the systemic nature of current false-flags and the massive volume of false-flags that are occurring now. This over-saturation, plus just the shear amount of noise in our mass media, causes each successive event to have less impact.

This leaves the Obama administration in a dilemma. For his 2nd term objective is to enact serious gun control legislation. Obama succeeded in his first term objective, the Affordable Care Act. The piece of legislation written by the Insurance Companies in which Nancy Pelosi proudly announced “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”. I’m sure she did not read it, that was part of the bribe(s) condition. This illegal tax, has done nothing but decrease quality of care, decrease choice of health care providers, increase Rx drug costs, and increase the cost of insurance. It will also be used as the vehicle to force vaccinations. No vaccinations, no ObamaCare for you! It was also because of this ‘success’ that Obama won the next election, not that that was hard to do against Romney, and yet his margin of victory was only 4% points. Obama was re-elected on Nov 6, 2012, the Sandy Hook Capstone Event occurred on Dec 14, 2012. Plus, as already listed, a series of other false-flag events designed to push or ‘nudge’ for serious gun-control law. And by serious I mean the same kind of legislation that the Port Authur, Australia false-flag event in 1996 was used for to ban most semi-auto rifles and  semi-auto shotguns in Australia, restrict handguns to 9mm or smaller, 10 round magazines, and only for Shooting Club use, and require license and permission to own any firearm.

However, it is my opinion, that there is simply way too much resistance to pull this off. That is why they have been pushing/selling this concessionary stance, that San Bernardino seems to have kicked off. The stance of banning firearm sales to those on the ‘No Fly’ list. Which on the surface seems reasonable right? Except this is extremely dangerous. Why? Because we have no idea how one get’s on the No Fly list, and it is very difficult to get off of it if one should ‘accidentally’ get on it. The government claims the No Fly list is to stop terrorism. But we don’t have a domestic terrorism problem in the USA. Well, other than those events created or encouraged by the FBI. But we do know our Federal Government is corrupt. Certainly the people know. The #1 fear of Americans is… ‘Government Corruption‘, this was the top fear for just under 60% of the population.

And who are the enemies of a corrupt government? Well they have many. But I mean real enemies, not the manufactured type; Muslim Extremists, Russian, Chinese. The chance of any of these ‘supposed’ enemies threatening our shores with ‘boots on the ground’ is non-existent. The real enemies of corrupt government are it’s own population. Those it victimizes. Those it controls. Those it robs. Those who recognize the gross criminality of the officials who benefit from the Government’s corruption. These are the real enemies. Which it appears at this point is the vast majority of the US population. We are all the enemy. But in particular we have the groups and people’s who have taken a stand, spoken out, and armed themselves against tyranny. They go by different names; patriots, volunteer militia, freemen, Oathkeepers, preppers, anarchists, non-conformists, libertarians, activists, truthers, homeschoolers, survivalists, tax-protesters, Constitutionalists, free speech advocates, homesteaders, conspiracy theorists, freedom lovers, precious metals owners, gun owners… individualists. I’m not endorsing any of these per-se. But technically I belong to at least 10 of them. But if you are like me, you’ve had to overcome negative connotations associated with some of these, which were purposely created by the Government friendly mass media designed to discourage you from actually resisting our corrupt Government.

The Government has a different name for the groups above…. ‘domestic terrorist’. It appears any group who opposes and actively resists the US Government is labeled as such. I fully expect to be labeled as such, and probably in the not-to-distant future, if I’m not already. The secret World Government introduced ‘The Strong Cities Network’ at the United Nations (UN) on 9/29/15. The purpose to counter ‘violent extremism’. Which targets in particular people with ‘anti-government views’. The more corrupt a Government becomes, the more people will have anti-government views, the more violent they’ll become. And this is why the ‘No Fly’ list gun ban is so dangerous. Because the obvious objective is to disarm those who actually will use their firearms to defend themselves from Government tyranny. And really this was the objective all along. Better to disarm everyone. But certainly a crucial step would be disarming those who will stand their ground.

So if Obama is to be successful in his 2nd term then he needs gun-control legislation with teeth. And that means he needs a problem-reaction-solution. And that means they must create a false-flag event. A BIG event. Mass casualties. Real casualties. Shock and Awe.

But I say no. If we are to defeat the globalist then we must stop constantly spending our time ‘reacting’ to what they do. We will never overcome their machinations if all we do is react to their actions.

“ “The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” … “That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” ”

Ron Suskind, Faith, Certainty and the Presidency of George W. Bush, The New York Times Magazine (October 17, 2004) Quoting an unnamed aide to George W. Bush (later attributed to Karl Rove).

