Waking up is hard to do….

I know that the penultimate waking experience for me was Loose Change’s 9/11 documentary, which I stumbled upon in 2007 through the website Reddit. But looking back I was exposed to numerous materials that ‘could’ have woken me up. I read ‘1984’ and ‘Brave New World’ in High School. I saw the movie ‘Brazil’ when it came out. I watched ‘They Live’ in college and thought it was bad. I watched ‘The Matrix’ when it hit the DVD shelf, and loved it. Around 2000 I distinctly remember having the realization that Goldman Sachs was a criminal organization, that all they did to ‘create value’ was steal from others. I am certain at some point in the early 00’s I was convinced that Kennedy was killed by elements within the Government. In 2006 I stumbled upon what must have been Peter Schiff’s proclamation of the coming housing crisis using facts and historic data, in particular the Case-Schiller report. Of course the MSM was laughing at this. I am sure there are many many more materials that I was exposed to before 2007 that could have woken me up… but I did not. I wonder why?

From 2007 until today I have gone through a series of further awakenings. Many of them traumatic, to the point that spiritually I curled up in the fetal position and wept, and in hindsight it probably would have been therapeutic to have done it physically as well. It hurt, it was disturbing, it was terrifying… there is a very dark world out there. Now I will admit I was naive, in large part because my parents were, and also because I grew up never lacking for anything. I’m sure a person who hunger was a regular reality, or were abused, as a child had a much easier time waking up to the ‘reality’ of the world we live in. But for someone who grew up in a protective bubble, it’s been difficult. As for the trauma of it, I’m empathic which means I’m emotionally and spiritually sensitive, so I can only assume this means it cuts me deeper when discovering ‘another’ ugly truth.

Today I am positive that one primary reason I awoken is that I am insatiably curious. I need to learn, I need to know how things work, I want to know why, I want to know the facts, often called the ‘Truth’. This goes back to my childhood, I tore apart my toys to see how they worked, unfortunately most toys are not designed to be taken apart and put back together. I got in trouble for this as a child, but my curiosity was so strong that I continued to do it anyway knowing full well the consequences. If my curiosity had been squashed, which btw is one of the primary purposes of Public Education, I doubt I would be writing this today.

But why did it take me until I was 39 to start to wake up, and in particular why if I was so curious? There are several factors why humans either do not see or choose not to acknowledge the truth.

Conditioning/Programming – as previously stated I was exposed to much media revealing the truth of the world we live in but yet did not ‘see’ it. I attribute this directly to the conditioning or programming that I and anyone else, in a first world country who went to a organized school or regularly viewed/listened to mass media, was exposed to. For certainly one primary purpose of school and mass media is to ensure that we ‘don’t’ see the reality of the world we live in. We have been trained to not question what we are told by authorities or experts. We have been trained to react to key words. And this reaction is usually emotional and derails or circumvents thinking, and in particular critical thinking. Words like; terror, patriot, Muslim, politician, lone wolf, vaccination, conspiracy theory, 9/11, Al Qaeda, ISIL, suicide. We’ve been trained not to think, or more accurately not to think critically, logically. We’ve been trained to ‘believe’ the professional/teacher/scientist/doctor. The ‘experts’ would not lie to you… would they? We’ve been trained to consume, not think… after all aren’t we all just consumers? They create the ‘problem’, manipulate our ‘reaction’, and provide the ‘solution’. The reality is that you and every one you know has been subjected to a constant stream of propaganda from the moment they could comprehend what was being communicated. We’ve been lulled into a semi-conscious state. Are eyes are open but we only see through a glass dimly. We hear but do not fully comprehend. We think but at a fraction of our capability. We cannot ‘see’ because a tremendous amount of effort has been expended to keep us blind.

Crowd Behavior – the individual wants to be part of the herd, this is instinctive, it is for safety. So if the crowd is deceived and an individual learns the truth. Then the individual risks rejection of the crowd by believing something different. This is a very strong motivator for many. Because of this in particular we have a portion of the crowd who ‘believe’ something different from the crowd but do not talk about it or admit it.

Arrogance – one interesting behavior I’ve seen many times is the attitude or belief from some that because of their education level, or because of their ‘intelligence’, that they are too smart to be deceived. Which actually means they are deeply deceived. There is no such thing as being too smart to be deceived.

