The unconscious conscious…

Awake but still asleep,
Aware but still ignorant,
Seeing but still blind,
Free but still enslaved.

A small number are conscious of the fake reality we live within, but unconscious to the truth. Most today are barely conscious of their immediate surroundings, let alone of the cavalcade of events happening worldwide. Which is one of the purposes of mass media and especially the computer/smartphone. To keep the individuals ‘conscious’ as small as possible. That when one ventures out to ‘expand’ their consciousness that probe is discouraged, blocked, misdirected, redirected and if all these fail then led into a cul-de-sac of partial truth. To keep the conscious as unconscious as possible… the unconscious conscious. This is the reality of the world we live in. The ‘awakening’ that some claim is happening is currently stillborn. For most do not have the wherewithal to pursue the truth to it’s ultimate conclusion. A partial awakening does no good if the individual ends up stuck in a cul-de-sac of limited truth. And in fact this position is especially dangerous if the individual believes themselves to be fully awake, when at best they are only just barely. For these persons are easy prey for the various wolves in sheep’s clothing (WISC). Pride and arrogance are so easily exploited.

I have heard said that we are in a ‘war of consciousness’, I now fully understand and agree with that statement. Anyone who is reading this has been born into this ‘war’. A war that most are unaware of for their entire lives, and sadly many die in, fighting for causes and reasons that are mere facades of the ugly reality. A war for the minds and spirits of EVERY human on the planet Earth. A physical and spiritual war.

Full consciousness only happens when one is fully immersed in the truth. And pursuit of the truth is a perilous journey within a world built and dependent on deception. The truth cannot be gained unless the ego is sacrificed. There is a great cost to the pursuit of truth. There can be no sacred cows. Everything must be tested in the crucible of fire. But ultimately one must go beyond seeking and speaking the truth, one must live the truth in order to come to a complete understanding of the truth. There are powerful forces whose only purpose is to prevent us from discovering the truth. Many many many dead ends, false truths, false teachers, WISC. The truth is the enemy of all those who benefit from deception, and therefor those who pursue, speak, and live the truth will have many enemies. Enemies who are blind with greed, control, power. Enemies whose tools are deception, subversion, character assassination, sabotage, and murder in it’s various forms; accidents (deliberate), mysterious/sudden illnesses (poisoning), suicided (murder made to look like suicide or reported as suicide), homicide, and of course old school assassination.

We’re are all on the continuum of Truth to Deception. Frankly I’m not sure if it’s possible to know where one exactly is on this continuum. But we must remember that the goal of our adversaries is to keep us as deeply on the Deception side as possible. So then how do we free ourselves from this seemingly infinite web of deceit? Well, certainly one step is to stop consuming falsehoods. So in a nutshell stop consuming media. Certainly all video forms, and audio as well. It’s so rife with deceit, trying to sift the the truth out is exhausting and exasperating. Another step is understanding the different techniques of deceit. The below is by no means a complete list but it is a good starting place.

WISC – “two sides of the same coin, do as I say not as I do…” It is very easy to be deceived by WISC because you accept their ‘fake’ persona. They use the fake persona to gain trust, once trust is gained then the guard comes down and the wolf can stroll right into pen. WISC are not easy to spot, unlike many of the images of WISC which portrays them as obvious WISC, the whole point of WISC is to where a costume (clothes, manners, speech) that persuades the target that they are one of ‘them’. Two of the WISC main tools are the use of truth, and the acknowledgement of the deceptions of others. These are critical strategies in gaining trust. WISC also applies to entities as well. Any group, club, business, foundation, organization can be a WISC. The CIA calls them ‘front’ companies. These can be created from scratch, or have an smaller ‘secret’ organization within the larger ‘legit’ organization.

Lifetime Actors – “all the worlds a stage, and we are merely players…” the person whose life is nothing but deceit. They live it, breath it, 24/7/365. The only time they will tell the truth is if it helps with their deception. This WISC is very difficult to spot, for since they live it, since their disguise is ‘always’ on, then their appearance to us is normal. They are masters at the art of deception. It is their craft, their skill. It is their livelihood. Speaking from experience, is it difficult for generally honest people to grasp the depth of which WISC will go into deception. How committed, how easily, how frequently the WISC deceives. It is not just just telling lies, it is the art of deception. It is a full commitment, it is a lifestyle. The lifetime actor can’t believe how foolish one is to be genuinely honest.

