Will the real Jesus please stand up…? Part 2 of 2

At the end of Part 1 I identify that I believe we live in a world of mass deception, on a mind boggling scale, and that the Jehoshua in the NT indirectly reveals this. So with that premise we continue…

We have to assume that whatever authentic words of Jehoshua’s were recorded that counterfeits were introduced to subvert that which was authentic. I spent several months studying the history of the New Testament in 2005. And at that time was really focused on the 16th and 17th centuries when English and German versions of the Bible were created; Textus Receptus, Majority(Byzantine) Text, Latin Vulgate. The history was murky and confusing, and left me feeling suspect of the authenticity of the Bible, and this was during a very devout time. I came to the realization that there was simply no way anyone could claim that ANY version of the New Testament they had was the ‘unerring word of God’. Do some research on the beginning origins of the New Testament and you realize there is no way to know what is authentic or not. It is shrouded in mystery. Groups are deciding which books are valid or not but who are these people (are they lovers of truth and disciples or are they religious, part of the priesthood?), and what agendas are they operating from? Things normally shrouded in mystery are done deliberately to hide, confuse, and obfuscate. So if one of the core tenants of Jehoshua’s message is truth… just who is and why are things being hidden?

If you have a grasp of the amount of fraud, deception, theft, subversion, WSC that exists today, and has always existed. If you understand that ultimately this always comes back to control, the few controlling the many, for that is what society is. If part of Jehoshua’s core message is about truth and living free from the various systems of control. Then will not the power centers attack this message? Will they not then try and pervert and twist his ‘word’s’. Would not Satan’s #1 goal be to scatter, confuse, destroy the authentic? It is very dangerous to assume that Jehoshua’s authentic message somehow survived this attack unscathed. And since early ‘Church’ history shows there was competing texts, and since we know that religion won out. Then one must at the very least consider that whatever version of the NT you have is flawed, and quite possibly deeply so.

So what is my position? I am pro the authentic message/ideology of Jehoshua, as best I understand from what I can glean from the 4 Gospels. I am anti Religious Christianity, which unfortunately is the vast majority, 99%, of what exists today. I believe there is a Creator. I believe all person’s are spiritual, or have a spirit. I believe there is some greater Spirit than us, which I believe is part of the Creator. Though I must consider that this greater spirit could be that of the Earth itself, or life itself, that the entire planet is interconnected, that physical objects are all made of similar stuff, but in particular living creatures.

I must at this point make clear I am not anti people who participate in the Religion of Christianity. I am anti Religion (in all it’s numerous and various forms)… period. For all Religions are just veiled systems of control. They have some benefits of course, for it they did not they would not survive, but ultimately Religion enslaves the spirit. Instead of freeing and feeding the spirit as they claim to do.

For those who have spent time searching for spiritual answers in many different places. For those who regularly go to any type of church/mosque/temple/house of worship and yet never feel spiritually fulfilled. For those who have given up on Religion and Spiritual things all together out of frustration and disgust. If your spirit hungers for spiritual food, if your mind longs for the truth, if your heart yearns for peace. There are two things I am certain of you need to do. Unplug from all mass media. It has been designed to suppress your spirit, and control your thoughts, emotions, and opinions. And it is VERY effective in this role. Yes, this will not be easy, in part because it’s been designed to be addictive. But if you want to be spiritually free, then one must stop consuming content that is designed to suppress the spirit and the mind. The other step is learning to still your body and mind so that you can interact with the Spirit. One can’t hear or be ministered to if they are always moving or talking/thinking. In my opinion your spiritual journey is unique, or suppose to be unique, between yourself and the Creator. Religion hijacks and diverts this journey. But each of us must walk our own path in regards to our unique relationship with the Creator. My relationship with the Creator is only between myself and the Creator. I am not going to let someone else tell me how this relationship should be. Just as I would never tell anyone else that their spiritual journey should be like mine, or that one should follow some created program or path designed by someone else.

I also would encourage all to take a hard look at they are ingesting. Just as one must detox the spirit from mass media, most people also need to detox their bodies from what they ingest. Food, liquid, drugs. We are what we ‘consume’. What are you consuming? My basic rule is simple. Natural or God/Creator made; good for you. Man made, modified, or processed; bad.

