Fear, terrorism, zombies, and the flu…


The Chapman University Survey of American Fears, Wave 2 (2015), released 10/13/15.

The #1 fear of Americans is… ‘Government Corruption’, this was the top fear for just under 60% of the population. That is a huge percentage. This does not indicate how many overall are aware of government corruption.

3rd, 5th, 7th, and 10th are fears of Corporate, Government tracking of personal data, Identity theft, and credit card fraud. The 2nd fear is cyber-terrorism.Five of the top ten fears in our technological age are about technology. Fear of tracking of personal data should be more accurately labeled as ‘Spying’. The population is keenly aware of others using technology to spy, and yet they do not stop using said technology. Snowden and Assange have made a significant impact on people’s awareness, regardless of the question of their legitimacy.

At 8th, 39% fear an Economic Collapse. Like government corruption then, how many are aware of at least a potential economic collapse, if 39% are aware enough to be afraid?

Fear of Cyber-terrorism 2nd at 45%, Terrorist Attack is 4th at 44%.

Fear of terrorism is high, which makes sense, since this is a constant theme in both MSM entertainment and news. And yet your chance of getting killed by terrorism is nil, nada, zero. The power of media and 9/11.

Fear of Mass Shooting 56th at 16%, but fear of Gun Control 11th at 36%

The fear of mass shooting is low, but fear of gun control (gun confiscation) is high. So all the staged shooting events, false flags, psyop/propaganda about gun violence. And the opposite affect… something odd here. In fact when the Gun Control rhetoric heats up, so does gun sales. Obama has done wonders for gun ownership and ammo sales in the US.

We see the frustration of those pushing the Gun Control agenda. And these results show why; it’s not working. Do the liberals not understand how to use propaganda correctly? Because they are getting the opposite of the results they want. Why?

The first reason why is the US Constitution and specifically the 2nd Amendment. This ‘is’ the document that defines how our government is suppose to work at the national level. And it specifically states that the right to bears arms shall not be ‘infringed’ upon. Regardless of one’s opinion of the Constitution, it still has a powerful affect upon the psychology of the people. The second reason is that Americans entertain themselves with a tremendous amount of gun violence. In TV, movies, and video games. And what does this reinforce? That guns are bad or good? That it would be better to be with or without a gun? Who has more power, the person with or without a gun? The third reason is the US Military. Is not pro Military propaganda inherently pro gun? The classic image is that of a soldier with their… gun.

Approaching this from a reverse psychology standpoint. That the goal is an increase in gun sales, then why? If you agree with the mindset that ‘nothing happens by accident’… Who benefits? Gun and ammo manufacturers certainly do. Guns are excellent personal protection weapons… that are useless without ammo. Would gun/ammo manufacturers stoop to the level of numerous staged shooting events to sell more guns/ammo? I firmly do not believe that to be the case. So then what groups want the American populace armed and why? Is this for our benefit or detriment? Is this so Americans can defend themselves from government run amok? One dark theory I have; if there is a societal collapse, then a well armed populace will kill each other off…?

Irregardless the pro-gun propaganda is much more prevalent and effective than the anti-gun propaganda, as these results clearly show.

Bio-Warfare at 6th with 41%? This by far is the most surprising. Fear of War is at 12th with 36%, Nuclear War at 16th with 34%.