They are controlling us in part, by controlling (limiting) our reaction. If all we do is expose what has happened, then we’ll always be at least one step behind. We must be pro-active. We must implement our own plans. We must stop them before they act. We must interfere. We must be a wrench in the works. A fly in the ointment. A thorn in their side. And this is what this article is about. Pro-Action.

Since I am convinced that the Obama administration has got one more BIG event in the works then I’m going to get out in front of it. My purpose is not to predict the event, but to prevent it. At the very least to expose it ‘pre’ event to such a degree that they will have to modify it and hence limit its effectiveness or use this article as PROOF when it does occur that it is a planned false-flag event. So this is my calling out of the plans and intentions of the criminals in charge of the US Govt.

So I’m gonna put my money where my mouth is, well more precisely where my writing is. I will use the ‘Event Plan’ outline from my Anatomy of False-Flag Events article to construct this false-flag before it happens.

The False-Flag Event Plan by sections:

  • Objective
  • Focus
  • Event Type
  • Main Event
  • Date/Time
  • Location
  • Participants
  • Perpetrator
  • Victim(s)
  • Event Execution
  • Back-up plans
  • Official Narrative
  • Cover-up

I initially am constructing this using the following assumptions; A BIG event is needed. 100+ deaths. Shock value is very important. Therefor, unlike so many of the recent events, I believe real deaths are going to be needed.

Objective – the primary objective, or ‘solution’, is gun legislation similar to the Australian semi-auto ban. This is proving difficult in gun friendly USA. So they have adjusted their plans and will be pushing to implement the ‘No Fly List’ gun ban.

Focus – in order to generate maximum impact the focus will be on the victims, and the victims families. The purpose to create sympathy, anger, grief. They want to create the “something needs to be done” mentality. This is what the media will be pushing. This is the intended ‘reaction’. And if we have real victims, then we will have real grieving parents. And, unfortunately, we at least will see what real grief, anguish, shock, and anger look like. Instead of loved ones of alleged victims who can’t keep from smiling, can’t generate tears, or can’t stop from flirting with Anderson Cooper.

Event Type – no decision here, has to be a mass shooting. Will need to include semi-auto rifles, with the now ubiquitous AR, and semi-auto handguns. Which manufacturer or caliber is unimportant. Just needs to be black and semi-auto. Would not be surprised if they used one of those high capacity (50-100 round) magazines as well. Probably throw in a semi-auto shotgun in the trunk just to cover all the bases.

Main Event – the question I keep mulling on is will this be within a ‘Drill’? It seems foolish at this point to use one, but don’t underestimate the US Govt. The other reason not to use a drill is real casualties. Hmm… so let’s think this out. We know ABSOLUTELY that many of these false-flag events have some kind of Emergency Response drills happening at the same time, location, or close by, or within days/weeks of the event. The drill is used as cover to set-up and execute the false-flag event. But these drills are not producing real casualties. Real people, real crisis actors, but no real deaths or injuries. People sign up to do a drill, and also sign a non-disclosure agreement, and when the drill goes ‘live’, those unknowing are stuck. They have to play along. However, no one actually died. My point here is if they need ‘real deaths’, they’re not going to kill volunteer drill participants. At least it appears they have not yet. Hence if real deaths are needed then this means NO drill.

Date/Time – this event has to happen before the Nov elections. And there also needs to be time to write/introduce/vote/pass the legislation, again before the election. So this puts the time window in the early summer, June/July. For maximum exposure it will probably fall midweek, Tue-Thu and need to happen early in the day, between 9-12 AM, for full coverage.

Location – first which state. It seems logical if not necessary to have this in a Democratically controlled state, you know like CT (Sandy Hook), or CA (San Bernardino). This is a big event, so they need cooperation at all levels. However, there is one reason why I am reluctant to definitively declare this. I am convinced they must have real casualties this time… and lot’s of them. It’s one thing to agree to an event with ‘fake’ casualties, quite another with real ones. The possibility of using a Democratically controlled city within a Republican State comes to mind. Like say, Austin, TX. If they choose a Republican state then an isolated location would be preferred to make it easier to control the operation, with quick access to multiple highways. I’ll address specific location types in following sections.

Participants – if real casualties are needed, and a high body count. Then they cannot rely on the patsy to get it done, even a MKUltra one. They will need professional killers to get the body count they desire. The less knowing participants the better. Most participants therefor will be unknowing-unwilling real victims. Participants will be the actual shooters. There will be more than one, but the official narrative will be one. The real shooters will probably not be natives of the USA. Other personnel will include whatever other necessary persons needed to control the scene until extraction of the shooters. Also will have the patsy and his/her handlers.