I also would encourage any person to become a true disciple of Jehoshua, that is defined in the 4 Gospels. I’m not talking studying the 4 Gospels. I’m talking about doing what Jehoshua instructed his followers to do. That is what a Disciple is to do. And some point you need to put down the instruction manual and start doing. Start walking the walk. For instance if you feel called to be missionary then walk that walk. Jehoshua makes it crystal clear how to start that journey. Matt 10:5-10. No money, nothing but the clothes on your back, no provisions. Now THAT is walking out in faith, that is LIVING IT! By going out in this way one is trusting in the spiritual, and not the physical. Jehoshua’s message is firmly rooted in the spiritual. And Jehoshua also makes it clear in Matt 7:14 that the journey will not be easy.

So this is where I currently stand on just what is authentic in the 4 Gospels. I believe Jehoshua was a real man, and did actually walk/talk. I do not believe he was divine… wait, what!?!? Hear me out. Religions are creations of people, used to control people. Judaism is but one of many religions from that time period, that is a historical fact. So if Judaism is just another religion, which it is, then Jehoshua is just a man from that religious tradition. The myth of Jehoshua’s divinity was created to entice followers and to ultimately make it impossible to follow in his foot steps. For those who have actually made a effort to be a real Christian, then at some point one has this thought; “I, or anyone else for that matter, can’t really live up to the life Jehoshua calls us to because he was God, I know he was suppose to be fully man while on Earth… but he was born of a virgin, he did have an unfair advantage, he is 1/3 of the Trinity.” By transforming Jehoshua to the divine, then it effectively makes it impossible to for anyone else to ‘really’ live as he lived, because we’re all just mere mortals. But, imho, the message of Jehoshua is actually more powerful as just a man. And if a regular man can speak and do as Jehoshua actually did… then so can you and I. Remember Jehoshua refers to himself numerous times as the ‘Son of Man’… and I interpret ‘ the Son of God’ to be ‘a child of the Creator’ as we are ALL children of the Creator. Real easy for someone to change ‘a’ to ‘the’ and further the myth of Jehoshua’s divinity.

By deifying Jehoshua it also makes mortal man weak, it creates the need for people to have a savior. It robs us of our own spiritual power to save ourselves. It renders people powerless. It’s what created this ‘worship’ culture in the Church today, it’s appropriate to worship a deity, but not a mere mortal. In the New Testament Jehoshua does not exhort his followers to worship him. The only public worship of Jehoshua is his entry into Jerusalem on Passover, a very special occasion. The multiple accounts in the Gospels have people laying clothing in his path, which is a sign of respect and calling out ‘Hosanna’. This is not a term of worship per say as it is thanking the Lord for salvation. The Hebrew word is Hoshana, which comes from Hoshana Rabba, which is the 7th day of the Jewish Sukkot, which is the 7th and final feast, ‘The Feast of Tabernacles’.

If a person spends a lot of their time ‘worshiping’ another person most people would say that is unhealthy. And it is. For it leaves the worshiper weak and suggestible. They are in a trance like condition, they are completely vulnerable to the worshiped. I guess this is why Churches have Worship Services, so the congregation is then ‘open’ to the Pastor? Music is a VERY powerful tool and force. Why is it healthy to worship a Deity but not a person?

I spent 7+ years playing drums on a Worship Team. And I ‘tried’ to worship whilst playing, I was not performing or playing for accolades. I was worshiping first, and playing drums second. At best I was an average drummer, I never really considered myself a musician, though I did play with some good musicians. However, I was sincere in my worship. I watched Worship Teams become cool and popular, develop a ‘better than thou’ attitude versus the other members of the congregation. I saw peoples motivation to be on the worship team to have little to do with their sincerity of worship. I saw others worship the worship team. I observed how music ‘changed’ the mood of the audience, I mean I was making that happen. Upbeat, joyful, victorious, solemn, reverential. We created them all.