Reluctance to Change – for many this is the ultimate block. Many times learning the truth requires a serious life change. Well maybe the better way to state that is one is forced to contemplate a life change. And for many this is too difficult. They like their routine. The are comfortable in their maladjusted worldview. So for some that may actually comprehend the difference between the official narrative and the truth, and recognize the truth for what it is, but will continue to live the official narrative because they do not want to change.

Emotional Trauma – certainly another reason that people reject the truth is emotion based. In particular if one’s whole life revolves around a false narrative, it can be devastating to admit that in many ways their whole life is a lie. Anger, shame, frustration, embarrassment, uncertainty, fear. All very real and normal reactions to learning the truth. And very real reasons to reject the truth. Actually this one in particular reminds myself that we need to be careful when revealing the truth. For it truly can be a genuine traumatic experience for many. Real actual trauma.

I recently watched a short video clip of 2-3 people watching/filming 9/11 as it happened, the clips starts with one tower smoking, the group discussing what happened. Then people start jumping from the tower, and they are questioning if that is what they are seeing (the group was far away from the tower), one says ‘maybe it’s furniture or something else’. Then the second tower is hit. And the group freaks out, panics, and leaves. I’m assuming intending on leaving Manhattan. The fear was palpable in that video. The trauma was real. I felt it reacting to their reactions. I’m not sure that the trauma of the event itself is that much different from when one learns for the first time that the official 9/11 narrative is impossible and the only way for it to have occurred is for persons within the US Govt to assist in it’s execution. Waking up to the truth is traumatic for most.

Fear – possibly the most powerful motivator of humans. A tool used regularly by the MSM to manipulate the masses. In fact fear is a cornerstone of our programming/conditioning. So it should be no surprise that they use fear to deceive and then use fear to block people from the truth. And of all the emotional traumas fear is the one that stops the most from admitting the truth. Something to keep in mind when helping to awaken others.

After writing this I must conclude that my major block was just how deeply deceived I was, the programming and conditioning cloaked my senses. I so fully accepted the official narrative that I could not consider an alternative. Possibly the reality of my son’s condition (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) destroyed the bubble of illusion I was in. This coupled with my unquenched curiosity finally removed the scale from my eyes. But it has been a long process, 8 years running.

We are under many layers of deception. Never assume you are fully awake. Never stop seeking the truth.

Francis Shure, M.A. L.P.C. psychologist and one who rejects the official story of 9/11 has an outstanding series of articles titled; ‘Why Do Good People Become Silent—or Worse—About 9/11?’ found at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth). Highly recommended to anyone seeking further as to why people deny the truth.

The following page has links to all 18 current articles; TX911Truth-Psychology

Note: This article feels a bit disjointed to me, having a hard time focusing/completing thoughts again. But felt it was necessary to post it regardless. Also my apologies for not linking the 9/11 video. I cannot locate it. It is short, 3.5 minutes or so. A young girl is filming from inside a high rise building. I believe there are also two other people with her, another girl and a male. It ends with them getting on an elevator. If I find it I will link it.


5 thoughts on “Waking up is hard to do….

  1. An excellent recording and sharing the experience of “waking up.” I went through, and am still going through, something similar. And with each level of truth that I attain to comes the next revelation, knocking be back to what you describe as a spiritual fetal position. I think the word “spiritual” explains a lot. I believe that as men become more aware of the holiness of God, the evil of the world, and the evil in their own hearts, is illuminated all the more. The extent of evil. The depth of evil. And the very rule or evil in this world. I think your reaction and my reaction are healthy and normal, if there is any good in man and he has his eyes opened to the real world around us.

    My own real struggle is to more and more rest in the sovereignty of God. To more and more come to grips with my own sinfulness, and to more and taste of and rejoice in Jesus Christ. Not to save me from the world. But to save me from myself. And it’s a struggle as I strive to be a citizen of the Kingdom of God, while living in the Kingdom of Man. It is a struggle between the sinful man that still is my flesh, and the man of God given birth by God. I don’t like the struggle, frankly. Sometimes I confess that it, too, sends me into a spiritual fetal position.

