Top of the Pyramid…

A brief synopsis and analysis of the current world power structures; Monarchies, Gold, Secret Societies, Banks, Oil, Eugenics, WWIII, Fiat Currency, and World Government.

Authors Springmeier, Marrs, Quigley, Griffin, Knuth, Billington, Allen, Mullins and many others have all written about the hidden powers. Of which I have read many. I’m not writing this as proof of anything. I will let others make that claim. What I am presenting is my own analysis, thoughts, and conclusions based on what I have read and watched. (I have yet to dive into that massive tome of a book; ‘Tragedy & Hope’. And I’ve heard/read more than a few times that ‘The Anglo-American Establishment’ is the better book.)

City of London (Also know as ‘The City’, a separate city and county within the greater area of London)
Washington D.C. (the separate and distinct District of Columbia)
Vatican City (technically this would be the Holy See, as this is the governing body or sovereign state of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). The Holy See resides in the City State of Vatican City.)

Who actually controls each of these independent districts?

The above 3 form a Triumvirate with each representing;
London – Law (BAR) and Banking
Washington – Government (UN), Military (DOD), Culture (Hollywood)
Vatican – Religion (do not underestimate the Vatican, they were THE most powerful organization in the world for over a 1000 years. They own an immense amount of land (Church property) around the world, and certainly are hyper wealthy.)

Power Families
British Monarchy, Rothschild(Zionist?), Rockefeller(USA) Where are the Morgans?… name change?  Where are many of the old American aristocracy?; Harriman, Astor, Vanderbilt, Russell, Dupont… etc.

Council of 13;
Rothschild (Bauer) (Germany, France,… Europe)
Bruce (Scotland)
Cavendish (Kennedy) (Britain) (The only Cavendish Kennedy connection I could find was Kathleen Agnes Kennedy, sister of JFK, who married a Cavendish and the Kennedy Family was none to happy about this. She died in a plane crash due to bad weather in 1948, at the age of 28.)
De Medici (Italy)
Hanover (Germany)
Hapsburg (Austria)
Krupp (Germany)
Plantagenet (France, Britain)
Rockefeller (USA)
Romanov (Russian)
Sinclair (St. Clair) (Scotland)
Warburg (del Banco) (USA, but of German-Jewish descent)
Windsor (House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the Windsors thusly named in 1917, came into power with King Edward the VII in 1901. His mother was Queen Victoria and his father Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.) (Germany, Britain)

Note: Houses of de Medici, Hapsburg, and Plantagenet considered dissolved.

Partial listing of existing Monarchies;
European monarchies of Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Sweden. Asian monarchies of Bhutan, Cambodia, Japan, Thailand. The Islamic monarchies of Bahrain, Brunei, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. The European and Asian Monarchies tend to be Constitutional whereas the Islamic are largely Absolute.

House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha – A German dynasty, cadet branch of the Saxon House of Wettin. The current Head of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha is Prince Andreas, Duke of Saxony (Full name: Andreas Michael Friedrich Hans Armin Siegfried Hubertus). So if Prince Andreas is Head of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, then does Queen Elizabeth and King Philippe answer to him? Before you answer that there is another layer of intrigue. Saxe-Coburg and Gotha is a branch under the House of Saxony whose current disputed/contested head is Prince Ruediger of Saxony, Duke of Saxony, Margrave of Meissen. Yet there is one more layer. The House of Saxony is a branch of the House of Wettin, whose head is Michael Prinz von Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenachl, Prince of the Grand Ducal House of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach. So then then we would have Prince Micheal above Prince Ruediger above Prince Andreas above Queen Elizabeth? Is there an established order or is it more just familial relations?

Spain, King of Spain – Felipe the VI, from the French House of Bourbon, which has ruled Spain on and off since 1700. I did not realize it still was a monarchy. It seems to play no active role in EU politics. These are the same Bourbons overthrown during the French Revolution. The Head of the House of Bourbon is Louis Alphonse, Duke of Anjou. Spain is a Roman Catholic nation.

Netherlands, King of the Dutch – Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand, he is also head of the House Orange-Nassau which has ruled since 1815 (old money from Dutch East Indies and Royal Dutch Shell)

Belgium, King of Belgium – Philippe Léopold Louis Marie, all Dutch Royals are from the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, and have ruled since Leopold I in 1831. Belgium is listed as a Roman Catholic nation.

Denmark, Queen of Denmark – Margrethe Alexandrine Þórhildur Ingrid, from the German House of Glucksburg, ruled since 1863. British King George VI in 1947 pronounced Philip, his son-in-law and a Glucksburg, Duke of Edinburgh. Philip is the father of Prince Charles the heir apparent to the House of Windsor. The House of Glucksburg’s head is Christoph, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein.

Norway, King of Norway – Harald V, also of the House of Glucksburg, ruled since 1905. He is the first cousin once removed of King Philippe of Belgium and Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, the second cousin of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, and the second cousin once removed of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

Sweden, King of Sweden – Carl Gustaf Folke Hubertus, he is also head of the House of Bernadotte which has ruled since 1818. Bernadotte is a cadet house that ultimately falls under the House of Glucksburg through the House of Oldenburg.

Saudi Arabia, King of Saudi Arabia – Salman, of the House of Saud, ruled Saudi Arabia on and off since 1744 (control OPEC, partner in the petrodollar)

It certainly it is no stretch to say that European Monarchies are quite good friends. But more importantly they’re all tied together by bloodlines. In fact it is no stretch to say that Monarchies would group together, assist one another, work together. For no other reason than the shared desire to maintain their respective Monarchies… or more accurately their Houses. Birds of a feather.

So is the Council of 13 legit? I believe it is so. Though I am certain that the above listing is inaccurate. I’m sure some of the Houses listed are no longer on the council. Certainly it is not the Windsors but the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha that sits on the council, or more likely the House of Wettin. I would not be surprised if the House of Saud now sits on the council, and at least 1 house from Asia, House of Li from Hong Kong perhaps? But to counter my own supposition, the entire power structure we are investigating sources from Europe. The USA was settled and founded by, and therefor is an extension of, Europe. So the question then becomes is this Council of 13 a matter of strictly European bloodlines, or does it have more to do with the mentality of the ‘Ruler’?

