The Truth of the X-Files…

The Real ‘Truth’ of the X-Files…

Or how mass media manipulates thoughts and opinions through popular culture.

In the spring of 1993 Tim-Berners Lee releases what we know as the World Wide Web… royalty free. For all intents and purposes this is the ‘Internet’ for most people. The introduction of the WWW creates an explosion of data and information sharing across the globe. People of like interests could easily find one another and share data… and they did, at an unprecedented level. This sharing of information is a godsend for any persons whose interest lie in obscure or hard to find subjects. This is particularly important for those who research controversial subjects, like those of a conspiratorial nature. But regardless of what subject, be it obscure or common, this new ability to find and share information easily and quickly, rapidly accelerated research. And hence was a boon for harder to research subjects, especially those in which parties are not keen on the ‘facts’ becoming common knowledge. Such as acts of gross criminality at the governmental and political level; murder, fraud, theft, false-flags… also labeled as ‘conspiracy theory’.

In the fall of 1993 the Fox network introduces The X-Files. The show is about Fox Mulder, an FBI agent who believes in and investigates the paranormal and supernatural, and in particular aliens and UFOs. In large part because he witnessed his sister being abducted when he was 12yo. Dana Sculley, a skeptic and medical doctor, is assigned as a partner to Fox, to debunk his work. So the entire show revolves around subjects that are… ‘out there’. A play on the ‘The Truth is Out There‘ tagline that is regularly shown at the end of the shows intro credits. Which is in and of itself a double-entente. The truth is ‘out there’… meaning somewhere in the world the truth can be found, and also because the deceptions are so grandiose, so elaborate, so long running. That many times the truth is hard to believe… hence it’s ‘out there’.

As part of the show there are 3 regulars who appear in roughly 5 episodes a season, referred to as ‘The Long Gunmen’, who Mulder taps for hard to find information. They are an interesting trio, unabashed ‘conspiracy theorists’. They are the geeks, the outcasts, the nerds. Byers – the straight laced, serious, immaculately dressed one, and former FCC employee, Frohike – the frumpy, unkept, short, hacker, and Langly – the long haired hippie, Dungeons & Dragons player, and hacker extraordinaire. These three represent the fringe, the counter-culture, the antithesis of mainstream.

Throughout the 9 season series there is an ongoing story often referred to as the alien mythology arc. The basic premise of this arc is that a secret organization within the USGovt is hiding evidence of alien abductions, aliens on earth, and alien spacecraft. Mulder is convinced they are aliens, whereas Sculley believes them to be terrestrial.

The genesis of the UFO and alien story line come from an alleged crash of a UFO in 1947, outside of Roswell, NM, in which alien bodies were reportedly found. Imo there is enough evidence to prove that ‘something’ happen that fateful evening in Roswell… but what? This is where I think about what is more probable? Was it an alien craft with aliens on board, or was it a man-made experimental craft with some kind of human experiment/hybrid on board? I know the latter was not only possible in ’47 but it certainly is more probable than an extra-terrestrial craft. Certainly the government would want to keep a very tight lid on both truly exotic experimental craft and any kind of ‘experimental’ human.

And the alien cover story works so beautifully on multiple levels. For most people, once the ‘alien’ option is produced they dismiss it outright… the whole story. But for the persistent, for those ‘Who Want to Believe’, the alien creature works perfectly to disguise the human experimentation angle. Remember the alien creatures are always… humanoid. Did you ever wonder why? You don’t think the Nazis and Josef Mengele were the only people and nations doing research on human subjects, and the only time period, now do you? The same logic applies to the craft itself. When you say UFO, people roll their eyes, and most dismiss the entire story outright. But what does UFO stand for? Unidentified Flying Object. There is nothing in that description about alien, or extra-terrestrial. It simply means the craft could not be identified against other known craft. Is the craft terrestrial or not? Which is more probable? The same principal also works with abductees. Which is more probable? Small secretive groups within Governments capture people to experiment on them or aliens?