And saying all that I’m just not sure if that is what I/we should have been doing. Because it constantly reinforces this ‘weakness’, it keeps the congregation in this ‘needy’ position. It reinforces the praying to be ‘saved’ instead of taking control of one’s own life and using the spiritual power given freely to us by the Creator. I may be splitting hairs here over what is or isn’t worship. I guess to me there is an unhealthy and healthy way to worship and much of Church corporate worship is unhealthy. Worship, even in a group or corporate setting, is a personal expression. I guess my advice to someone would be the same as in Matt 6:1-7; about when you pray do it alone, apply that to your worship as well. Ultimately though, by my own personal experience with the Creator, I never felt or sensed that the Creator desired to be worshiped.

Jesus loves me this I know
For the Bible tells me so
Little ones to him belong
They are weak but he is strong

Yes Jesus loves me (Repeat 3x)
For the Bible tells me so

I wrote that from memory, but can’t recall anymore of the verses. It reinforces the Bible as the ultimate source.. not the author of the Bible (I know the Creator loves me because his Spirit touches my spirit, that is how I know the Creator is real). It reinforces the we’re weak and helpless and we need a savior. Which reminds me of how many times I heard preachers selling the ‘need’ for Jesus. Which is exactly what they were doing… selling. Got to keep those tithes rolling in, Church is big business now.

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

The Gospel of John, so different from the other three, or Synoptic Gospels. Odd that none of the others make mention of this position. And it really creates the same situation as we had with the Judaic priests, except Jehoshua becomes the gatekeeper to the Creator. And then the priest class is created within Religious Christianity, and eventually with the Catholic Church the Priest, acting in place of Jehoshua, becomes the gatekeeper. And they are in control of your spiritual life. Right back to where we started from. So then I have to conclude that this scripture is not authentic, this was injected to subvert. In fact it seems a good deal of John is just that, subversion. It beats you over the head with the basic premise that God the father and Jesus the son are one, the Trinity, again the purpose of changing the mortal man Jehoshua… into the deity of Jesus.

For me the very fact that the Catholic Church exists is proof of the subversion of the authentic message of Jehoshua. Mary worship, indulgences, idol worship, litanies, Pope worship… priest sexual abuse of children. I wonder how many ‘centuries’ that’s been going on? And yet the Catholic Church rolls on. The current Pope is making waves, and coming to America this September. In which he will meet with the President, speak at the US Congress and the UN, and finally Philadelphia, for a visit to the Festival of Families at Benjamin Franklin Parkway. For those who don’t know the Catholic Church was the ONLY christian church for over a 1000 years. In many places in Europe you were required by law to go to mass regularly. The Catholic Church also decided to translate the New Testament into the unspoken language of Latin, and conduct their services in this language. And they also controlled all copies of the New Testament. Control, control, control.

So I believe that the virgin birth and the whole nativity story is created myth. Again this is done to make Jehoshua ‘special’, distinct, separate. We can’t have the messiah be some regular guy now, I suppose that is why someone changed the name of Jehoshua/Joshua to Jesus, since Jehoshua was a common name. We need a ‘Holier than thou’ figure… literally. Now crucifixion was common in that time, and if Jehoshua really was speaking against the religious leaders then I can easily accept a conspiracy to have him killed by those threatened by him speaking the truth and calling out their hypocrisy. An insider betraying him for money… I think I’d be more surprised if this did not happen. Died on a cross, again crucifixion was common then, of course now… well it’s sold as something unique now. Arose from the grave, resurrection; smells like myth to me.

I don’t believe Jehoshua claimed to be Christ, Messiah, or ‘THE’ Son of God. Other people called him thus.
Christ definition; Χριστός Christós – anointed. Hmm… so then Jesus Christ = Jehoshua the anointed.

Miracles. I believe he did do miracles…. surprised ya didn’t I? I am serious though. Belief is a powerful force. And if Jehoshua was living in truth and spirit, then I believe this allows one to be a conduit of the Creator’s spirit, and if Creator was able to design and bring into existence this world we live in, then certainly a few repair jobs should be no sweat. Now I am willing to admit that the miracles and healing could have also been inserted to further the ‘myth’. But… ‘healers’ have been common throughout all cultures in history.

