The classic Beef Enchilada…

The Enchilada series can best be described as a look inside the workshop of my mind. It is the work-in-progress writings. Some are just passing thoughts, others are quite well thought out. My workshop is both messy and tidy… depending on if my writing is more intellectual in origin or more on the spiritual side. Whether it be the man or the boy. Whether it be the calm peacemaker or the angry fighter. Whether it be the real me, or the created me. Some of what I write surprises me, if that is possible.

But much of it is deeply personal. Since I know that many eyes watch and read what I write that is never posted publicly then I figured I might as well let the public know what runs deep within. If I am too be judged then let me be judged for who I really am… for better or worse. If I am to live the truth then I must be real, for being real is the very essence of being human… and it explains why so much of the world has lost it’s humanity… trying to be something they are not. Being real is not about having all your ducks in a row, or being perfect, or having all the answers, or looking good, or being professional. Being real is admitting our flaws, being real is failing, being real is picking ourselves up when we fall, brushing off the dust and continuing on.

So follows more of my musings. Some are well thought out, others are just passing thoughts and questions. Some of it is edited, but normally lightly so. I sincerely hope it stimulates thought.


Modern Tribal Man – so much of peoples behavior is driven by tribalism, and the controllers are ‘keenly’ aware of this fact and hence use this to manipulate the populace.

I am, and have spent the majority of my life, tribe less. Why? One because I did not like the ‘tribe’ forcing their mores upon me. Whether it be conscious or unconsciously, direct or indirect, official or unofficial. Two, there are always members of the tribe I do not like, and for me joining the tribe means I have to ‘like’ those I do not. Or accept their behavior. Three, because one must identify themselves primarily as part of a particular tribe, and I never felt any particular tribe defined who I was, nor did I want it to.

The above paragraph explains exactly why I did not like the Fraternity I pledged, and why I quit a few months in. Certainly one factor that tipped the scale was a Frat member trying to encourage me to stay by pointing out that when I was a member ‘I’ could haze the pledges. (For the record this Frat’s hazing was nothing compared to some of them, which include debasing oneself, group humiliation, and much much worse). I had no desire to haze (abuse) the pledges.

Traditional tribal man is part of only one tribe their whole lives, or possibly a few. A women might marry into a different tribe, our tribes may join, or one conquer another. But throughout their lives the tribe is very stable and changes very slowly.

So modern persons then spend their lives moving from one tribe to another, or really multiple tribes at one time but with always a dominant tribe. School (especially University, you still find many older adults whose primary identity is the school they went to decades in the past), Work ( , Religion ( , Hobbies. You could say the modern man has tribal confusion, tribal overload, tribal conflict from being members of multiple tribes. The classic being the conflict of Religion and Work (in particular the core concepts of Jehoshua’s message and pursuit of profit)


all control systems come from the oldest system… religion.

So then you can wrap up ancient secrets and the occult as simply mind control techniques.

military training is mind control

Information is the new currency of the 21st century.

Our entire society is fraudulent. The Farmers Market’s are fake, or most of the product is NOT from locally owned personal farms. Greed. Greed. Greed. Let’s monetize everything? What could it hurt if we make Hospitals for-profit organizations? What could it hurt if we make private for-profit prisons? What could it hurt if we make local governments corporations?

A political race is simply people deciding which liar they like best(irregardless of whether or not they’re aware of this fact)… and whomever is ultimately chosen is the person who makes sure the oligarchs plans are implemented, not the implementation of the ‘promises’ they made to the public to get elected.

So the EPA accidentally spills millions of gallons of waste water into the Animas river in Colorado in attempt to reopen the Gold King Mine. It just dawned on me… why was millions of gallons of waste water being stored? What is keeping this ‘waste water’ from seeping from it’s storage? And just how many other caches of millions of gallons of waste water are there in the world?

It’s all about control… of your Spirit.

The difference between intellectual and emotional deception.

