The Title eludes me…

I’ve been working on two different posts, one on the globalist power structure and whose at the top. The other is on the Religion model and it’s influence and form found throughout history and culture(s). Both are rather deep and I’m finding I need time to research, and think after writing content, which then leads to writing more content.

I do understand in our gimme now, or better yet; yesterday, time we live in that producing content regularly is needed for some to stay tuned but I personally find that I lose my focus, ability to think and create if I try and ‘crank’ out articles. It dawned on me that part of my problem has been that I’ve had a model forced on me that says; “this is when you wake, this is when you work, this is when you sleep. This is what productivity is, this is what a responsible person does, this is what you should do”. And that model does not fit my personality. So I’m slowly breaking this ‘conditioning’, but it’s a laborious process. I think and create in bursts, so I’m adjusting to writing whenever the bursts occur. I find that forcing myself to think/create is difficult and leads to content that is more the ‘manufactured me’, not the authentic me. I’m not posting for attention, or to make money, but I post because I sincerely feel it is the right thing to do, and I am compelled to do it. I’m basically a private person, I’d just as soon go off and live in some peaceful secluded clime and ignore this mad world. But I cannot, I already have spent too much of my life ignoring reality. I have to get in the game, I have to get in the fight. Actually I, we, everyone is IN the fight, we were all born into this war. I guess it is just choosing if you’re gonna defend yourself and fight back.

I’ve had several occurrences recently where I’ve seen the dilemma of how genuine altruism and making a living are uncomfortable bed fellows. That eventually there comes a point where compromises are made in order to make more money, with the reasoning or justification that more money is always better (of course this message have been beaten into our heads forever, and relentlessly). Money is used as a weapon against us, regardless of what one does for a living. The carrot and stick method is very effective. So it goes without saying that one vector of attack for those who are trying to discover and declare the truth and make a living doing it is that they’ll be ‘attacked’ through/with money. If one is constantly weighing between money and should I post this? (meaning because it might offend a particular group and lose that revenue stream) Then one’s work will become compromised. I’m not making a judgement against others. I regularly donate to people and organizations that I have benefited from or agree with their work. This is a personal issue, very personal. So I’ve decided that I will never mix my altruism and making a living. Which of course does lead to the dilemma for most folks of how does one provide genuine altruism and also have time to make a living? I don’t have an answer for that. Other than choosing to make less, or not provide as much ‘content’ as one would like.

Maybe a better way to look at it is thus; You can’t fight against the forces who are selling and creating the ‘American Dream’ whilst trying to ‘Live the Dream’ yourself. Obviously this is going to lead to conflict, compromise, and stress. Imo this conflict is why many sell out or get taken out. If you are fighting against the game whilst playing the game somethings got to give. You can’t be trying to get rich whilst railing against the forces that unjustly create wealth. The same applies to fame. This is the very definition of cognitive dissonance. We are not going to defeat the globalist by playing THEIR game. That is impossible, they OWN the game and control every aspect of it… meaning they can change the rules as they see fit, not to mention they never follow their rules! We must quit their game, and create and play our own. Or put another way, we must reject this manufactured ‘reality’ of the globalists, and create and live our own reality.

I’m just very convicted that we must stop living compromised lives… and that statement is directly squarely at myself.

In reference to the earlier paragraph about how a model of ‘living’ has been forced upon us, that I am trying to break the ‘conditioning’ of this model. This is so very important. This is one primary purpose of propaganda. To the shape the populaces idea of what life is about, and how one should live it. As I study and learn more on how culture is created, how our lives have been manipulated since our birth using the tools of education, television, music, internet (culture and media in general) to not only shape what we think about, but how we think about it. It is a disturbing realization to understand that many of my thoughts are NOT my own, but how many are not my own.. some, many, most?!?! That these thoughts have been covertly planted into my conscious and sub-conscious, and thoughts lead to actions. I’ve returned to this question several times over the past few years. Who am I? It seems at this point the best answer is an amalgamation of all the propaganda and information (much of it false) I’ve consumed since my birth, and much of this ‘data’ is conflicting, which I’m beginning to believe is one of the causes of cognitive dissonance; which is having two or more conflicting beliefs. To the point that my Superego dominates my Ego. I’m fighting to restore my Id, what I believe is my genuine self. But it’s a battle. I’ve become much more aware of these competing forces wrestling within me. So then who I am has been dominated by outside forces, which I do not know, that do not have by best interest at heart, and in many cases are quite malevolent. It is easy to get depressed at the realization that you are not really yourself. But I’m am looking at it this way. There is a more important question than ‘Who am I?’, for that is a question that is directed primarily to the past. It is better to look to the future, for we can all affect change there, and ask ourselves; ‘Who do I want to be?’. We must each answer this question and then make the appropriate changes to be that person.