The X-Files expounds on this already created narrative that aliens and UFO’s is silly, and only fools are crazy people believe in them. They literally say numerous times that the creatures they find are government experiments, but Mulder is determined to believe they are aliens. That the UFO is actually not of this earth. We have the secret government represented by the ‘Smoking Man’, and the ‘Syndicate’. They portray the Lone Gunmen as kooks, ‘conspiracy theorists’, one in the same is the idea to be planted into the sub-conscious.

Imho they literally flaunt the truth the entire series. That a secret group at the top level of government is doing human experiments and covering it up, part of which include abductions, and experimental craft.

This is not a new idea. H.G. Wells wrote the ‘Island of Dr. Moreau’ in 1898! Doctor Moreau, who creates human-like hybrid beings from animals via vivisection. Might it be apropos to mention here that Wells also wrote the non-fiction ‘The New World Order’ in 1940, proposing one world government?

So then the purpose of the X-Files was to reinforce the already planted idea that Aliens and UFOs is silliness, thus hiding the reality of experimental humans and aircraft. Many X-Files ‘Monster of the Week’ episodes were ridiculous. Impossible story-lines. The point is to mix the ridiculous with the possible; real; truth; and lump them all under the moniker of fantasy. It links this silliness with general ‘conspiracy theory’ believers, a role the three Lone Gunmen fulfill. As does Mulder who also believes in ‘conspiracies’. Mulder is seeking the truth, of course his truth is the alien conspiracy. The ‘believer’ discounts the human experimentation, or at best that it is always with aliens, because they want to believe in aliens. The casual fan (majority) just enjoys the show and discounts all of it, it’s all just foolish and fake… but a fun show. And the fans who really are aware, that there really is something more to the story, well they get pigeon holed as simply X-File fans… you know people on the fringe.

It is important to note the difference of the general audience, target audience, and core audience. The core audience is the hard core fans, these are the geeks, counter-culture, non-mainstream. Those who either believe or are open to conspiracy theory. But X-Files went mainstream. And this general audience was the target to discourage from believing in conspiracy theory.

Ok, but what does this have to do with the Internet? I started this article with a paragraph about the introduction of the WWW in the Spring of ’93 and it’s historical importance. And the X-Files started in the Fall of ’93. What did, what we now simply call, the ‘Internet’ have to do with the X-Files? What correlation is there? The internet provided a tool for the curious to explore subjects that they otherwise would not have. The internet opened doors for many that otherwise would have remained shut. So the internet provided a way for individuals to privately/secretly* look into some of these socially taboo subjects… including ‘conspiracy theories’. The globalists understood this, and they had to subvert this curiosity. And this was the purpose of the X-Files. To reinforce that Aliens, UFOs, conspiracy theory, paranormal, is ALL just silly nonsense. Good for an entertaining TV show, but nothing that should be taken seriously. Investigate the silliness all you want on that newfangled World Wide Web… but just don’t believe any of it. And the X-Files was a very successful Fox network show. Subversion complete.

* Of course now we know that our ‘secret’ investigations online, regardless of what or our intent, were not secret at all, but in fact have all been recorded. As well as ALL of our texts, emails, web searches, phone calls, etc. Everyone say hello to the NSA!

Still skeptical? I completely understand. I really do. But this is how ‘programming’ and ‘conditioning’ work on the human mind. And any person who has grown up where mass media is prevalent has been exposed to this ‘conditioning’ their entire lives… it has become ‘normal’ to us. So then let’s go deeper.

Remember the Lone Gunmen? The three geeks, the conspiracy theorists? They were fan favorites. So much so that Fox created a stand alone series of their own aptly titled; ‘The Lone Gunmen’.

And just in case anyone does not understand the play on ‘The Long Gunmen’ moniker. The lone gunmen ‘theory’ is the official USGovt narrative for the death of JFK in particular. That Lee Harvey Oswald acted completely alone. Pulling off a difficult to impossible feat of shooting with an average weapon mounting a broken scope. The lone gunmen theory also applies equally to the assassinations of RFK and MLK.