    That’s my big focus these days–God’s sovereignty. Knowing and believing that his is the Creator, is all powerful, and has ordained all that comes to pass and will come to pass. WHEN I grasp that (and I fail often) it is a most wonderful medicine to my soul.

    I will be praying for your son. And for you and your family as I know that something like MD affects all of you deeply and profoundly.

    Thanks for your great writing.

  2. Great article: “Waking up is hard to do”….By Kevin Scott King

    WAKING UP MOST ASSUREDLY IS DIFFICULT TO DO! And, I think I’ve figured out WHY waking up is SO difficult for the average American to do. 1) Americans aren’t taught the ECONOMIC HISTORY of the United States, especially, in regards to “Bank of the United States” (from 1791 to 1811, as well as from 1816 to 1836) let alone the true nature of the so-called “Federal” “Reserve”. Also, 2) MOST average Americans simply don’t know much (at all) about HISTORY – not just American History, but the History of Western Civilization, beginning in ancient Sumeria. Also, due to this lack of a real education in the History of the West, and in the Economic History of the United States (as well as the History of the Rothschild Family, and their agents in the U.S., like JP Morgan, and JD Rockefeller, among others, like Jacob Schiff, and Paul Warburg, etc.)

    Mr. King – I, too, began the process of waking up, in 2002, at the age of 40. I, too, had read Orwell’s 1984, as well as Huxley’s Brave New World, and I too had seen the movie Brazil, when it first came out. I had NOT seen “They Live” – but, it probably wouldn’t have made any difference. I didn’t begin to TRULY awaken, until I began to get an ECONOMIC EDUCATION – which began around 2000/2001 with the PBS radio coverage of the ENRON, WORLDCOM, and Arthur Andersen financial/accounting scandals. I marveled at the sheer (brazen) audacity, and the level of the fraud, that was involved. I heard a story of how one man had worked hard for decades at ENRON, & had earned approximately $1 Million, in retirement savings/investments (at ENRON), I believe it was, and when the ENRON executives’ con-game reached its final conclusion, this man was DEVASTATED – as his savings/investments had evaporated from $1 Million down to $10,000.00 THAT man had EVERYTHING he worked his ENTIRE LIFE FOR, STOLEN FROM HIM, and none of it was ever returned to him.

    In the early 00’s, I recall watching a FRONTLINE documentary about the 2000 Presidential “Election”, in which they showed how the Republicans had basically STOLEN that “election” using rather criminal (unconstitutional) tactics. In 2002, I read David Icke’s book CHILDREN OF THE MATRIX, and from that point on, I was fully on the path to awakening. When George W. Bush “won” the Presidential “Election” (again) in 2004, my awakening picked up speed, especially when I found out, that the 2004 “election” had been stolen, just as had the 2000 “election”. By the end of 2008, with the Banker Bailouts, I had pretty well figured out that the Western International Central Bankers were at the CENTER of what ails Humanity. The last time I “voted” was in 2004. By the end of 2008, I was cured of the urge to “vote”. (I have spent the period from 2009 right up to today, trying to awaken friends and family with whom I have (at least some) influence. I’ve also used the Internet to place critical information online, in order that it be available/accessible to as many people as possible. THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET!) Ultimately, average Americans will ONLY wake up, if they are sufficiently motivated somehow, someway, to begin to SERIOUSLY QUESTION WHY THE WORLD (ESPECIALLY THE WORLD ECONOMY) IS SO SCREWED UP. Turns out, its ALL BY DESIGN.

  3. fantastic article. I feel like I read my own thoughts here.

    To be honest. I am tired. I have given up on our society. After going through the 5 stages of grief and hanging around in depression for years, I finally swallowed the truth and accept that we are slaves in this system. It hopeless that people wake up in mass because their way of life, their paychecks, everything they understand about this world depends on the grand illusions and lies.

    We are not in control of our futures as far as finances, politics, diet, education, etc. The evil that controls this world has their hands on red buttons and launch codes all over the world. They are ready and willing to destroy us all if they are ever threatened. There is nowhere to hide, nowhere to run. If you like air conditioning, easy food, fuel, electronic banking, and electricity, then you are forced to submit/comply with this evil system.