Perpetrator – will they roll out the young, white, loner again? That meme is so worn out. Do they throw in a racial element to make it a twofer? Even today, what justification have they given that makes any logical sense as to why Adam Lanza supposedly gunned down young children? Because… why? I understand completely why that group was chosen as the intended victims from the gun control lobby. But there is no logical reason to target young children. High School, revenge on bullies, at least that makes some sense. Based on my conclusion in the next section I’m going to say it will be a white male, mid 20’s to mid 40’s. He will have direct ties to alleged anti-government groups, like a patriot group or militia. This will tie back into maligning said groups such as those involved with the Hammond/Bundy shenanigans. His firearms therefor will be legitimately purchased. He will die by ‘self’ inflicted gun wound. That will be the official story, but in reality he’ll be murdered as well.

Victims – first, there must be real ones. This element really changes the entire event. Especially where it will occur. Obama needs maximum impact, and the only way to achieve that is real victims. And, as much as I hate to write this out, the younger the better. They are not going to target a Retirement Home. Not going to get the required sympathy element with older victims. And if younger is better, and they need vulnerable victims, and an easy target. And since Sandy Hook did not achieve the required reaction. Then would a preschool fit the bill? Young, innocent, defenseless, unsecured locations, no security. That is some dark conjecture to be sure. How desperate is Obama and the anti-gun group? It seems prudent to remind everyone that the 1st Iraq war was sold using what testimony? Does “dead babies on the cold floor” ring a bell?

“I volunteered at the al-Addan hospital with twelve other women who wanted to help as well. I was the youngest volunteer. The other women were from twenty to thirty years old. While I was there I saw the Iraqi soldiers come into the hospital with guns. They took the babies out of the incubators, took the incubators and left the children to die on the cold floor. [crying] It was horrifying.”

This testimony was 100% false. And the Bush Administration milked it ’till the cow dried up. The girl who gave the testimony, Nayirah, turned out to be the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US. She was coached by the Public Relations (Propaganda) firm Hill & Knowlton.

At least that testimony was BS, like Sandy Hook, no dead children after all. Unfortunately maximum effect is needed, therefor real deaths. Multiple locations? I thought about a preschool(s) with predominantly ethnic minorities, racial motivations. But that would not garner the necessary sympathies with the population at large, sad to say. I had another idea. Frankly, I’m getting a bit uncomfortable imagining possibilities. Summer camp? Lot’s of young victims. Isolated. Possible attack on Religion (Church Camp). How about a YMCA? Remember it will be summer. Summer Camp really fits the bill. Young victims, isolated and therefor much easier to control the event, can use the attack on Religion angle, smartphones at most camps not allowed. Not sure how common security cameras are at Summer Camps, but leaning towards rare. My point is an actual legitimate reason for no raw video footage.

Event Execution – time, time, time. Speed is of the essence. Fast in, fast out. Need time to execute the murders, get the real shooters out, and plant (and kill) the patsy.

Back-up Plans – when formulating back-up plans have to consider what could go wrong. Have to be certain that no local Law Enforcement will show up before/during. Best plan would then to have some kind of ‘distraction’ to ensure slow response. Isn’t Law Enforcement involved in these false-flag attacks? Yes, but killing opponents and threats like JFK/MLK/RFK is very different than killing innocent children. Participating in a drill where no one actually dies is very different than the killing of real children.

Official Narrative – the Press will be selling the anti-government narrative, and in particular pushing for the No-Fly List gun ban. So they’ll use words like ‘extremist’, ‘domestic terrorist’, ‘anti-government’. Possibly also label a prepper. Loner, volatile, unstable. There should be some tie-in to why this guy should have been on the No Fly list.

Cover-up – other than whatever ‘story’ is cooked up to frame and malign the alleged shooter.. ie the patsy. Cover-up actions will occur as needed.


So as stated, my premise is built on real casualties. Many parameters above change if they go with fake casualties. I highly encourage all to engage in the thought exercise of using the Event Plan to predict potential future events or study pasts ones. It really makes you think them about it in a different and critical way. It has made it crystal clear for me why they use the ‘drill’ as cover for many events. Even if they do go with fake casualties, the summer camp is still an excellent location. They could literally create one from scratch. Hence, have total control of the scene.

So there is my ‘prediction’. I hope I’m right and putting this out there prevents it or radically changes it. Or better yet I’d love to be completely wrong, no event occurs at all. The worse case is I’m right and they do it anyway. But if the Alt/Truth community makes enough noise about it BEFORE it happens I believe we can possibly stop it, or blunt it to ineffectiveness.