2 Races of Humans… those in the know(operate in secret), those unaware

Voyeurs shot out; Where do you start? there are so many organizations spying on our activities. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that the real surprise would be the actual hard number of groups spying upon your internet activity, your smartphone activity, your private life. I’m not sure whether I/we should feel violated or special, or especially violated!

More you research about how the world works, consistently see links to one organization… US Military. Have to remember that in Aug of 1945 arguably the most powerful organization in the world was the US Military, technically this would be the US Army, which at the time included what is now the Air Force, but separate from the US Navy. The only rival at this time to the US Army was the Soviet Army. Today this would be the Department of Defense which includes; Army, Air Force, Navy(Marines), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), National Security Agency (NSA), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), National GeoSpatial-Intelligence Agency, Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), Missile Defense Agency, Military Academy (West Point), Naval Academy (Annapolis), Air Force Academy, US Coast Guard, National Guard, American Red Cross(?), All Military ‘Reserve’ forces, Department Veteran Affairs, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), Pentagon, National Weather Service, National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)

The above listing is but a portion of a much greater whole. Here is a link to every group under the DoD (and this 1st page is just those that start with ‘A’);

The one conspicuously absent agency not listed is the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), well and NASA. But from my own research the activities of the CIA and US Military are so intertwined that imo they are one in the same. The only serious question I have is who controls/influences who. You can basically make the same statement for NASA and DoD as well, except we know the DoD dominates NASA.

The US DoD is officially the World’s Largest Organization with over 2.1 million active ’employees’ and another 1.1 million reserves. The only other Org possibly larger is the Peoples Liberation Army of China.

The ‘?’ for the American Red Cross is not to indicate whether or not it is part of the DoD, it is, but my utter amazement that it is and why? Something about the DoD coming to my door and saying ‘We’re here to help…’ is very disconcerting.

So then the US DoD IS the most powerful Organization in the world. And since it is, then by definition, it is also potentially the most dangerous Org to the rest of the world, and certainly the greatest threat. But if you don’t believe me ask the citizens of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. And literally hundreds of other nations where covert, and therefor illegal, actions were conducted without the consent of the countries Government.

So it literally begs the question, who actually controls the DoD?

A Military is an organization of destruction, and the most powerful organization because their whole existence is about the use of force to control. It is truly sobering to think about just how much power the US DoD has. Just the power of their Intelligence gathering apparatus is staggering. The power and destructive capability of the combined armed forces is tremendous. But lastly, and most frightening of all, is the US nuclear arsenal. Power corrupts… absolute power corrupts absolutely.

War corrupts… war is corruption. And yet we have the War on Terror, War on Poverty,  War on Drugs, the undeclared War on Truth. No wonder the USA is so corrupt.
For War is way to expensive to do it for ‘noble’ reasons. You either start a war to take resources from another that are more valuable than the cost of said war, or you defend yourself from the aggressor. And the cost of winning as the defender is always very high.

Standing armies are always a problem because when one creates an organization, said org usually wants to engage in whatever activity it was designed for. Hence an army, and in particular officers, and even more particular flag officers want war for no other reason that to justify their time investment and their current existence. Even assuming the officers are moral people, they will find a way to justify a war, or be easily persuaded to prosecute a war. The problem is not technically the people, but the Army Organization itself, and the Corporations that profit from selling weapons of war.

It’s not just ‘what’ you believe, it’s ‘why’ you believe it… and if you cannot answer why then what is that belief built upon?

Singing (speech) is spiritual… always spiritual?

An ‘ism’ is simply a small group using an ideology to deceive and then rule the masses.

Mind Control Levels; Individual, Group, Mass

Systems of Control; Religion, Government, Military, Law, Education, Money

Good Org vs Bad Org – maybe a more realistic comparison would be benevolent agenda vs malevolent agenda, or honorable vs perverse. But ultimately there is no good side vs bad side, it really seems to be which is more prevalent in any organization. By this I mean the population of people with good intentions versus the population of people with bad intentions.

Why is the apple better eaten crisp and the pear soft? Why do fools fall in love? Because they’re fools?

The Great American Experiment – is it the individuals experiment, or is the individual an unknowing unwitting participant in someone else’s experiment?