    After waking up in 2006/2007 I was determined to help others see what I had discovered (3rd stage of grief = bartering/pandering). I lost a lot of friends. I was not speaking with my family, my mother died, and i wondered to myself: Was it worth it? Trying to wake up others? How much time and effort was i spending on this? Why continue? They want to be asleep. It’s a much easier life.

    Even though much of 911 can be explained by science…amerikcans still hate brown people and justify the deaths of millions all for war profits, cheap oil, and debt.

    Even though our rigged markets can be explained by mathematics…people still buy stocks

    Even though our political corruption can be explained with a simple investigative narrative…people still vote.

    Even though we know that our banks are fking us…we still use debit cards.

    Even though we know that corporations are manufacturing food which is genetically modified and processing our food with cardboard like material, we sill buy fruit loops.

    Even though our future can be explained by studying history…somehow this time it’s different and history does not apply to our future.

    So every day I go build the pyramids for our masters. Its lonesome, its depressing, but there is hope. There is a realm which evil can’t contaminate. A spiritual awakening has kept me alive in this enslavement.

    The Lord Jesus Christ was not a regular part of my life until I discovered the truth about Christ and what he has done for us, how much he cares for us, how he wants you to leave this evil of this world and find freedom, joy, and glory through him. The same elements he fought against in his day (corrupt govts, banksters, etc..) are the same elements we are fighting against today.

  4. Thank you Mike R, timetowakeup, and BUZZ for your well thought out comments.

    It is obvious we all share similar feelings about our current situation. It’s a bloody mess out there… and that’s a gross understatement. I’ve spent a lot of time being very distressed about it. But eventually you realize this does you or anyone else no good. We are in a spiritual war, and for most of us our spirits are weak… and as was stated; ALL BY DESIGN. So we must reconnect with our spiritual selves. And in order to do that we need to reconnect with the Creator. Unplug and deprogram from the Matrix.

    I am not afraid. I know there is always a way to overcome. The challenge is to find the solution and then act on it.

  5. Some of the best commentary that I have read anywhere concerning the loss of innocence and cognitive and emotional processes that come along with “waking up.” It really helps when I read through the experiences of others and realize that I am not alone.

    Perhaps a lot of us find ourselves caught between what was (a dumb but semi-content existence in the matrix) and the pain and discomfort that comes when one becomes increasingly aware. We share the outrage–the desire to see justice done. We share the frustration of having others, still mind-dumb human batteries in the Matrix, respond to our efforts to free them by seeing us as strange, conspiracy theorists, or even troublemakers. And it would be so much more tolerable if the process of waking up was limited in time, but it seems to be like hiking in the mountains–you reach the crest of the range in front of you only to find that another, higher range is now in view, yet to be conquered.

    Kevn, I think you are right to point out that being distressed is not helpful. Rather, we need to plug into the Creator. He has everything under control. He is surprised by none of this, indeed his ordains it. I find myself going back to the simplest words (and maybe therefore most difficult to absorb) of Jesus–Matthew 6: 25 “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life …”

    Of course, it is not a mechanical switch that can be toggled and all worry goes away, forever. No, our sinful hearts refuse to fully believe him. All I find I can do is confess my sin of unbelief and ask for his mercy . .. remind myself of my identity, and use those things he has provided for my sustenance–gathering with the assembly of the saint to worship on the Lord’s Day–to actually enter into the spiritual presence of God. Sit under the preaching of the Word. Taking the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. He’s given us these things for our strengthening and our encouragement.

    I’m starting, just starting, to grasp a great truth. For those that are trusting in Christ, our struggle is not to find some way to overcome the Matrix in the power of ourselves or by constructing human institutions, seeing justice done, or fixing what is wrong with the world. We are experiencing the very thing that God has ordained for Christians–the struggle of sanctification. We are torn between the spiritual man inside and the man of flesh. We struggle to balance our dual citizenships in the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Man. Surely there will be no final peace or rest this side of heaven. There could be, theoretically. We could, if we were not sinful souls, fully accept and believe God’s promises. We could, if we were not plagued by our sinful flesh, rest in that reality, now.

    May we all rest more and more in Christ!

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