So on March 4, 2001 the pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen appears. And the crux of the episode? A government conspiracy concerning an attempt to fly a commercial aircraft (by remote control) into the Twin Towers, with increased arms sales for the United States as an intended result. Which is exactly what happened 6 months later… coincidence you think?

In May of 2001 the movie Pearl Harbor was released. Reminding the nation of the treacherous Japanese, and the heroism of GI JOE (technically that would be GI Affleck, god help us all), and reinforcing how great the US Military is, and how much we need them. Bush Jr. and his pals are in charge at the White House at this time, the NeoCons. The Project for the New American Century guys. Who wrote in their PNAC document ‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses’ (1997) in the “Creating Tomorrow’s Dominant Force” section. A passage suggesting that the transformation of American armed forces through “new technologies and operational concepts” was likely to be a long one, “absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor”. Which is exactly what they got on September 11, 2001, and in fact Pearl Harbor was referenced many times during the coverage of the 9/11 attacks and aftermath. Surely just another ‘coincidence’… right?

You did know that Pearl Harbor was not the ‘surprise’ attack that it was made out to be? The Japanese were goaded into war by deliberate actions of the US. The US had broken the Japanese Military and Diplomatic communication codes in the 30’s. FDR wanted US involvement in WWII, the US populace did not want any part of it. The meeting of the Japanese diplomats to declare War before the attack was intentionally delayed. The two very valuable aircraft carriers, stationed at Pearl Harbor, and all their new support ships were in transit to and from Midway Island (delivering planes) during the attack. Another coincidence? And in fact most of the ships berthed at Pearl Harbor ‘s Battleship Row were no longer considered valuable, WWI generation ships. The globalists knew that the aircraft carrier was the new Queen of the sea. So what appeared to be a very devastating loss from an equipment standpoint, was really not one at all.

Maybe you think this line of reasoning is a stretch, that TV and Movies are just for entertainment? They don’t actually influence people… oh really? So I guess the $68 billion spent on TV advertising in the USA in 2014 is just thrown away by companies that have nothing better to do with their money?!? The base rate of $5 million for a 30 second spot at the 2016 Super Bowl is bought by companies for what purpose? To just entertain football fans during commercial breaks? So then Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Snickers, Doritos, Skittles are really just entertainment companies masquerading as food companies?? Hold on, I thought you weren’t a conspiracy theorist!?! The video in whatever form and whatever device it is viewed on (movie theater, 4k LCD TV, computer monitor, tablet, smartphone) is a powerful tool of influence. There is a reason McDonald’s spent $1.2 billion in 2008 on advertising. Because it bloody works. Burger Business says that one out of every six dollars spent by the restaurant industry on advertising is spent by McDonald’s. How the hell else can one explain McDonald’s, at best very average food (imo it’s just bad), being the largest fast food chain by dollar sales in the world? “I’m lovin it” was a brilliant advertising campaign and slogan. You’ve got to convince people ‘their lovin it’ else they might throw it up. I can hear some of you right now. McDonald’s advertising has no affect on me! Nor I, but I woke up that were much better hamburger choices than McDonald’s in the *mid-80s. But there are many many different companies that advertise on TV, and the ones that work best on you personally are the ones you consciously notice least.

*And it is not ironic that I discovered better burgers due to the very popular Wendy’s ‘Wheres the Beef’ ad campaign. And in 1984 Wendy’s made a damn good burger, of course they’ve been crap for decades now as well.

What I would give to see what would happen if McDonalds stopped all ads for 1 year… then we’d all learn just how powerful advertising really is.