Folks, we have had a monster of a ‘mind job’ foisted upon us. We have been mind f*cked. That is the appropriate and most accurate term. Over and over and over and over. If we are too overcome the globalist agenda then we must stop consuming their poisonous media that is designed specifically to control us, and it seems destroy us. I have not had a TV for 2.5 years, have not been to a movie in almost 3, have stopped listening to the radio. Cancelled my cell/smart phone in early 2014, do not carry or use one of any kind. Vastly curtailed what I download and watch online, cancelled my Netflix. No it is not easy. The media has been designed to be addictive, just spend some time watching people with their smartphones… it is really disturbing. Standing wherever, staring into the little screen, literally, and I mean literally, oblivious to the world around them. That damn little thing seems to be much more addictive than the TV ever was. The computer and hence the smartphone is a far superior control device than the radio or TV. Maybe one reason why is because it’s all media wrapped into one, and for most, is always ‘with’ the user. Facebook is being used as a social control tool. And a damn effective one. I have never had a Facebook account, even before I really woke I understand the dangerous nature of that tool. Actually that’s incorrect, I understood initially what a great data collection, ie. spying tool it was. It has only been the past two years that I’ve come to understand its weaponized nature in regards to culture manipulation using crowd or herd behavior.

If one chooses to consume mass media then one is bombarded with propaganda, constantly, relentlessly, I recently heard someone call it an ‘assault’, and I concur that is the correct term. The propaganda you recognize is of three types; overtly done and acting as distraction for the covert attack, poorly done, or targeted at an audience uniquely different from you, especially culturally. This is why it is easy to recognize propaganda of other nations. Covert propaganda is just that, covert, it is hidden. Designed to implant an idea that leads to an action in which the target individual(s) believes the thought is their own ‘unique’ creation. Which means one will not recognize properly done covert propaganda. And for the time being, the only way I am certain we can prevent this is to avoid the message all together. I am hoping that the other way is getting back in touch and nurturing our authentic selves, our Id. That if we stop consuming the garbage, start strengthening the Id, that eventually our Id will dominate the Ego, and therefor we will more readily recognize a ‘thought’ that is foreign and not our own. But at this point if the vast majority of a person’s personality is a creation of the culture manipulators machinations, then it will be virtually impossible to recognize a planted thought.

Herd behavior, culture creation, manufacturing consent, reaching consensus, delphi technique, propaganda, advertising, public relations, nonviolent communication (NVC), thought control, idol worship, crowd control, social pressure, group think. These are all references too or types of mind control. We live in a time period when various forms of mind control are being used constantly to control populations. It’s easy to contemplate this in reference to another country; like say North Korea, or Russia, or China. But it is difficult to see it within your own culture. In part because it’s designed so people do not see it (the covert), and because it is interwoven throughout our media, through our ‘entertainment’; movies, TV, radio, books. Also the populace has become accustom to it, the propaganda has been normalized (the overt). The Navy’s commercials, ads with the ‘Global Force for Good’ tagline. This is grossly overt propaganda. The Navy (therefor the military) is good, and hence anywhere they go and anything they do is ultimately good. It’s good to kill brown people (whether mercenaries, militants, a father defending his farm, or innocent women and children, you know ‘collateral damage’) who speak foreign languages in far away lands and follow a different religion. Though rumor has it they believe in the same God… it’s just coincidence that these lands always have lot’s of oil or gas, or border Israel.

We will never overcome the globalist if we do not free our minds and spirits from their machinations. And you can’t free your mind if you keep consuming the content designed specifically to keep you enslaved.

Do you want to be free?


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