My proposed ‘Council of 13’;

House of Bourbon
House of Bruce
House of Cavendish
House of Glucksburg
House of Hanover
House of Krupp
House of Orange-Nassau
House of Rockefeller
House of Romanov
House of Rothschild
House of Sinclair
House of Warburg
House of Wettin (House of Saxe-Coburg Gotha (Windsors))

I’m leaning toward the Council of 13 being old European Houses, except for the interloper and current head… Rothschild, and the Rockefellers, who are of European descent.

All 44 U.S. presidents have carried European royal bloodlines into office. 34 have been genetic descendants from just one person, Charlemagne, the eighth century King of the Franks. 19 of them directly descended from King Edward III of England. 25 of U.S. presidents have been related to one another. In fact, the presidential candidate with the most British and French royal genes has won every single American election. So if we want to know which candidate for the 2016 election will win, investigate their lineages.

This above paragraphs information comes from Burke’s Peerage & Baronetage, which is the Bible of aristocratic genealogy, based in London.

Does it go without saying that bloodlines are very important to the globalists? One more point I’m now confident in saying. The royal individual’s loyalty is NOT to their kingdom or their country, or the subjects of their kingdom, or the ancestral land of their House, or to any secret society they may partake in. Their loyalty first and foremost is to their family’s HOUSE. The House comes first!

Secret Societies (a partial list)
Society of Jesus (Jesuits), Freemasons, Pilgrim Society, Zionist(?), Fabian Society, Illuminati(?), Rhodes Society, John Birch Society, Prieure de Sion, Knights of Malta, Rosicrucian Order, CIA, Mossad, MI6, Skull and Bones, Quill and Dagger (college/university fraternities and secret societies are training grounds for the established secret societies. They also normalize secret societies to the university populace, and thus the population at large, regardless of whether they participate.)

CIA, Mossad, MI6 absolutely are secret societies. Their entire organizations existence is about secrecy, by this fact alone they are secret societies. They are official government sponsored secret societies, that the tax payers (citizens of their respective countries) fund. It might be more appropriate to think of them as the working or ‘dirty’ arm of other older secret societies.

Note: I ? marked Zionist and Illuminati because unlike the other groups listed, they do not have an official and hence verifiable known existing organization, though the Illuminati did exist but was ‘officially’ disbanded. I guess technically the Zionist do have American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and Anti-Defamation League (ADL), I’m sure there are many more Jewish NGOs that serve as fronts for the Zionists.

Managing Groups

Council of 13*
Committee 300* (headed by British Crown)
Lord Milner Roundtable 1909 (established by Cecil Rhodes will, with a Rothschild as trustee)
Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), 1919 (Chatham House, this is Milner created and controlled)
Council Foreign Relations (CFR), 1921 (created by Milner, heavily funded by the Rockefeller Foundation)
Institute of Pacific Relations, 1925-1960 (created by Milner, replaced by Trilateral)
Bilderberg Group, 1954 (founder Dutch Prince Bernhard)
Club of Rome, 1968 (founded Aurelio Peccei)
Trilateral Commission, 1973 (founded by David Rockefeller, Japan, US and Europe are the three of the Tri)
Bohemian Grove – this is not a managing group, just an occultist gathering of the 2nd tier who serve the true power holders.

Note: * Similar to the Secret Societies, I am not aware of absolute proof of the Council of 13 and the Committee of 300. Where we have proof of the others.

Major Central Banks

Bank of International Settlements (Central Bank of Central Banks, located in Basel, Switzerland, offices in Hong Kong and Mexico City (Note: Swiss are NOT members of the EU) Founded in 1930 by the following nations; Germany, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, the United States and Switzerland. Can have up to 21 Board of Directors members with 6 always from; Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States  I find it interesting that Japan was a founding member. Of course with tiny Belgium being ruled by the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, it makes sense why they are on the list, and they also became home of NATO and the EU.  Also, according to the charter, shares in the bank could be held by individuals and non-governmental entities.)
Bank of England
US Federal Reserve
European Central Bank (HQ in Frankfurt, Germany, also important to note that Great Britain kept its currency and did not adopt the Euro, you could also make a solid argument that the Euro is the currency of Germany  adopted by other nations)
Bank Of Japan *See Note below
Deutsche Bundesbank (basically replaced by ECB)
Swiss National Bank

Note: America Commodore Perry forced trade with Japan in 1854, after 200 years of Japanese isolation. Japans inclusion with the founding of the BIS signals that the Western powers were trying to ‘influence’ Japan to partake in their cabal. Perhaps in part it was Japans lack of said participation that lead to the war between Japan and the Western powers in WWII? Japan was defeated in WWII, and this was an unconditional surrender. Which means Japan lost it’s sovereignty as a nation. This ‘unconditional surrender’ condition of the US was a key factor in the tenacity of the fighting of the Japanese. It also delayed the surrender of Japan. Since WWII Japan has in actuality been a colony of the US and is controlled by US interests, hence the Trilateral Commission.

Founders of the Federal Reserve

Who were the founders of the US Federal Reserve who met at Jekyll Island in 1910? (from Mullins, ‘Secrets of the Federal Reserve’)
Senator Nelson Aldrich – head of the National Monetary Commission
A. Piatt Andrew – Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
Frank Vanderlip – President of the National City Bank of New York (now known as Citibank)
Henry Davidson – senior partner J.P. Morgan Company
Charles Norton – President First National Bank of New York (Morgan dominated)
Benjamin Strong – lieutenant of J.P. Morgan
Paul Warburg – Partner at Kuhn, Loeb and Company (Warburg was Jewish and Director of the CFR at it’s founding in 1921, and on the board until his death)

*J.P. Morgan was funded and acted as agent for the Rothschilds in the US.

International Monetary Fund (IMF – founded 1945, HQ in Washington, D.C.)

“The IMF’s fundamental mission is to ensure the stability of the international monetary system. It does so in three ways: keeping track of the global economy and the economies of member countries; lending to countries with balance of payments difficulties; and giving practical help to members.” – as stated on their website. My interpretation is; controlling the global economy and surveilling member states; further indebting countries who already have financial issues; giving misleading advice to members. The only notable countries who are not members of the IMF are; Cuba, North Korea. Which means Iran is a member.