The Root of All Problems – how the infant/child is treated by their parents?

Maybe the most important message that any control system communicates is that of; the individual has no power, and secondarily that they NEED the control system. Both of which are massive lies.

Seriously, real life is much more interesting than any book or movie I’ve ever consumed, and on a whole other level of bizarre, insane, unbelievable.

“The False Self and Excessive Identification with the U.S.A., drew from developmental psychology, explaining that all of us reside somewhere on a continuum from a fully authentic self to a completely false self.” – So this goes inline with my theory of the real me vs the programmed me, the Id vs the Superego, the spiritual vs the intellectual. Empath vs Psychopath?

I heard a interview of James Carville, Clinton’s campaign manager. Who said the way they got support behind Clinton was getting people to dislike him. Reverse psychology. Person or Group A does not like Person or Group B. Group B hates Clinton. Group A finds out and figure if Group B hates Clinton then they probably will like him. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Where did I hear/see this? (I could not find it)

Addictions – every human is addicted to at least 3 things. One addiction must be met constantly, one must be met daily, and the last regularly. If these 3 addictions are not met the human will die. O2, H2O, energy(food).

So our very existence requires addiction. Hmph… interesting. I guess this explains, as least to some degree, why people get addicted to other activities and things. When our ‘life’ addictions are easily met, then by our very nature we become addicted to something(s) else? I have felt for many many years that every person alive is addicted to something, ‘life’ addictions excluded. I might have to rethink that. But certainly most persons are addicted to something. The question is what? And is it healthy, benign, or harmful?

Wolf in sheep’s clothing, wolf is sheepdog’s clothing, wolf in Shepard’s clothing. I guess the only time you’ll find the wolf without it’s disguise is at home and with a gathering of fellow wolves. Actually this isn’t true. I’m sure wolves gather in large #s with their disguises on. The reality is some wolves ALWAYS have their disguise on, they live it.

Are all relationships manipulative? Are all relationships dominant/submissive?


I’m going to be me. I’m not going to let others define who me is. I am going to define who me is.

The war we live is a war for the soul… the spirit. And there are many many… entities who desire to own our souls. But our souls are our own… and if our souls belong to ANY OTHER BEING then it is to the ONE who Created us. But the Creator did not create us to be enslaved to anything or any being, including the Creator. So for those who wish me to be on ‘their’ side… enough. For any ‘side’ is slavery. The Creator made us to be FREE!!! So I ask you to JOIN me in the pursuit of Freedom. Let us all be Free! I can feel it in my bones, I can taste it on my tongue. I can sense it in my spirit. Reject all these false systems of control. No. I say No. I do not submit to your magic of words, whether spoken or written. I do not submit to your religions in ALL their various forms. I reject your poisonous money. I will not be constrained by your laws. I WILL HAVE A FREE SPIRIT!!!!!

I offer freedom. I offer unconditional love. I offer forgiveness. Cast off the worries of the world. Wealth does not bring happiness or contentment.


You can be free. There is no ‘point of no return’. Though many have been tricked into believing this. I cannot promise that your physical life will remain safe… but I can guarantee that your spiritual self will be. And that is what we are, and that is what remains after the physical chapter is over.

I could rail. I could swear. But ultimately… I feel pity and sympathy for those who spend their lives spying on others. It’s a sad existence. And you can stop. I don’t have anything to hide, but it’s still NONE of your FUCKING BUSINESS whether I do or not. Ok.. I did swear.

I’m close to calling you all out. I do not fear for my life. Take that which is meant for ill, and turn it into something good. But I do not want revenge. I mean no harm. But make no mistake I will defend myself with every fiber in my being. And I will unleash the beast in my and innocents defense. What side are YOU on?!?!? You better mull on that question very deeply. It’s not about ‘which side do I think is going to win’ because NO ONE knows that, for better or worse the victor is still very much ‘up in the air’. No the decision is what kind of person am I? What am I about?