Let’s look at another example, a personal anecdote. In 2001 Lexus began the ‘December to Remember’ ad campaign (technically it started in ’99, but ’01 is the year it went national). Their special sale in the month of December, using Christmas gifts as the theme. December is traditionally a very slow month for car sales, and overall car advertising is less due to seasonal ads. So it was a shrewd move as Lexus was able to own this space, and in fact this very successful ad campaign continues on to this day. The target of these commercials is men, in particular husbands. The car is a gift for their spouse. And what is the primary emotion they use to encourage this purchase? Guilt. I personally remember having this reaction, and in more than one year. Why? Because at the point I remember the commercials, around ’02/03, I had been married around 10 years and had never purchased a new vehicle for my then spouse. Couple of used ones. I was square in the target demographic, even though at the time I could not afford it. Which in hindsight actually increased the guilt. Because based on societal expectations, education, background, career path, I should have been able to. So Lexus played on this emotion very effectively. Don’t you love your spouse? Doesn’t she deserve a new car? With a big red bow on it? Stop being a cheap selfish bastard. I eventually became cognizant of this guilt reaction and started changing the channel when these commercials ran… seriously, I felt guilty every bloody time I saw one.

Here is a Lexus ‘December to Remember’ commercial from 1999.

The two consistent themes from ’99 too today. The theme music and the big red bow. Apparently the theme music is very popular, has a ‘Home Alone‘ feel to it. The below is a video of just the full theme song. Here are just two comments about it;


“Love this song so much. Every time it’s Christmas season and they play this music during the commercials, it gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling.”

“Absolutely love this song. Wouldn’t be Christmas without it.”

So people’s Christmas mood is now being created by a commercial selling cars (correction: using guilt to ‘encourage’ people to buy a car for their spouse)… the very essence of the ‘Commercialization of Christmas’. Bravo Lexus. This is the real ‘spirit’ of Christmas in 2015 in the USA…

We discount or believe commercials are ineffective on us personally because we recall all the commercials for products that we have no interest in, hence we are NOT the target market. You react to commercials that are in your sphere of interest. I don’t eat pizza anymore, so an ad or commercial for pizza has little to no affect on me. But one for Tacos… it’s at least going to get my attention because I love me my tacos. But please remember that most commercials are very overt. The TV commercial works wonderfully well despite the audience being aware of this overt attempt to influence.

But what of the less overt, the more subtle, the covert, the sub-conscious? So you can admit that yes TV advertising is hugely influential, and even occasionally on yourself. But regular TV programming has no influence on peoples thoughts, desires, emotions, opinions?  It’s not called a ‘program’ by accident, or maybe that is just another ‘coincidence’?

Etymology of the word ‘program’:

1630s, “public notice,” from Late Latin programma “proclamation, edict,”

General sense of “a definite plan or scheme” is recorded from 1837. Meaning “list of pieces at a concert, playbill” first recorded 1805 and retains the original sense. That of “objects or events suggested by music” is from 1854. Sense of “broadcasting presentation” is from 1923. Computer sense (noun and verb) is from 1945.

Definition of the word ‘program’:

a plan of things that are done in order to achieve a specific result
a set of instructions that tell a computer what to do
a thin book or a piece of paper that gives information about a concert, play, sports game, etc


to give (a computer) a set of instructions to perform a particular action
to give (a machine) a set of instructions to perform a particular action
to make (a person or animal) behave or think in a particular way

Does TV reflect society or does society reflect the TV? You don’t think the TV has any real influence on you or your family, or your roommates? I challenge you then to keep it off for one month (all video forms; TV, tablet, Netflix, smartphone, DVD). See what happens, see how your interactions change with those you live with. See if your thought life changes. Can you do it, can you do it for a week? Do you understand that if you cannot go without something but for a few days, especially that which is not required to actually stay alive, that this is the classic definition of addiction? But don’t feel bad, almost everyone is addicted to it, hence it’s ‘normal’. The video format was designed to be addictive. And now we have the smartphone, so people can bring their video addiction with them everywhere.