World Bank Group (WBG,  founded 1945 currently made up of 5 organizations, HQ in Washington, D.C.)
– International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD, 1945, this and the IDA are the World Bank)
– International Development Association (IDA, 1960)
– International Finance Corporation (IFC, 1956)
– Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA, 1988)
– International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID, 1965)

The World Bank’s official goal is the reduction of poverty. Isn’t that nice? How you reduce poverty by indebting a nation is beyond me. Actually it’s not beyond me, this is how you create and maintain poverty. The focus of the WBG is smaller nations. The IBRD provides loans to nations using sovereign guarantees; ie. pledging national assets or national output(taxes) to pay back loan. Not to mention the other political ‘conditions’ required in order to receive the loan. The IDA provides interest free loans but with sovereign guarantees, I would interpret that to mean the ‘conditions’ are onerous. The IFC provides loans without sovereign guarantees, mostly private. MIGA is simply an Insurance agent for international loans. ICSID is designed to help facilitate what I’m assuming are loan disputes between nations and the World Bank, when the small nations realize they’ve been strapped with onerous debt… like Greece.

Top Investment Banks (Carroll Quiqley in Tragedy & Hope states that the Investment Banks control the Central Banks on page 326. And we know the CB’s control the Governments, at least in the Western world. Regardless of traditional or investment, private banks own and control the CBs.)

Goldman Sachs (imo a huge power center, did you know Ted Cruz’s wife is a Managing Director at GS?)
JPMorgan Chase
Bank of America/Merrill Lynch
Morgan Stanley
Deutsche Bank
Credit Suisse

Other Large Banks;
BNP Paribas (France)
Royal Bank of Scotland (British Gov’t largest owner)
Barclays (Britain)
Credit Agricole (France)
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (Japan)

Banking is an insidious system that creates something from nothing, as fiat currency is an ‘illusion’. And requires their customers pledge some form of ‘real’ collateral, and to repay that which was conjured from nothing with interest, or more simply put; their labor. Debt is an obligation, a burden, a form of enslavement as you are ‘owned’ by that which you ‘owe’. Banks are not ‘helping’ anyone by granting loans, this is how they make their money. Banks grow and make money by creating debt. Bank growth and profitability means MORE debt. And if one can no longer pay back said loan then the pledged ‘collateral’ will be confiscated. What has been happening on the world’s stage at the National level is the World Bank and IMF have been saddling smaller, less developed, nations with debt. The corrupt leaders are pledging the assets of their country, including the labor of the people (taxes), to service said debt. And when the small nation can no longer afford to pay back this onerous debt, the Bankers come calling. And what is their solution? Why more debt… and austerity. It is not by accident that we have debt bubbles in the US with home loans, automobiles, student loans, credit cards. But we have reached the breaking point, debt saturation, the world system cannot handle anymore debt. Something has to and will give. One more stark reality. Debt is borrowing from the future to use in the present. And the world has borrowed a staggering amount from the future… and the future is here.

Rockefeller Foundation
Ford Foundation
Gates Foundation
Tavistock Institute
Ditchley Foundation

Other Powerful Organizations
US Department of Defense (controlled by the CIA)

United Nations (land purchased and donated by the Rockefellers) founded by US, Great Britain, Russia, China, but created by members of the CFR. Interesting that China is a founding member, seeing as their contribution to WWII was getting spanked by the Japanese. It would be more accurate to say that the WWII winners invited China to be a founding member, and this most likely originated from the City of London. So as to be better able to ‘influence’ policy and politics in China. Ultimately that is what the United Nations Organization is… an instrument of Western Powers influence. The predecessor to the UN is the League of Nations – originated from Great Britain, assuming from Milner. USA did not join, and the League had many defections in the years leading up to WWII)

Other Power Players;
Henry Kissenger
Zbigniew Brzezinski

Other Power Nations;

India? Do you mean the India with 1.2 Billion people? The India with the 4th largest economy, behind China, EU, and the USA? The India that was ruled by Great Britain from the mid 1800’s to the mid 1900’s? The India with the world’s 3rd largest military, right next door to China with the world’s largest military? India seems to get mentioned for two reasons in the news; for the large importation of PMs, and for being the ‘I’ in BRICS. And that’s about it. Does India have or want a part to play in the future? Does not 1.2 Billion people demand they must have a part? And how much influence does Great Britain still have over India?

I will admit I do not understand the power players in Russia and China, I believe the Eastern Orthodox Church does exhibit a fair degree of power, similar to the Catholic Church, but no where near as powerful. Ultimately my question is how independent are Russian and China from the Western powers? The BRICS central bank obviously is a move to separate themselves from the western money system. Russia and China have a long and not pleasant history with Great Britain. I do not believe either wish to be subservient to the Western powers. Ultimately though it comes down to ‘who’ controls the Central Banks in these BRICS nations.

I rarely hear people speak of the British Empire, City of London, British Monarchy. But Britain and whomever controls it are very much still players. The British Commonwealth includes some rather substantial land masses (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Jamaica, UK). The British Empire has had a huge impact on current politics. Including the impact on India and China with the Opium Wars, and Hong Kong (though no longer a British Territory, it still uses the British Law system, and is an autonomous independent region within China, with it’s own representation internationally). On the current World Map numerous countries borders were defined by the British. A partial list includes; India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal. Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman; in fact the entire Middle East’s borders were either created or heavily influenced by the British. Egypt, Libya, South Africa, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria. And it was Britain that granted the Jews the land of Israel (though almost assuredly at the bequest of the Rothschilds) in what was then their protectorate of Palestine. These borders were created deliberately and specifically to create strife and conflict.

Great Britain not that long ago was the most powerful world empire. Cecil Rhodes stated his desire for the British (Anglophiles), once again, to rule the world.

There is a long history of conflict between Great Britain, France, Germany, and Russia. The past several hundred years have seen these nations in conflict, and much farther for France and England. The Norman Conquest, Hundred Years War, French-India War, Napoleonic Wars, Franco-Prussian War, WWI, WWII. The Russian Naval fleets in 1863 wintered on the US East and West coasts ostensibly to block England and France from supporting the Confederacy. The European Union is significant in regards to the relationship of Great Britain, France and Germany. Only one still has a Monarchy. Is this a relationship of convenience, advantage, or survival? The better question is who ‘controls’ the EU… Council of 13? I’ve always leaned towards Germany, but they’re just the foundation the EU is built upon.

And let’s not forget the Battle of Waterloo. Famous for two primary reasons, the defeat of Napoleon and the French by the British and Prussians (Germans). And Nathan Rothschild, knowing the outcome of the battle 24 hours before being known publicly in London, spread the rumor that Napoleon had won. Proceeds to sell his English stock, causes a selling panic, then literally buys up the London Stock Exchange at the bottom, effectively taking control of the Bank of England.