Infiltration/Subversion – “if you can’t beat them join them…” One of the primary roles of the WISC is infiltration, and then once accepted into the group/organization subversion. This is one of the oldest tactics used, destroy from within. Poison the well, and the whole community is affected. Normally this is part of the long game, especially as the organizations get larger. Ultimately every organization, regardless of it’s origin, is infiltrated. Ultimately every organization, regardless of it’s origin, is infiltrated. I repeated that sentence intentionally. This means it is impossible to prevent I/S. And this is why an organization or organized movement will NEVER be the answer to our ills. The best recent known examples of I/S is the Occupy and Tea Party movements. From what I have read and from actual people involved they believe they were genuine grass roots movement that were I/S.

Controlled Opposition – “if you control both sides of a game, then you never can lose…” at some point in the game of control the manipulators realized that there is an easier answer to I/S. If you expect that your actions will create a reaction, and since we know every action has an opposite and equal reaction, then the best way to limit the damage of the reaction is to create it and control it yourself. In this way you don’t have to keep a watch out for opposition or make the investment in I/S. Create the opposition yourself, draw in the angered, frustrated, disenfranchised and it is easy to diffuse and control their emotional outburst. I don’t believe today, that most appreciate how frequently this tactic is used. And based on that, I would first assume that the Occupy and Tea Party movements were CO, until proven otherwise. I just remind myself that the manipulators want to control EVERYTHING, therefore CO is a standard tool in the toolbox.

Distraction – “bread and circuses…” confuse, obfuscate, demonize, marginalize, ridicule. All used to distract the curious from the truth. The vast majority of mass media is nothing but distraction. Anything will do, and the list of ‘anythings’ used to distract is practically endless. Keep ’em fed and keep ’em happy and they’ll never notice the chains that bind them. I consider Distraction to be the first line of defense. Either distract them from ever even thinking about their false reality, or distract from investigating, or distract them while investigating. We literally live within a world of distraction. The suppression of curiosity goes hand in hand with distraction.

Limited Hangout – “out of the frying pan, and into the fire….” also known as damage control. When a deception had been revealed, when distraction fails, then the next strategy is to lead them into a new deception, and normally this involves the partial revelation of a truth(s). Or make sure the person gets stuck at the next level or layer of deception. Many many people who awaken to the deception; of a system, religion, false flag, organization and leave it, quickly fall into another deception, or worse fall into even deeper deception. There is no more vulnerable time then when one awakens to a deception and abandons it. It is a time of confusion and loneliness, of anger and frustration, of doubt and uncertainty. A most vulnerable time, when WISC will swoop in to lead one into another trap of deception. The WISC primary weapon is using truth as bait to lead their victim(s) into a different web of deceit. I had some folks at a JFK conference tell me; “yes elements within the USGovt had killed Kennedy but it was for the good of the nation…” ahh, the mixing of a truth with a lie is a most powerful cocktail.

The revelation of the deception does not automatically equate to the revelation of the truth, it just means the deception is known. Many events (false flags) have been proven to be false, but we still are unable to prove exactly the who/what/where/when, why and how. The revelation of a truth however always then exposes the deception. The Iran/Contra affair would either be completely unknown, or considered a conspiracy theory, if not for a small Lebanese newspaper who broke the story. Even though it was well known in Washington and the US press at the time. And even still, we still do not know the ‘full’ story. The Iran/Contra affair is an excellent event to help people in denial, be forced to ‘see’ the dirty and bizarre dealings of individuals within the USGovt. Oh, one more small detail about Iran/Contra, part of the shenanigans was Israel smuggling US weapons to Iran… wait what?!?! I’m confused, who is the enemy again? I thought the Iranians dream of nothing else but the destruction of Israel… or maybe I have that backwards? Who is the great Satan again?