There is really no evidence outside the New Testament to the existence of Jehoshua. There is a brief reference by Titus Flavius Josephus but the veracity of that particular section is in doubt. Therefor many say that this proves Jehoshua did not exist. That is faulty logic. The vast majority of the worlds population throughout history never had a record of their existence written down… does that mean they did not exist? Contrary to what is implied today in Christianity, Jehoshua actions would have scarcely been noticed by the Romans, and only touched a tiny % of the Jewish population. There were numerous ‘messiahs’ in that time period. Jehoshua spent most of his time outside the major population centers. He was not inciting people to riot. That his actions were not recorded by non Jews makes logical sense to me. Then some will bring up why is there no record from the Romans of his trial/execution? Yes the Romans were meticulous record keepers, but not everything was recorded. And if the Jews brought Jehoshua up on spurious charges, and from the Roman perspective really absurd charges; King of the Jews, Son of God. Then I doubt they even took it seriously. We know that Herod and Pilate washed their hands of the whole affair. So why record what from their perspective Rome had nothing do with? Rome had no charges against him.

My heart is heavy as I write this now. I realize what I’ve written is controversial, though that is not my intention or desire. When I did my study of the history of the New Testament I was looking for truth. I assumed that the Truth = The Holy Bible. I was legitimately looking for the most accurate, most literal translation. What I discovered was there was no way to ascertain what the ‘correct’ version or translation was, or what is the legitimate source material. This was not what I was expecting or hoping to find. This was not a ‘halleluiah’ moment, this was a ‘kick in the gut’ moment. And this revelation happen whilst I was still very much asleep, whilst I had no idea about the deep world of deception we live in. This was before I understood how people infiltrate and subvert movements, institutions, organizations for their own selfish and wicked gains. If you can’t trust in your Bible then what? But recently I have realized something. You are not suppose to trust in the ‘Word’, your suppose to trust in the Creator. Put your faith in the Creator of the Word, not the written word. If for you that is God or Jesus Christ then by all means put your trust there. Not in another person, not in a book, but in the Creator. It’s like a epiphany moment. We are all suppose to put our faith in the Creator, but that simple reality has been hijacked. The very fact that the majority of people who actually are looking keep looking to another person, or a new book, or a new movement, or different denomination, or a different religion all together clearly demonstrates that they are not going to the source. I personally keep coming back to the point that ‘my relationship with the Creator is unique between me and the Creator, I don’t need nor want someone trying to tell me how that relationship should be, it is nobody’s business but mine own.’ This is no different that someone trying to dictate how your relationship with your significant other or best friend should be. The line of people who are more than willing to tell you how to live your life is endless. But if you are following someone else then you are no longer living your life… you are living the life of the one you follow.

I don’t believe Jehoshua was exhorting his Disciples to ‘follow’ him like; he’s the leader and they are the lowly serfs. I believe his exhortation was to emulate his life, his actions… do as I do, live as I live. The ‘follow me’ meme puts us back into the needy mode, the shepard/sheep relationship. I’m just a follower… I can’t make any decisions for myself. I need someone else to do my thinking for me. I can’t protect myself from the wolves, I need a ‘savior’.

This is about the relationship. If when we die we each stand before the Creator will you be recognized, will you recognize the Creator? Going to Church service, Bible Study, paying tithes is NOT a relationship. Not to mention that none of those things did Jehoshua speak of. Definition of Church; ἐκκλησία ekklēsía – an assembly of people in a public place. Not a building, not an organization, not a denomination, not a service. The Church is simply a gathering of like minded peoples. The closest I experienced this within Christianity was home group or home church.

Matt 7:21-23 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

This is such a powerful statement. What does it mean? How could someone doing ‘wonderful works’ in the name of Jehoshua be unknown to him? Could it be they had no relationship? Could it be their motivations were not pure? How can you do the will of the Creator without a relationship?