I keep coming back to… British Monarchy, Freemasons, Zionist, Rothschild, CIA, Vatican. The Queen of England is part of Freemasonry… does she control it, or controlled by it? It is my understanding that British Monarchy oversees world Freemasonry, at the pleasure of The City of London. Does the British Monarchy control the City of London, or vice-versa? When the Queen visits The City, she must be allowed entrance by the Lord Mayor, and walks several steps behind. That answers it for me. I do believe the USA is a corporation; created by the Act of 1871. But who are the owners of USA the Corporation? Is it owned by the City of London and the Vatican? Who controls the City of London? Is it the Rothschilds? I’ve read that the Vatican controls the City of London. I’ve read the Rothschilds are the bankers for the Vatican.

Here is an interesting fact, Queen Elizabeth went to the Vatican for the first meeting between Elizabeth and Pope Francis… but she did arrive 20 minutes late, due to going long during her lunch with the President of Italy. Elizabeth has met with 5 Popes, 4 at the Vatican, and the other Benedict XVI in Scotland in 2010. She met John Paul II three times with first and last visits at the Vatican, she did not meet Popes Paul VI and John Paul I (John Paul I was Pope for 33 days, found dead sitting up in bed, reported possible heart attack?, death controversial, 65yo at time of death apparently in excellent health, preceded Paul VI, seceded by John Paul II. As for Paul VI, I can find no evidence that he and the Elizabeth ever met, and he was Pope for 15 years, ’63-’78… very interesting).

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a Catholic. He met Paul VI at the Vatican in July of ’63. A Pope first spoke at the UN in ’65, it’s 20th anniversary. Since then each Pope has visited the UN at least once during their Papacy, except for John Paul I who was unable to squeeze it in during his 33 day reign. For Francis’s 2015 visit the Vatican’s Holy See flag was flown for the first time at the UN.

The Monarchy of Great Britain broke from under the influence of the Vatican in the 1530’s and it was finalized with the Act of Supremacy of 1558. The Church of England (Anglican) was born and the reigning monarch of Great Britain is it’s Supreme Governor.

I believe the current ruling control system is the Fiat/Debt money system of the Central Banks. The Central Banks are controlled by the Investment Banks and the Investment banks are owned by who… Council of 13, Zionists, Rothschild?

I’ve read enough to conclude that there are multiple and conflicting plans on how to establish the One World Government (OWG). Consent or Conquest? Peace or War? Regardless which path is chosen, it will be implemented using deception and manipulation and would be rejected by the people of the world if known.

I have zero doubts that there is a global agenda to reduce the world’s population by 90%. The Georgia Guidestones and their ‘Age of Reason’ objective is no more than 500 million total population.  Just as there are multiple options to implement OWG, there are multiple options to reduce the world’s population, actually many of the options are already being implemented, and have been on going for years. Geo-engineering, weather modification or man-made climate change(flooding, drought… which can lead to famine), GMO (one of the critical reasons they want GMO crops, is the GMO crop is Round-up resistant, the WHO, World Health Organization, announced glyphosate (main ingredient of Roundup) as a probable carcinogen, but the chemical cocktail of Round-up is much more dangerous than glyphosate alone), Vaccinations, Socialized Medicine, Rx Drugs, Viral Epidemics. The reality is that War, assuming conventional, just will not kill enough people for the eugenicists. You’re not going to get anywhere close to 90% with conventional war. And, imho, nuclear war is off the table because it will destroy everything for 1000s of years. With that being said there are some who if they can’t ‘win’ would prefer then that ‘everyone’ loses. The other disturbing thought I have is large scale nuclear war will create ‘mutations’ of the creatures that live. Possibly some globalists feel this will lead, or jumpstart, the human species to a new level of development?

I really don’t want to do this, but since we know others are, let us seriously consider then just how would one reduce the global population by 90%? Global nuclear war would do it, but it would also destroy the planet, so we’ll remove that option from consideration. In fact we’ll remove ELEs (extinction level events) from the equation all together for now, since I’m assuming one goal of population reduction is saving the planet. In order for a human to stay alive they need 02, H20, and energy(food). It’s going to be difficult to suppress 02 from just humans, so that leaves H20 and food. Global famine? What causes famine? Droughts, collapse of a primary food source, sans famine such as some major crop disease (therefor target wheat, corn, rice); this requires geoengineering. Global EMP (electromagnetic pulse) leading to worldwide energy crisis, (did you know that Ted Koppel just released a new book called ‘Lights Out’ in Oct of ’15, saying that a cyber attack on the US power grid is not only possible but likely?). Global pandemic… and this would be a engineered virus and thus pandemic. And if the Eugenicists want to ensure success then it seems the best option is; All of the Above. EMPs + Power grid attacks  + Geoengeering + crop disease will lead to mass riots and global famine, at which point the more resilient peoples, sorry First Worlders this ain’t you, such as 3rd World countries, will have pandemics unleashed upon them, blaming the ‘horrible’ conditions. I would assume then what is left will be mopped up with war. But what if they lose control of the destruction? What if 90% turns into 99.9%? What if 500 million turns into 500,000? That’s some dark speculation.

Shoes of the globalist. My mother’s parents when they retired traveled the US a good deal, they would collect plates from the different locales and states. One plate, small but unlike most which were on a railing near the ceiling, hung in a conspicuous location between the kitchen and the den. It was supposedly an American Indian saying. To the best of my knowledge it said; ‘Do not judge a man until you’ve walked a 100 miles in his moccasins’. Wise words. And aptly applied to understanding anyone or anything. One must place themselves in the others role to understand their actions and motivations. Thus we must do this understand the globalist. It is nigh impossible unless we try. The fact is that tremendous wealth and power has a very definitive affect upon the person, whether they created it or were born into it. It fundamentally changes the persons persona and view of life. It is utterly corrupting for some, ‘… absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ And others develop a God complex. Which is frightening regardless of their socioeconomic position, but especially when they have the means to indulge in their fantasy’s. All this to say that we must understand that the globalist do not think or behave like ourselves or others that we are familiar with. Their values, morals, ethics have become so distorted, perverted that they could be looked upon as a subset of our species.