Secret Societies – “Skull & Bones, Rosicrucian, John Birch, Pilgrims, Jesuits, Freemasons…” a lone WISC, a lone psychopath are dangerous but can be dealt with. But an organization run by WISC or psychopaths, or an organization comprised mostly of WISC or psychopaths. That’s a whole different ball game. And ultimately that is what SS are. They’re not secret for shits and giggles. They’re secret to keep their plans concealed, and their plans are concealed because they are illegal, immoral, and if fully known people would revolt. It is SS who use the above tools of WISC, I/S, CO, LH to control large parts of societies. It is the organized SS who have been able to implement long term plans over decades and generations. I’m a confident you could make a solid argument that our current world conflicts are really wars of secret societies. SS and the occult are intertwined, for the occult is simply that which is hidden and SS are all about staying hidden. And even those SS who start out with ‘good intentions’ will inevitably be poisoned by the occult. But ultimately the secrets of the occult are nothing special or mysterious. They are simply the understanding of how the different systems of control work, the different methods of mind manipulation, and the various tools of deception. But a SS is an organization, which means it too can be I/S. Also it means that a very small number of people control the organization.

Unwitting/Unknowing Persons – “the blind leading the blind…” but for who is the most convincing liar of all? Why the person who bought a lie and then repeats it with full conviction, earnestness, and forthrightness. The person who quite possibly will sacrifice their life defending a ideology, belief, religion that is built upon a foundation of falsehood. There is not a better ‘evangelist’ than the completely deceived. It is this person who proves just how powerful deception is, how quickly it can be spread, how hard it can be to avoid being deceived. The manipulators love the unwitting fool, for that is what they think of them. They cater to their pride, and stroke their ego. Keep spreading that lie my unknowing tool.

Thought Control – “deception conditioning, propaganda, group think…”  – ultimately the war of deception is a battle for the mind, and the primary weapon today is the mass media; print, radio, video and the power combo of all three; the Internet. The media is nothing but deception? The truth is only spoken when it strengthens a lie? The video puts the brain into the alpha, or low brain wave state, which is a hypnotic state. The activity of the brain switches from the left to the right side, which causes endorphins or natural opiates to be released. The higher brain activity shuts down, the lower limbic or reactive state takes over. The TV and radio are mind control devices. Oh, and being aware of this does NOT make you somehow magically immune to their influence. There are many techniques used with video/audio to entrance the viewer/listener… and many on the subliminal and subconscious level. The TV is deception conditioning. When 99% of what you know is either a falsehood or a partial truth then the truth becomes a strange thing indeed. Music is a powerful and ancient tool of control, do not underestimate it’s influence, and remember the music industry is tightly controlled… but by whom? Propaganda is the placement of a thought/idea within the targets mind without them realizing it and believing the thought/idea is of their own creation, the very definition of thought control. Group think or crowd behavior, the individual loses it’s identity within the herd and then follows the herd. So then whomever controls the herd… controls the individual(s) within it. The internet is a FANTASTIC tool in exploiting the herd behavior within individuals… also called ‘Social Media’. Think of the Internet as a system of mass control at the individual level.

We are deep into the game folks… very deep. The dark forces are now revealing themselves openly. The alternative media is just that… and ‘alternative’ to the mass media. Don’t forget about the power and influence of controlled opposition, limited hangouts, and infiltration/subversion. All these are playing out in the alternative/truth media. We must all begin to trust in ourselves. To think instead of react.

The manipulators have a unprecedented amount of information and control today. The microprocessor and the networked electronic device have revolutionized their control systems. We are all being surveilled 24/7 by many many different types of surveillance and organizations, from local to international.  Do not assume your encrypted traffic is safe. By encrypting you are also signaling and the NSA has 1000’s of people who work everyday to break/circumvent/infiltrate encryption systems. And that is just one such organization.

Snowden’s revelations have been quite simplistic. Only a tiny fraction of what Snowden captured has been released. And it has all been quite ordinary, and in fact just evidence of what NSA whistle blowers Tice, Binney, and Drake had previously revealed. NSA capturing and recording every electronic communication? There is nothing technically difficult about obtaining this data, the logistics of storing and turning this data into information… that’s a different kettle of fish. None of the new/invasive/scary tech has been revealed. The most interesting piece I’ve found is the ability to read a computer’s memory/screen without being connected to a network, or air gapped (which is pretty damn sobering). But again this was not ‘new’ information. And what happen to Greenwald and the Intecept? What great revelations have come from that combo since it’s creation? Another supposed ‘truther’ bribed into silence?