One other consideration to keep in mind. And another reason to do this in an isolated location. It is my opinion that the San Bernardino event was a gun-control event that got hi-jacked by the pro-war proponents. Which means they have had to re-think how to do their next operations. This could also be why we’ve not seen another minor gun-control false-flag since SB.

This has been a very disturbing article to write. But people are literally doing this. People are creating these false-flag events, and executing them, and selling them as factual. So someone is dreaming up this garbage. Someone is… “making this stuff up!”. The past few months I’ve heard that mantra frequently in Alt/Truth news. The truth is so bizarre sometimes those reporting it, out of incredulity, utter… “you can’t make this stuff up”. But that’s an oxymoron. Because that is EXACTLY what is occurring. People are ‘making it up’, people are creating these false realities. People are regularly telling one bold face lie after another after another after another.

I’ve struggled with whether I should post this article or not. At the worst that I might actually be giving these bastards ideas. But perversity seems to be their forte so I doubt I scratched the surface of what they’ve imagined. But the pertinent question is what will they do? How low will they go? Regardless we must fight back. We are in a war. And the frontline of this war is the battlefield for our minds. I’ve had enough of these psychopaths forcing their perverse notions of society down our throats. It is time to take our lives back. Our spirits back. Our cultures and communities back.

This is personal for me. If people are going to stick their #*%^! noses in my business then at the very least I am going to defend myself. So this article is me striking back. I am utterly sick of these false-flag events. Enough of this bullshit. If we know what their objective is; gun control, and we know what vehicle they’ve been using to push it; false-flag mass shooting events, then we can mess up the works. We must call out their BS beforehand.

We must defend ourselves, we must push back, we must fight back. This is not easy for me personally. In part because of simply who I am. I mean no harm to any person. I have no desire to be, or fantasize about, inflicting violence. I am not naturally aggressive. But we are in a WAR. And basic human instinct, regardless of rights, is to defend oneself from harm. Defending yourself is normal and healthy. We, but especially males in 1st world nations, have been conditioned and programmed to be non-aggressive. In an unhealthy way. I refer to this as the ‘neutered male’. In the same vein we have the modern ‘man-child’. Which has been regularly programmed through mass media for decades now, with Will Farrell being the current poster child.

I grew up watching Mister Rogers, Sesame Street, Captain Kangaroo. Bless the men on those shows but I would not want any of them with me in a real fight. I have respect for the true pacifist. But I also believe they are deeply misguided. Confusing self defense with violent tendencies. The best defense against the bully is to fight back. Let him/her know that at the least if they mess with you they risk injury. And that is what we have today in the USA. A preponderance of bullying.

And it’s individuals using the Government to bully the people of the nation. Or worse, to bully other nations. It’s this bullying at the top that has permeated throughout our culture. Bullying is a real issue at most schools. What is more alarming is how frequently the victim gets in trouble when they finally physically defend themselves. Thus promoting this culture of bullying.

That is what the USA has become, a bully nation. I hate to say it. But really since WWII, the USA has been nothing but a bully to the rest of the world. Financially, culturally, militarily. A very deadly bully for some nations.

So gun-control fanatics, globalists, bullies, and of course the Obama administration. Here is some return fire for ya. I sincerely hope it hits the bullseye!


2 thoughts on “Exposing Obama’s Next BIG False-Flag… Before it Happens.

  1. Attention U.S. people…. Gov. appears to be utilizing loosely tied force of civilian commies…that stalk neighborhoods and collect intelligence ( see SNEAK AND PEEK ) Learn to patrol neighborhoods with notebook, camera, and binoculars. I have been covertly observing my own home. They started coming around when I voiced my opinion about 911, few years back. Suffice to say…they are your pastors, your neighbors, the homeless looking guy. Etc. They are in every neighborhood. Some are drug dealers. You read correctly. Police protect drug dealers. Drones are used to protect assets. Many agents are common criminals working with police. The racists you see on popular forums are agents sowing discord. Censorship abounds. See..PHANTOM CENSORING.

    I need not go into the entire tech. Ops thing. They are hacking it all. What amazes me is people do not seem to recognize the semi- stationary night surveillance drones. The are easy to identify in all urban areas…they look like stars. Aircraft deposit them in air while people are asleep…which…most are, even when walking about.

    You May copy this, save to notepad…and post strategically.

    Fellow freedom fighters…I SALUTE YOU.

    Please inform the good people in urban areas because THEY ARE SNEAKING INTO HOMES. I saw them attempt it at mine. No use telling police…they are in on it with NWO.

    All praise to Yeshua. Save to notepad…feel free to post EVERYWHERE…THEY CAN PULL A FAST ONE ON YOU SUDDENLY.

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