When people tend to think of propaganda they recall examples from other places and time periods. Why? Because it is easy to recognize propaganda whose target audience is from a different culture, speaks a different language, follows a different religion. Because it is so foreign to you, it is obvious. But it not as easy to recognize propaganda within your own culture, especially if you think it is not being used. And in particular when you’ve been exposed to the propaganda from birth It becomes a ‘normal’ part of culture. Background. Subconscious. Not all propaganda is designed to be overt. And if it is to be covert, then it needs some vehicle in which to disguise itself. And is not the harmless sitcom, or drama, or action movie a good option for this?

Below is an example of United States Military overt propaganda. Before you watch it I ask that you do a thought experiment. While watching it imagine that this was is not for the US Navy, but for the Russian Navy or Chinese. What would your reaction be if this were so? And viewing this for what it is, what tactics are they using in order to create the response they seek? And what is the response the commercial is seeking to create?

This is overt propaganda, and so is this; Defense Dept paid NFL millions to salute the troops  of course this is very cleverly ‘hidden’ overt propaganda. The US DoD regularly works with Hollywood, you know to ensure accuracy, lend a helping hand, and make sure the director portrays the military in the appropriate manner… pro-military.

The USGovt is the 2nd largest PR firm in the world, based on number of PR employees. Public Relations = Propaganda. Don’t believe me, consult the man considered the father of Public Relations, Edward Bernays. Who started the first public relations firm, and identified it as such. And also wrote the seminal work, Propaganda (1928). Which I highly recommend reading. You can DL a pdf copy free off the Net. And it’s a relatively quick read.

The first paragraph from Edward Bernay’s book ‘Propaganda’ (1928):


“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country”


The Truth is Out There. Indeed it is. And the truth many times is stranger than fiction. And it seems that either by choice or by other forces, that the globalist use the Mass Media to signal their intent. Also referred to as ‘predictive programming’. A form of mental conditioning of the populace to an idea or event, so that when it actually occurs it is more readily accepted.

I Want to Believe. I do too. But I am only interested in believing in that which is true. And I will continue to push my way through the myriad of lies and the cavalcade of deceivers to find it, wherever it may lead. Including secret societies covering up human experimentation. Including social engineering on a population level, using tools such as; astroturfing, propaganda, culture creation. Including the use of false-flags by Govt insiders to push for war.

I hope you will continue on this journey with me.



I never was an X-Files fan per se. I watched it some in re-runs, but lost interest in it. I’m watching the anthology episodes now, the show takes on a whole different meaning when you watch from the standpoint of USGovt covering up human experimentation.

A 6 episode X-Files miniseries launches next month on Jan 24th, 2016.


4 thoughts on “The Truth of the X-Files…

    1. lol… busted. I’m still waiting for my check from Fox!

      I can’t really recommend it. Even watching through the alien anthology episodes I lose interest. Either I start thinking about other things or I fall asleep. I couldn’t tell you how many eps I’ve had to re-watch or read the re-cap online. I got around Season 6 and almost quit, but decided to see it through and see where they take it.

      I have no plans to watch the mini-series.

  1. You didn’t mention how many ads the drug companies have on all the TV shows. They practically own them….brainwashing people to take their drugs. At least someone makes them list the side effects. According to John Oliver pharmaceutical companies spend 4 billion a yr marketing to us directly and an estimated 24 billion a yr marketing to Dr’s. In one analysis in 2013, 9 out of 10 drug makers spent more on marketing than they did on research. A new clause in the Affordable Care Act will for the first time ever allow citizens to search a federal website to see all of the perks given to physicians by Big Pharma. Yo can look up your Dr. at this web address and see what you find.
    Ask your Dr. if he’s taking any money from the companies who make the drugs he just prescribed for you.

  2. Thanks for the article.
    Any discussion of ET’s should at least mention Dr. Greer and the Disclosure Project.
    You may not believe him, or some of his 500 high level witnesses, reams of documents and photos, perhaps.
    But to not even mention him, either to vilify or verify?
    That smacks of a purposeful intent to deceive or distract. No discussion of this phenomena can be comprehensive without an acknowledgment of his 25 year body of solid research.

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