It is a war of consciousness, the goal is keep the populace as unconscious as possible, and to distract, to box (limited hangout), to misdirect (drugs, religions) the conscious of those who seek to awaken. We live in an world of mind boggling deception, both in quantity, scale, and sheer audacity. I wish there was some way I could emphasize that point more. There is a % of the world’s population who live lives of deception, and they work with others of the same mind to dominate, to get rich, to control the rest of the world’s population. These people manipulate others through deception, mind control, bribery, blackmail to do their bidding.

It is a war of consciousness, to keep people unconscious of their spiritual selves. We are already enslaved, the question for you the individual is just how enslaved are you, and what level of awareness are you at concerning your enslavement? What is your level of consciousness about your enslavement?

The influence of the TV goes farther than what I mentioned already. And it is not the TV per se, it is video in any form. The brain goes into a lower active level regardless of what you are looking at from a image made of light, whether it be projected, CRT, LCD, or LED. Whether it be a normal moving images, an interview, or just reading plain text. Again I want to repeat what I just wrote… ‘just reading plain text’. I had to dwell on this for a few minutes, what does this mean on a practical level? So therefor a light emitting screen like say a computer monitor, or tablet, or smartphone, or E-Reader, or HDTV all put our brains into a lower activity level…, into a reception only mode. Now I understand why some writers refuse to use a computer. Oh, and there actually is a tangible ‘difference’ between reading a real book and using an E-Reader.

So then the networked computer (in whatever form; PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) is the ultimate control device. Not only does it allow mass control at the individual level, but it have provided the manipulators with a literal goldmine of information on EACH individual; through your browsing, cookie history, emails, text/call history, debit/credit card purchases, social media sites. That those who have this information know you better than your best friend, or your family. If you have a smartphone then they also know where your are 24/7 and have a microphone/camera that can be remotely activated to ‘monitor’ your activities. And therefor know EXACTLY how best to manipulate you. Why have the manipulators allowed the free flow of ‘evidence’ that proves their machinations to continue on the Internet? Because the data gathered and the control exerted are more valuable than the damage done by the ‘leakage’ of truth.

Drugs plus audio/video are therefor a very deadly duo, whether they be prescription or illegal (including marijuana). Drugs do not awaken you, they just shift your consciousness to a different position or level, to a much more suggestible or controllable position.  They allow you to see the lies of the consciousness created for the masses, but fail to show the deception within the new level of consciousness the individual is in. So insidious. So most then think they are illumined when in fact they have now become more deceived in large part because they believe they are less deceived. One of the great deceptions within the movie ‘The Matrix’ is the red pill, blue pill choice. You do not awaken by taking a pill (drug), you are dragged farther into the abyss. You awaken by stop consuming deception, you awaken by stop ingesting substances that shift, block, dull your consciousness, you awaken by exiting from the Matrix so that it’s influences are no longer assaulting your mind, body, and spirit.

The ultimate unconscious conscious has been playing out on the TV and movies for years… the Zombie. Just awake enough to move and know it needs sustenance. Just awake enough to keep consuming… consuming the toxic garbage that controlling its mind, enslaving its spirit, and destroying its body. The manipulators keep preaching/selling/saying they’re helping you while their actually destroying you… which is much easier to do with a populace of zombies… of unconscious conscious.

I’m no Luddite, but it would appear that the light emitting image projector is simply not neutral. Regardless of what the image is, it puts our brains into a unhealthy state. Seems counter intuitive to use a tool that limits our consciousness to help free it? It leaves me personally in a dilemma of sorts… though ultimately I know what the answer is.

Conscious but unconscious,
Awake but still asleep,
Aware but still ignorant,
Seeing but still blind,
Free but still enslaved.

We live in historic times… and dangerous times. Please be careful all. Love everyone, trust no one.


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