Anatomy of False-Flags Interview…

With Fox News 1450 on the ‘Kate Dalley Show’. Fox what you say?!? That was my initial reaction when I got the request. But it turns out this Fox radio station is in Utah. Mormon country. Wait Mormons!?! Yes, and it appears at least two Mormons in Utah are very awake. Kate and David were gracious hosts, and very well versed in the false reality world we live in. This was my first interview of any type. And immediately after it was over I thought it went terrible. But I forced myself to listen to the recording and felt like I did alright, hence the post.

SoundCloud Link of Interview

This interview was in response to my last post;

Anatomy of False-Flag Events


2 thoughts on “Anatomy of False-Flags Interview…

  1. Good discussion. Would never have guessed it was your first interview. Mr. Murdoch must not have any control over these hosts, seeing the topic was false flag terror, plus the woman mentioned a previous interview of Paul Craig Roberts.

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