Declaration of Sovereignty

No person has the right to be sovereign over another. The United States of America was founded on this principal. One of the cornerstones of freedom is that an individual has no sovereign, no ruler, no master. We were not created to be enslaved, neither to the creator or another human. We are born free and meant to live and be free. The creator did not designate an individual to rule over others… like the European monarchs use to claim, by the sanctioning of the apostate Roman Catholic Church; The divine right of Kings. The creator did not designate a special peoples to be above all others… like the ancient Hebrews claimed; God’s chosen people. No these claims are made by selfish, greedy peoples who lust for power and control. People who ‘steal’ the sovereignty of others for their own selfish gains.

I am my own sovereign, you are your own sovereign. No other person has sovereignty over us… other than that that we have allowed, or has been stolen from us. Therefore we must take our sovereignty back. Self rule. We are as individuals to rule ourselves and only ourselves. This is the essence of freedom. But it also means we are responsible for our actions… we are to govern ourselves, to control ourselves. Freedom does not mean; I can do ‘whatever’ I want. But it does mean; no one else can ‘command’  or ‘rule’ you. Freedom means an individual can do what they want as long as it does not infringe on another person’s freedom or their property. Freedom is a precious gift, given to us by our creator. We need to cherish it, protect it, and fight for it when others try and steal it.

We are not free in America. Far from it. When the government can seize your land using ‘Imminent Domain’, then it means you never actually owned your land. When the government forces you to have health insurance, ‘Affordable Care Act or Obamacare’, this is a violation of your free will. When the police can seize cash from your person without probable cause or any crime being committed, ‘Civil Asset Forfeiture’, this is government sanctioned theft. When the government can jail you indefinitely, without giving cause, and prevent you from contacting anyone, which is exactly the power that the ‘National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)’ granted in 2014, this is the antithesis of freedom, but is in fact the very definition of tyranny.

Just because someone tells you that your are free, does not make it so. Just because you recite the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ does not mean you have; liberty and justice for all. Singing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ does not magically place you; in the land of the free and the home of the brave. We don’t have liberty and justice for all, nor are we a Republic anymore. Our freedom has been stolen from us, slowly but surely. As for bravery… mostly I see apathy in the populace and cowardice in elected officials.

I feel it is important that each of us as individuals declare our sovereignty over ourselves. No person has rule or authority over me, and I challenge any person to stand before me and claim such. Because our sovereignty has been stolen, therefor any claimed authority is illegitimate. I am compelled to make my own personal…

Declaration of Sovereignty

I, Kevin Scott King, of sound mind and body, on this day the 25th of June, 2015 declare that I am my own person and my own sovereign which was explicitly bestowed upon me by the creator at the moment of my conception. I recognize that the creator created humans to be free. That no person, organization, government, or entity has legitimate sovereignty over another person. That any claim of sovereignty over another person is fraudulent. And any action of sovereignty against another person is theft and hence illegal.

As of this date I am reclaiming my sovereignty that was stolen from me. I am declaring that I am a Free man, and that my freedom, and every person’s born on planet Earth, was a gift bestowed upon us by the creator. We are all created free, and meant to be free. Any theft of our freedom is not the act or will of the creator, but a deliberate and malicious act of a fellow human for selfish means.

Being my own sovereign delegates specific rights, responsibilities, and conditions listed as such;

By declaring and reclaiming my sovereignty I have the power and authority to disavow and dissolve any prior agreements regardless of their alleged legitimacy.

Being as my sovereignty was stolen, all prior claims against my sovereignty are illegitimate and therefor null and void. Therefor I deliberately and consciously disavow and dissolve the claims which include the following (but not exclusively limited to); any government issued license, (such as birth certificate, marriage license, drivers license, hunting/fishing license, etc.) any contracts with individuals, governments, business, or corporations (such as loans, leases, software usage contracts, business agreements, etc.), and all pledges, vows, oaths to any individual, entity, or organization.

By declaring and reclaiming my sovereignty I therefor have the power and authority to determine which prior agreements I will honor. I explicitly will not honor any agreements that deliberately hid important conditions in legal jargon or excessive language, debt that was not 100% backed by actual monies or tangible assets, agreements where there was not an equitable exchange of value, or agreements where my sovereign rights were violated, such as privacy, safety, or freedom.

Being as I now declare and reclaim my sovereignty any future claim against my sovereignty is illegitimate and null and void and hence will not be recognized.

By declaring my sovereignty I take full responsibility for my actions, regardless if there are external forces, whether known or unknown, working to influence my actions.

By declaring my sovereignty I recognize that I cannot violate the sovereignty of another person, whether they are their own sovereigns or not. I recognize that I jeopardize my sovereignty by violated another persons, and in fact could lose my sovereignty depending on the offense.

By declaring my sovereignty I recognize that I must live and work in harmony with all humankind in order for us all to enjoy as much freedom as possible.

By declaring my sovereignty and recognizing that I was created, and that my life and my freedom is a gift from the creator. I therefor am obligated to be a good steward of the creation in which I live. That just as I am to live in harmony with my fellow humans, I am also to live in harmony with the earth itself. With the land, sea, plants, animals, and atmosphere.

By declaring my sovereignty I recognize that all persons are equal sovereigns, that there is no sovereign that is above or below another. That no sovereign has special privileges, that supersedes another person’s sovereignty.

By declaring my sovereignty I recognize Natural Law as the only legitimate law that people are held accountable to, that any other law that violates a person’s sovereignty is illegal and hence null and void. The essence of Natural Law is defining that which is theft; theft of one’s property(burglary, robbery), theft of one’s freedom (enslavement, mind control), theft of one’s peace of mind (harassment, slander), theft of one’s privacy (spying, surveillance), theft of one’s body (kidnapping, sexual assault), theft of one’s life (murder/manslaughter).

By declaring my sovereignty my word is my bond and therefore I am obligated to keep my word in order for my sovereignty to remain legitimate.

By declaring my sovereignty my privacy is sacred, therefor it is hence expressly and explicitly illegal for any individual, business, agency, foundation, government, or entity to monitor/record my movements, communications, or associations.

This Declaration is written and hence interpreted in the spirit of the law.

This is my personal declaration of sovereignty of which I wrote, read, and fully comprehend.


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