Commonality breeds relationship. A spy from the USA and a spy from Russian who have been in the business for decades have much more in common with each other than an average individual from their respective countries. There is a unique understanding and respect between these two supposed adversaries. The same applies with leaders of countries as well, and the worlds Monarchies. Therefor the same would apply with secret societies… regardless if they are in cooperation or competition. And if working together would further each organizations goals then why would they not? The saying; “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” comes to mind.

We have the following suspects;
Great Britain (former world’s most powerful empire) represented by the City of London
Vatican (former world’s most powerful organization) represented by Vatican City
And I’m not so sure it’s a stretch to say that Vatican City, birthed from the Roman Empire, could also be considered a continuation of the Roman Empire.
USA (current most powerful world empire) represented by Washington, D.C.
Israel (Zionism, former regional power, and God’s chosen people (according to them)) represented by City of Jerusalem which obvious the Jews greatly desire to 100% control and therefor need to take back
China (former and current world power) represented by Bejing who have a score to settle with the Japanese (US colony) and the British (Opium Wars, retake Hong Kong and the island of Taiwan).
Russia (former and current world power) represented by Moscow

Do I think the City of London wants to be back on top?… yes. Do I think Vatican City wants to be back on top?… yes. Do I think the USA (say hello to the NeoCons) wants to stay on top?… yes. Do I think the Zionist want to re-establish the historic lands of Israel and Jerusalem and have ambitions to rule the world?… yes. Do I think the Chinese have no intention of being the Western powers bitch any longer and desire to be the world’s superpower?… yes. Do I think Russia is tired of dealing with the treacherous Western powers and has ambitions to be the world’s superpower?… damn, sorry to break the roll I was on but I just don’t see that. Not ambitions to rule the world. And historically we see this, Russia’s ambitions don’t seem to ever have extended beyond Eurasia. And Russia is stacked with natural resources. Regardless, can I imagine China and Russia as Allies against the Western Powers?… yes. Do I think City of London, Vatican, DC, Jerusalem, Bejing, Moscow believe a One World Government is possible and/or inevitable(I really hate to use that word), and therefor they want to control it?…yes. When you look at it like this one wonders how World War III is avoided…

And where do the Rothschilds fit in the above? Everywhere?!?! City of London, Vatican, Zionism, Federal Reserve.

One World Government (OWG) System =
Government (Monarchy, Democracy, Socialism, Fascism)
Religion (Catholicism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Other?)
Money (Gold backed, Pure Fiat, or BitCurrency (both electronic only))
Law (British Maritime Law, Hammurabi Law, Natural Law)
Military/Police (Single Unified Police Force (dissolution of all Militaries), Regional Militaries)
Culture (Hollywood, India?, China?)
Language (English, Spanish, Mandarin(Chinese), Hindi)

Is a separate catastrophic event needed to initiate the introduction of each system?
Global Economic Collapse – ushers in World Money System and leads to
WWIII – ushers in World Police force end of national militarys? and leads to
Alien ‘intervention’ – ushers in World religion
Which all lead to One World Government?

If there is an Alien Intervention it will be man created. It does sound crazy and ‘out of this world’, but the ONLY way they’re gonna pull off a World Religion is a MASSIVE deception. This should come as no surprise, as all religions are based on deception. Alien visitation?!?! Come on, really? Even a fake one seems preposterous… and I concur…, however;

I have contemplated numerous times over the years about how a OWG would be actually implemented. I can see how all of the above elements can be overcome and/or implemented except for Religion. People are not going to quickly or easily abandon their religion, especially not for another known religion. Unlike all the other elements, except possibly Culture (which has and is easily manipulated and changed today and therefor not a problem) in which most people do not have a deep emotional connection to their Government, Law, or Money. People have deep and strong connections to their Religion. For billions it is foundational to how they live their daily lives. So how do you shift 100’s millions, or billions of peoples Religion essentially overnight? Is that even possible? The ‘only’ way I see it being possible is as I stated; a MASSIVE staged event that must have obvious religious connotations… which imho means tying it to the Creator, or God/Allah/Yahweh. Could not the Globalists just force a single religion? Yes, but this will not work as Mao’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ demonstrated. He outlawed religion. But this just drove it underground, and automatically turned the religions against his plan. People must willingly ‘choose’ this new Religion. I can only reiterate that a massive global shift to a One World Religion is going to take a massive ‘shock’, I’ll let you ponder on how that could be done.

You get to a point where you begin to chase your own tail… which is exactly what they want. Obfuscation is a critical tool in hiding one’s actions. If the SHTF you don’t want your name on the front door when the mob comes a calling. Name changes, Foundations, Corporations, Front companies, Subsidiary companies, NGO’s, secret societies all provide vehicles to obscure actions and ownership. One calling card of the manipulators is the ‘using’ of others to do their dirty work, see current US politics for a live and classic example. Great Britain has a long known history of this, it will make you re-think WWI and WWII. I come back to the declaration of; ‘it is not what you own… but what you control’. And it is all about control. And a great deal of control is about manipulation. So then is it possible that the real controller, him/they/it at the very top, the top of the pyramid, is unknown to us all?!? Maybe, and it is also possible that they hide in plain sight. Maybe it’s a Hollywood star, or a talk show host. It would not surprise me in the least to find out that the most powerful person in the world leads a very simple, austere, humble life. Or maybe it’s Prince Andreas, Head of the House of Saxe-Coborg and Gotha. I’d never heard of him before writing/researching this article. Regardless, I do believe him to be a player on the global stage.

Who is controlling who? Who is the best manipulator? I’m not sure if even those vying for ultimate power know the answer to those two questions. But I do know this. They are all involved in a grand game of deception. And most are simply pawns in the game, if they even know the game they’re in exists at all. A few, a precious few, are able to remove themselves from the field of play, and observe the madness from the sideline. But even this is not a safe position, as pucks, balls, sticks, and even bodies come flying from the field of play on a regular basis. A smaller few are able to turn their backs and walk away from the game altogether.