Fear of some kind of War is relatively high. Again this seems logical with this being a regular theme in MSM entertainment, news, and video games. I suspect the fear of Bio-Warfare is due to it being a ‘silent’ killer. Can’t see it, smell it, hear it. Which is pretty damn disturbing. The other factor driving this fear is zombies… I’m quite serious. Hear me out. Zombies have been a constant theme in entertainment now for over 10 years. Classically the zombie were the undead, risen from the grave to exact their revenge. But the modern zombie is a product of a mutant virus or pathogen, usually the accidental release of said virus… accidental bio-warfare. The movie ’28 Days Later’ (2002) is attributed with not only reinvigorating the zombie genre, but creating the theme of the mutant virus, and the ‘fast’ zombie. We see this same theme now playing out constantly in entertainment; in video games like ‘Left 4 Dead’, ‘Dead Rising’, and in TV/Movies; ‘Zombieland’, ‘Resident Evil’, ’28 Weeks Later’, ‘Walking Dead’, ‘Serenity’ (a Sci-Fi movie, the zombies are called Reavers). Any constant them in MSM, in culture, has a powerful affect on the populace. People have little fear of Zombies, 83rd at 8.5%, but they do fear that which creates them.

Fear of vaccines is at 8%, so that propaganda has been very effective. And there is a specific reason why. The flu vaccination propaganda campaign. Which has been running for about 10 years now. You don’t have to go too far back when there was ZERO flu vaccination push. So what changed, and why? 20 years ago if you’d asked your doctor for a flu vaccine they most likely would have discouraged it. Why? Because it’s ineffective. You have a very low chance of getting the flu to begin with, and numerous studies have shown that there is only a marginal difference in infection rates between un-vaccinated vs vaccinated. The low chance is 5-7% but it’s actually not 5-7% chance of getting the flu, but of getting an influenza-like illness, or ILI. One of the primary reasons the flu vaccine is ineffective is that there are numerous strains;

In particular when discussing influenza in humans the focus is on the Influenza A strain, as it is the more deadly variant, which is made up two subtypes;  hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA).  There are 18 known HA subtypes and 11 known NA subtypes. Many different combinations of HA and NA proteins are possible with a theoretical limit of 198.

But the vaccines only inoculate against 1 to 4 strains, normally 3. They actually admitted last season that the ’14/15 flu season shot was ineffective (but encouraged people to get their shots anyway). They guessed wrong on what the most active strains would be. But don’t take my word for it, here is the CDC’s own words on how ‘effective’ the flu vaccination is;

“During years when the flu vaccine is not well matched to circulating viruses, it’s possible that no benefit from flu vaccination may be observed. During years when there is a good match between the flu vaccine and circulating viruses, it’s possible to measure substantial benefits from vaccination in terms of preventing flu illness. However, even during years when the vaccine match is very good, the benefits of vaccination will vary across the population, depending on characteristics of the person being vaccinated and even, potentially, which vaccine was used.”

More importantly the flu is only a serious threat to the immune compromised individual, in particular the elderly who also are the group most likely to die from a influenza like illness or any other pulmonary related issue. A normal healthy individual has little to fear from actually getting the flu, and nothing to fear if they do.

So then why the huge push now for flu vaccines? Is it simply profit motive from the extremely aggressive and greedy pharmaceutical companies? I don’t believe so. In large part because it’s easy to get free or cheap flu shots. So why? The purpose of the flu vaccination propaganda campaign is the following;

  • create pro-vaccination sentiment among the populace
  • make regular (yearly) vaccination shots ‘normal’
  • counter anti-vaccination information (aluminum, mercury, autism, other damage)

Ultimately it’s the ‘counter anti-vaccination info’ that is the real objective.

I am very surprised government corruption, tracking personal data(spying), and economic collapse are so high. It gives me hope, as it means that the populace is much more aware than I suspected.

And at almost 60%, the #1 FEAR; Government Corruption. Not fear of Government, fear of ‘corrupt’ government; ie. corrupt government officials.  This is extremely significant. For this does not include those who are not afraid but concerned. Society as a whole is aware of the US Government’s corruption. What else is the general public aware of? As of the last few months I’ve become convinced that many more people understand that the official story of 9/11 is not true, that people within the government were involved, but do not speak of this or admit it publicly. How many more are suspicious? And how many other events is the general populace awakening too? The alternative/truth media + the Internet is making a difference.