Can you be redeemed? Yes. But I will readily admit it will be VERY difficult for me personally to forgive many of the transgressions. Especially in regards to the harm of innocents. But if I, if you, if we cannot forgive then we will ultimately be consumed by the very evil we fight. Remember, in the equation of the wrongdoer seeking forgiveness from the wronged, the most difficult action is not of the wrongdoer seeking redemption but of the wronged granting forgiveness. For ultimately the most enslaved of a wrong, is the wronged, and the only way for the wronged to be free is to fully forgive the wrongdoer.

Note: This does NOT mean one continues to allow the wrongdoer to harm, nor does it mean that the wrongdoer is absolved of earthly ramifications. If the wrongdoer will not stop then one must remove themselves from the situation, and by whatever means necessary. Forgiveness is a spiritual act.

Our culture has become toxic. Our minds and spirits have been poisoned by people we do not know. Are you satisfied that your thoughts and opinions have been created by someone else? Are you glad you’ve been manipulated your entire life by persons that you have no idea who they are? Do you want to be free? A question you must answer for yourself. For those who answer yes then; turn off that mind numbing TV, stop listening to that culture creating music, stop watching that XXX that is ruining your mind, body, and spirit. Be still and know. Quiet your heart and your mind. Relax. Listen. Just be.


I am sick of the fucking theater. I am sick of all the actors. People’s spirits are so suppressed, they literally have no idea who they are. It is so difficult to break the numerous spells we are under. But if we are to free the Id then we must… destroy the Superego? If that is so then bring on the destruction…

Ripley: I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

I agree, let’s nuke it… it is the only way to be sure.

And I suspect that the nuke in question is the LOVE of the Creator. A spiritual nuke. It makes sense, we are in a spiritual ‘war’… and time is short.

Dial it up to ’11’ and set off the Megaton nuke!

It’s time to lead. Tip of the spear. But my first offer will always be peace. If violence is what you want then the spearhead you shall get, and a good part of the shaft (just to be sure)! Choose wisely.


That people do not ‘talk’ to one another is the a goal. Texting supplants voice call. People…

Spellbound vs possessed – we are all spellbound, this is the nature of language and music. If we listen and believe a lie we become spellbound by that lie. Possessed, that requires a significant amount of energy and focus from an individual(s) that must be sustained in order to maintain control? See MK ULTRA; direct mind control, so as the target is essentially a puppet and is being controlled by another.

The lie binds and the truth frees. So the lie is a creation of a spell, leaving the hearer ‘spellbound’, the truth breaks the spell.

If I admit that which I worship; (Religion, Govt, media/sports personalities, corporations, ANY system of control) is evil/broken/corrupt/fixed… then I’ll have a nervous breakdown. This is not true. It is difficult to let go of your security blanket. You must learn to trust in yourself.

The goal of capitalism is monopoly. The goal is MAXIMIZATION of profits. The only way to achieve maximization is monopoly.

The crazier the world gets, the more sane I become.

Psychopathy is a direct result of generational inbreeding?!?!?


Current operating psyop/propaganda campaigns;

Gun control – elimination of gun ownership of everyone… which then = overt tyranny
Vaccinations – two prong, deny the evidence of vaccination damage/death, mandatory and regular vaccinations for everyone (which btw forced vaccinations is also correctly identified as ‘assault’)
Climate change – two prong, hide the disastrous affects of climate engineering, promote 1 World Govt
Homosexuality – multi prong, not only to promote the acceptance of homosexuality but the actual creation of homosexuals from un-traumatized males/females(gender confusion), this also ties in with population reduction
Racism – divide and conquer, race baiting, creating racial discord to redirect their anger towards each other
Immigration/Refugee – ties in with Racism, but it also is about crashing cultures together to weaken them
War on Drugs – create demand for drugs, especially among teenagers
War on Terror – is actually the War OF Terror, designed to keep the populace in fear, justify wars of aggression, create enemies of the state, keep nations in chaos, capture resources (in particular oil and gold)

Religion is probably the most powerful tool for teaching self deception. Self deception conditioning. I would assume it is much easier to deceive one who actively self deceives.


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