Sidenote: Texas

I’m a native Texan and have spent 3/4 of my life in the D/FW area. We are looking at the globalist from a macro scale. But like any pyramidal organization you have regional controllers. It got me to thinking about who ‘controls’ Texas. To put this into more relevant context. As of 2014 Texas GDP is $1.6 trillion, 2nd largest in the US, if a sovereign country (2014), Texas would be the 12th largest economy in the world. Therefor Texas is a very valuable state. Here are some specific reasons why;

  • Pantex – every US made nuclear weapon ever produced is assembled/disassembled at the Pantex plant outside of Amarillo
  • Oil Refineries – the 2 largest US oil refineries are in Texas, and they also are in the top 10 for the world.
  • Texas has 1/3 of the USA’s proven oil reserves, and it’s WTI light sweet crude and it’s low density low sulfur content is cheaper to extract, transport, and refine.
  • Port of Houston – largest port in the US, and 6th largest in the world by total cargo volume
  • Fort Hood – in the central Texas city of Killeen, largest population of US military in the world, 200+K acres, Texas has a total of 21 military bases.
  • Lockheed Martin- every F-16 built in Fort Worth, plus part of the F-35. In fact from 2000-2014 $454 Billion dollars of defense contracts were awarded to 17,000+ companies in Texas;
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas; head of the 11th Federal Reserve District which encompasses all of Texas, northern Louisiana, and southern New Mexico.
  • Texas has it’s own independent electric power grid
  • Texas is the largest livestock producer in the US, largest producer of goats and sheep. Texas has the largest amount of farmed acreage of any state. It has large cereal and produce crops and leads the nation in cotton production. Also has a large commercial fishing fleet.
  • NASA LBJ Space Center in Houston
  • Texas has a large Information Technology concentration in the Austin area
  • DFW Airport – 3rd busiest in the world by aircraft movement, and 9th busiest by passenger volume
  • Alliance Airport – Ft Worth, worlds first 100% industrial (freight) airport
  • Texas Medical Center – Houston, largest medical center in the world
  • University Texas Education System – 9 campuses and 6 health/hospital institutions including UT Southwestern in Dallas, and MD Anderson in Houston – world’s #1 cancer treatment center
    Here is an interesting fact, current University of Texas Chancellor is a former Admiral of the Navy.
  • Texas Gold Depository – will be funded by the one billion in gold bullion that the University of Texas purchased several years ago for it’s pension fund and purported one billion in gold from the $132+ billion Teacher Retirement System of Texas fund, assuming of course the gold exists at HSBC in New York. I could only confirm $250 million for the TRS fund.

Seeing as 4 of the top 5 companies in Texas are Energy/Oil companies (ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Valero Energy, and Marathon Oil) I feel confident in saying that Texas is controlled by oil. In fact 11 of the top 20 companies in Texas are in oil/energy related businesses, and 30 of the top 50. Standard Oil of New Jersey (Exxon) and Standard Oil of New York (Mobil) were the two largest spinoffs from the break-up of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. Which leads to the question of just how much control do the Rockefellers still have over oil in the US?

Other notable companies with HQs in Texas; American Airlines, Dell, AT&T, Kimberley-Clark, Texas Instruments, SouthWest Airlines, Halliburton, KBR, Waste Management, GameStop.

Texas also has the newest Formula 1 track (and the first purpose built F1 track in the US), in the capital of Austin. Which makes sense. The sport of the Oil Barons is auto racing, and the pinnacle of auto racing is Formula 1. Which is further evidence that Texas is controlled by oil, and it’s importance on the world stage. It is interesting that they built it in Austin, instead of Houston or D/FW.

One other item of note, and I can attest to this personally. Freemasons are all over Texas, you’d be hard pressed to find a Texas city/town without a Masonic Lodge. That’s probably an over-exaggeration, but not by much.


The current ruling ‘strongman’ is the Banksters (hat tip to whomever coined that word, it’s perfect). The group right below the Banksters is the Oil Barons. There is one critical difference between the Banksters and the Oil Barons. The Oil Barons deal in that which is not only real, but inherently valuable… energy. Whereas the Banksters deal in nothing but illusion. Fiat paper money. Actually it’s even more illusionary today; now it’s simply 1s and 0s stored on a magnetic device that requires electricity to operate. The creation of something from nothing. Pure magic. The ultimate alchemist!  Do you recall the saying; ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’? It does for the Banksters. Today the more accurate saying would be; ‘Making money from sand…’. For silicon, the 2nd most abundant element in the earths crust, is found in high percentages in common sand. And silicon is the primary material in microprocessors, necessary in order to create money; ‘with a keystroke’!

This makes Nixon’s decoupling of the US$ from Gold in ’71, thus ending the Bretton-Woods agreement, and the creation of the petrodollar initially with Saudi Arabia in ’73 and then all of OPEC in ’75, much more significant. This move shifted power from the Oil Barons to the Banksters, a massive shift. It placed the US$ above Oil. The Oil emirates traded their economic freedom for safety; weapons and military protection. And in so doing became captives to the US$, and hence the Western Bankers. Another important fact, it was Kissinger, then acting Secretary of State, who negotiated the petrodollar deal with the Saudis. The master negotiator… the master manipulator. And if this is all Kissinger ever did, it would still place him high on the list of important players, especially so if the Petrodollar system was his idea. Which I’m willing to bet it was, it sure as hell wasn’t Nixon’s!

But the Banksters are in serious trouble. For if the world monetary system collapses, then the illusion of fiat currency is destroyed. Then the Banksters have nothing. And that is where those things that are real; natural resources, like oil, gold, and land and those who control them, will move back into places of prominence.

So then the Banksters are acting in desperation right now. Time is fast running out. And the wise persons and nations are preparing for the crash of fiat currency… or really the crash of all paper/electronic instruments (cash, money market funds, stocks, bonds, derivatives).

The relationship of oil, fiat currency, and gold are intertwined. The price of oil and gold in US$ is critical. The relationship is straightforward. The higher the price of US$ for oil/gold the less value each dollar has. Therefor the Banksters are highly motivated to suppress the price of gold and oil in dollars. Of course we have ample evidence of this suppression with PMs. Because the relative volume of trade in PMs is low, and the relative size of the PM markets are small, and most importantly because of ‘paper’ PMs and naked short selling, they are easily manipulated. If/how the oil price is manipulated is unknown to me, but I would be shocked if it was not, seeing as every other market is. The global market knows the petrodollar is dying, which automatically puts upward pressure on the price of Oil and PMs. The mass printing and injection of more US$ into the market (QE 1,2,3… until it breaks) creates upward pressure. A tremendous amount of pressure. The math is simple, the more dollars there are,the less each is worth. Hence, the more dollars it should take to buy a fixed quantity of any material… also called inflation. So the fact that PM’s and Oil are down in US$ is significant.