Certainly government officials are very aware of the populations attitude towards it, they do their own private research regularly. But to clearly prove that Governments worldwide are keenly aware of the public’s awareness, disapproval, and fear of their corruption we have the following;

The Strong Cities Network launched at the United Nations (UN) on 9/29/15. The purpose to counter ‘violent extremism’. Which targets in particular people with ‘anti-government views’.

Please see John Whitehead’s Domestic ‘Extremist’ article from 10/20/15.

From CNN’s ‘DOJ pivots from ISIS to U.S. anti-government groups with new position’ article;

“Assistant Attorney General John Carlin, who oversees national security at the Justice Department, announced the new position — the Domestic Terrorism Counsel — following a number of violent attacks or plots against the U.S. that he said were motivated by “anti-government views, racism, bigotry and anarchy, and other despicable beliefs.”

What domestic terrorism are they speaking of? Have you heard of any domestic terrorist attacks, or more importantly been affected by any?

Anarchism simply means no or very limited government, of course over the decades it has been cleverly manipulated to mean; chaos. So the above paragraph lumps people with anti-government views together with racists, bigots, and other despicable beliefs. Wow. That’s some malicious word-smithing there. The above paragraph is a classic example of propaganda.

What they are doing here is tying together anti-government views with despicable and violent extremists, who are domestic terrorists, or just terrorists for short. This is done to discourage people from being anti-government or more importantly actually speaking out or acting against the (extremely corrupt) government(s).

Bringing these two facts together. The #1 listed fear of Americans is Government Corruption. Fear is a powerful motivator. Do people who fear their government’s corruption become anti-government? Certainly at the very least they become anti-government corruption. But it seems prudent to assume the more government corruption, the more anti-government sentiments, the more anti-government people become, the more people involved in anti-government activities. We live in a cause and effect world. The Strong Cities Network is launched to counter what they label as ‘violent extremism’, but what they mean is people who are ‘anti-government’. In actuality those they are labeling as anti-government are not necessarily so, what they absolutely are is ‘anti-corrupt-government’. But even more specifically they are anti corrupt government officials, employees, people. And who exactly is NOT anti-corrupt-government?? Other than those who benefit from government corruption; elected officials, government employees, big business, banks, lobbyists, the oligarchy.

Whitehead was right but he did not go far enough. This is a declaration of war against the vast majority of the World’s population. I’m anti-government in general, but I am 100% anti CORRUPT government. And make no mistake the USA’s National Government is utterly corrupt, hopelessly so. So every person in the world who is opposed to their corrupt governments has been labeled a ‘violent extremist’ (plus despicable, racist, bigot, terrorist) and the World Government (the UN, with not one elected official) has declared war on you, on me, on us.

If you were unsure or unclear on whether or not you were already in a war…

The more I think about this the angrier I get. How dare these corrupt government officials label decent, concerned people who naturally are opposed to corrupt government as ‘despicable’. No, I will not stand for this. I reject these corrupt government officials proclamations about concerned and frightened peoples. The corrupt government official is despicable, the FBI’s ‘creation’ of domestic terrorism is despicable. The corruption is now so bad 60% of the USA’s population is in FEAR of it!! Is that not the very definition of Terror!?!? The concerned people of America are not terrorists, the concerned peoples of the world are not terrorists. The groups creating Terror are corrupt government officials!

I am not afraid, I’m %$*! pissed off. I’m trying hard to return all this created fear with love, but I’ll admit it’s very hard sometimes. At least one solace we can take is that this shows just how ‘scared’ the corrupt in government are. And they should be, for they know the wickedness they’ve done. So we take their ‘fear’, that they are trying to transfer to the the populace, and politely return it.

Do not be afraid, return their fear with love. There is nothing wrong with ‘righteous anger’, and this is what we all should feel in regards to corrupt individuals in government. But we cannot allow this anger to be redirected towards destructive ends. We must return fear with love, accusation with forgiveness.

Peace to all men.



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