We are in a Spiritual War. A war that we were all born into. A war that has been raging since before written history. The time has grown dark and evil forces are moving boldly upon the earth. At this point humankind is losing this spiritual war. And a primary reason why is because the vast majority of people are spiritually dead; whether the spirit is asleep, malnourished, sick, or worse broken. Humankind is not going to win this war in the spiritual condition we are in. But how can this be with so many Churches/Mosques/Temples across the Earth? How can there be so much activity that is ‘suppose’ to be spiritual and yet so little Spirit? We live in a time of mind boggling amount of deception, the only comparison I can make to it is contemplating the size of the Universe. Wolves in sheep’s clothing roam the land. They are everywhere. So many now that they are mistakenly feeding upon one another. To the point where I sometimes I ask myself, are there any bloody sheep here? Do you not think that a Church would be a perfect target for WSC?? Wolves are gonna go where there the sheep are right? Christianity is thick with them. Religion is thick with them. And unlike the pictures of WSC where it is ‘obviously’ a WSC… real WSC are hard to spot. They walk the walk and talk the talk of the targets they seek.

Matt 7:14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

That gate, that road, that journey is unique to each individual. Regardless of race/creed/religion/sex we are ALL children of the Creator. Your relationship is with the Creator. Don’t let anyone define how that relationship should be except between you and the Creator.
Powerful forces are at work to keep humankind from awakening to their spiritual selves. And these forces are ancient. Our strength as individuals comes from our spirit. The challenge is great. And only the very fate of humankind and the planet are at stake.

John 14:12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

NOW is the time for those ‘greater works’. Those whose spirits are pure. Those who spirits are regularly refreshed by the Creator. Those who live and speak the truth. It is they who will do these greater works.

It is good versus evil. And despite what we’ve been taught it is not represented by one particular group, religion, race, or nation. It comes down to the individual. There are good and evil people in every corner of the earth. What side are you on?

We are fast approaching the time when our Spiritual mettle will be sorely tested. And we will all quickly find out who the people of character are and are not. We will find out those who believe in that which is real, and that which is illusion. We will find out whose faith is real, regardless of what that faith is in, and whose faith is false.

I would encourage anyone to be a true disciple of Jehoshua, and what that means to me is living what Jehoshua encouraged people to live. Because of the kind of man I want to be, and the purity of spirit I want to have, and to be in the right mental and spiritual condition, I am now basically trying to live what are the core tenants of Jehoshua’s ideology. Because my spirit tells me this is the life I’ve been looking for. You may find this hard to believe, or think it hypocritical since I do not believe Jehoshua to be divine. But I believe that Jehoshua’s authentic message is much more powerful as a real man, than as a deity.

I will never call myself a ‘Christian’ again, and for numerous reasons. One, because at this point in time it seems to mean just about ‘anything’, and therefor means nothing. Second because I identify Christian with religion. Third because I do not believe Jehoshua was ‘The Christ’.

If humankind keeps looking for a ‘savior’ the individual will never realize the power and potential they have to save themselves. And that is one of primary purposes of Religion, to keep peoples spirits weak, so that collectively humankind does not awake and find it’s spiritual strength, and overthrow the wicked who rule us.

I do believe in the message of Salvation. But not salvation from yourself. Salvation = Freedom. To save people from the numerous systems of control. To free people’s minds from the cultural programming. To free the spirit. People are not born sinful. People are poisoned by others and poison themselves. Forgiveness requires one repenting of their wrong doing upon others, seeking restitution from those they wronged if possible, and possibly the hardest part accepting forgiveness. Genuine forgiveness happens at the spiritual level, it happens between the parties involved. In order for all parties involved to be free from the spiritual consequences, it is just as important to the wronged that they forgive as it is that the wrongdoer repent and seek forgiveness.

Even if you don’t agree with me and identify yourself as a Christian then at the least please; Turn off the garbage that is TV, turn off the radio in your car, stop piddling and wasting your time with your Smartphones. Pick up your Bibles and read the 4 Gospels, and decide if your life as a Christian matches up to the life described by Jesus. If it does not then change it, if you cannot, then at the very least stop being a hypocrite and lukewarm, and stop supporting the Religion of Christianity.

Rev 3:15-17 And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God. I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.

The ‘Church’ in the USA today IS the Laodicean church.

We were NOT created to be enslaved or to enslave. But there are POWERFUL forces who partially enslave us now, want to completely enslave us very soon, and keep us that way forever.

We are in a spiritual war. And therefor we must be spiritual warriors.


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