So there are tremendous ‘real’ forces pushing UP on the Price of PM’s in US$ and tremendous ‘illusionary’ forces pushing DOWN. But what of Oil? The same forces that act upon PMs also act upon Oil. However, we do have some critical differences between the two. To simplify let’s focus on Gold. Gold, unlike oil, is not consumed. The more Gold mined the more actual Gold on the market. The demand for Gold has been on the rise the past few years, oil demand is falling. But, overall populations today have an inherent demand for energy, hence oil, but little or none for Gold. Of course this is unnatural, as people do have a desire for a medium of exchange and wealth storage, but have been tricked into believing ‘paper’ and 1s and 0s are real.

Today there are definitely ‘real’ factors that should be depressing the price of oil. Simply put global demand is down, and will continue as the current global recession moves into depression, and global supply is up. And yet paradoxically, we have real forces (central bank money printing, loss of faith in US$) that should be increasing the price of oil. Then we throw into the mix oil price manipulation… I’d have to do so serious research before I took at stab at guesstimating what the value of oil is. I would do it in barrels of oil in relation to Gold in ounces, and human labor, then try and back into a US$ estimate.

But how is the price of Oil determined? It’s the Oil Futures market that ultimately sets the price. WTI Crude futures are settled through NYMEX in New York. Brent Crude futures are settled through International Petroleum Exchange in London. One other key fact, all price discovery is done electronically now, there are no more trading floors. Imho it is through this electronic only price discovery that enables ‘easy’ price manipulation.

But at the end of the day it’s always good to fall back to one of the most important questions one can ask;

Who benefits?

In the context of low oil price the more appropriate question is; Which country or group is best able to withstand low oil prices for an extended period of time? Who is hurt worse; the Banksters or the Oil Barons? They both get hurt, the Banksters have less demand for currency, the Barons make much less money. Low oil prices hurt nations dependent on it for revenue, hence it hurts the net exporter and benefits the net importer.  Top Ten Importers; EU, China, USA, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Australia. Though the US is a large importer, this is offset by the losses of the numerous US companies involved in the global energy markets. Same applies to a lesser degree to the EU. China and the rest of the importers net benefit from the cheaper prices. The Top Ten Oil Exporters are; Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, UAE, Angola, Venezuela, Norway, and Canada. Most of these nations are particularly hurt because their economies are so dominated by oil. An interesting mix of nations; targeting Russian, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela makes sense. But what of Saudi and UAE? I wonder if some deal has been struck? What of the African nations? Norway and Canada have to pay the price for the overall strategy.

Note: Something significant did happen in the Sept/Oct ’15 time frame. Russia said enough of US’s ‘exceptionalism’ (which apparently means exceptionally; stupid, arrogant, violent, and unlawful) at the UN and promptly attacked the Western powers created terrorist organization ISIS in Syria. And, imho, this is a direct result of low oil prices.

World’s Largest Oil and Gas Companies by Oil Equivalent Barrels

National Iranian Oil
Petroleos de Venezuela S.A.
Saudi Arabian Oil Company
Qatar General Petroleum Corporation
Iraq National Oil Company
Adu Dhabi National Oil Company (UAE)
Kuwait Petroleum Coporation
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
National Oil Company (Libya)
Sonatrach (Algeria)

So the top ten does not include any Western Nation. If Russia’s 3 Top Companies were combined they would be 8th on the list. So then based on the above list there has been a major shift in Oil power from the original 7 Sisters;

Anglo-Persian Oil Company (now BP)
Gulf Oil (merged with Chevron)
Standard Oil of California (now Chevron)
Texaco (merged with Chevron)
Royal Dutch Shell
Standard Oil of New Jersey (Esso/Exxon) and
Standard Oil Company of New York (Mobil) now part of ExxonMobil.

Yes but there is one large catch here. It is one thing to have oil in the ground, it is quite another to have the ability to extract said oil from the ground, and then another to refine it into usable products. Not to mention the transportation of both raw crude and refined products. Exploration and drilling is dominated by Western companies, the two largest and best known; Schlumberger and Halliburton. In fact of the top ten oilfield services only one is not Western; China Oilfield Services, which is state owned. So the entire list above are beholden to other companies/nations in order to extract their oil from the ground. So who has the power? It’s not what you own, it’s what you control.

The Top Refiners;

4 of the top ten are from the US, but overall diversified worldwide. Most large nations and oil producers have their own refining capability. With the exception of the African nations.

There are plenty of experts in PMs, finance, and energy. I make no such claim, but if it makes you feel better I have a Degree in Accounting and a MBA. There is a deeper connection here that needs to be explored. Fiat currency is simply a facilitator for the exchange of real tangible goods. Gold ultimately is and always has been a store of value. Silver, historically has been the metal of exchange. However, silver has become an integral commodity for electronics, batteries, solar panels, dental and medical. But oil is energy! And energy is power!

Here’s an idea; Fiat currency allows the easy exchange of power, gold is a store of power, silver is the real legitimate currency of power, and oil IS power… something to think about.

SRSrocco is right on track with his EROI analysis, and the relationship of energy to the PMs. Michael Ruppert, may he RIP (and I mean that very sincerely), in ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ was absolutely correct in tying 9/11 with oil and the Middle East. The NeoCons are all about oil, and certainly they understand the difference between that which is real (oil) and that which is illusionary (fiat currency). If the DoD is dropping bombs or has troops on the ground then you can bet it has something to do with energy. I’m reminded of General Wesley Clark’s well known revelation; “We’re going to take out seven countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran”. My mind then goes next to the Arab Spring of ’10 in which Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen governments were overthrown and the campaign against Syria began. So success in Iraq and Libya, no known attempts in Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan or Iran? Failed attempt in Syria. But bonus attempts and success in Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen. However, tempered by the botched attempt in Ukraine. The CIA/MI6/Mossad have been busy. But in fact this also involves Banks, Militaries, and Oil Companies.

The Alternative/Truth community does not seem to pay much attention to oil. Is this in part because of the bust of the ‘Peak Oil’ theory the past decade? Peak oil is very much a reality, the question though is ‘when’? New technologies, drilling techniques, and locations all have provided an abundance in ‘new’ oil. One more thought I’ve mulled on before. What incentive do exploration firms, oil companies, and nations have to telling the truth about just how much oil reserves they have? Is there not an economic and strategic incentive to keep this information secret? This is no different than gold, like China and it’s laughable pronouncement of only 1,658 tonnes of Gold reserves in July of this year. I would assume the oil insiders and intelligent services either know absolutely or have a good idea of what the real reserves are… through sophisticated satellite analysis and imagery. But would not the find and/or the extraction of oil of a huge new reserve depress the price of oil? The more units of a resource, the less each one is worth. Hence an active incentive to suppress the truth about provable reserves?

3 years ago I wrote privately an accusation, it is; “Come on Rock, Roth and your Majesty?” At that time I was actually afraid to privately write out Rockefeller, Rothschild, Queen of England. We won’t get into how your ‘private’ computer writings aren’t private. I don’t think I was far off the point. Of course I would now say City of London, or possibly more appropriately Lord Mayor? I certainly underestimated both the Zionist and the Vatican.

I’ve only of recent times really noticed the infighting, sides, vitriol based on ‘who’s side you’re on’. Meaning which group you think is running the show. It’s the Zionists (or the Khazarian Jews)! It’s the NeoCons! It’s the Jesuits! It’s the British! Rothschild! CIA, Mossad, MI6! SPECTRE! Decepticons! It’s Alien Lizards!!! “Dogs and cats living together.. mass hysteria!!!”…

Still one of my favorite all time movie lines.

Correction: the full quote; “Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!” I did not recall the ‘human sacrifice’ part of the quote. I guess, unfortunately, in light of the groups we are discussing it’s quite apropos. Certainly not ‘coincidental’ that I thought of the quote as I was writing the paragraph.

But at the end of the day does it matter to you and I who really is on top? The fact is that all of these groups are utterly corrupt. They are the very definition of ethical, moral, financial, judicial corruption. They all look down upon us, the ‘unwashed masses’, with nothing but contempt. Each group has proven utterly to be heartless, soulless, maniacal. They all have psychopaths either in charge or representing them. They are all involved in some form of the Occult. They are all murderers of innocent peoples. They all regularly use and abuse others for their own selfish gains. And it is quickly becoming clear that they are all child abusers and pedophiles.

You don’t get to the top without being corrupt, you don’t get close to the top without being corrupt, and the genuine, decent, good person trying to get to the top will be destroyed in the process, be it physically or morally.

I recently heard someone speculate that the Secret Societies are at war, of which I agree, but the person was hoping that one/some of the secret societies were on the ‘good’ side… I have some bad news for you. Once you go secret, once you go occult, the good is quickly disabused. Secrecy itself is a corrupting force.

Ultimately it is not about which system of control, which secret society, which nation, which group, or which family/house is in control. The fact is that humanity as a whole is at war with this small group of individuals, individuals who are from around the world, who represent numerous nations, religions, and cultures. The lust for domination is not exclusive to the British, the use of deception is not the sole domain of the Zionists, the need for war is not reserved for the NeoCons, the desire to rule is not unique to the Vatican. For those who must have sides then mark it as thus; Those who lust for power, exercise control, and operate in secret vs everyone else.

Maybe we need a WWIII. The Great War that will awaken the masses to the grand deceptions of the past millennium and overthrow those that rule by deception, coercion, and slavery.

We do NOT need another Revolution. For what is a revolution but a turning or moving in a circular orbit. Which is exactly what humankind keeps doing, going in circles. Replacing one control system, one form of government, one form of slavery with another. A better/nicer form of slavery is still slavery. We don’t need a revolution because that which is birthed always comes from a place of anger, frustration, violence, and destruction.

We need an Evolution not revolution. Humankind must evolve past the current paradigm we’ve been in for millennium now. The love of wealth, conquest, worship of others (kings, priests, celebrity), growth for the sake of growth.

I’m of the opinion there are greater historical cycles running than the economic, currency, empire, and religious cycles that are human created. I attribute this to the natural cycles of the planet itself; the 4 seasons, natural climate change, which has been occurring for 100’s millions of years, with the heating and cooling of the planet. The 5 major Ice Ages and the numerous glacial cycles or periods, of which the last ended just 10,000 years ago. A blink of the eye in the history of the Earth. There are also cycles of dominant life forms, and species within those forms, and specific sub-species or groups. It is here that I see the rise of the Dragon, the rise of the Asians as the dominant race on Earth. World history has been dominated by Europeans for 1000’s of years. Europeans since the 1500’s have raped, murdered, pillaged, enslaved, and conquered the other peoples of the world. From North to South America, from Africa to the Middle East, from China to the Pacific. It is not a pretty picture of how European ‘conquest’ has affected the rest of the world for the past several hundred years. And don’t think that the rest of the world has forgotten this fact. I believe in Karma, you reap what you sow, what goes around comes around. This would be a massive shift in world history. Certainly the globalist are aware of this reality. Thus they are either trying to subvert/prevent it; you know because paybacks a bitch, or they’re attempting to control it. But I’m not sure this is a cycle that can be stopped, just as other natural Earth cycles cannot be stopped.

Who is using who? It is not about ‘ownership’, it is about ‘control’. Obfuscation is a hallmark of the occult, the puppet is a hallmark of the manipulators, the illusionist distracts with one hand, whilst the ‘trick’ occurs in the other. At the end of the day what or who are we trying to identify? The Puppet Master. There is just one small problem, we can’t see them, which is just as they wish. Keep your focus on the stage and the puppets, the actors; politicians, front-man, news-anchor, spokesperson, representative, president and king. And even if we manage to sneak back stage and pull back the curtain… we find that the wizard, the puppeteer, has strings attached to them extending up into the blackness…

It is my opinion that the current ruling system of control is Banking. And based on that fact and based on the history of banking and those involved then if I had to make a guess as to who was at the top I would put my money (pun most appropriately intended) on Rothschild. They’re also consistently tied closely to the City of London and the Vatican. Of course the Rothschilds are Jewish, which would explain how Zionism obtained so much power and influence so quickly. However, the banking system is about to collapse in a spectacular fashion, and therefor its hold on the Crown of Power is tenuous. With the collapse will be worldwide depression, global famine and probably WWIII. And from this position is where Religion might once again take hold of the Crown. Don’t underestimate the Vatican. Don’t count out the Zionist. Remember that Judaism, Catholicism, Christianity, and Islam are all Abrahamic religions. And whatever you do, don’t forget the 1.3 billion Chinese!


Oh what a tangled web we weave,
 When first we practise to deceive!

Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17.


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].

Ephesians 6:12 (King James Bible)


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  1. excellent info on usa inc which explains the standard government reply made as the following ‘ we cannot give anymore information as it is a threat to national security ‘

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