The All Seeing Eye…

The all seeing hearing knowing eye – how the interconnected electronic device is used to monitor and control the populace.

The internet as we know it was originally a creation of the US Military through a research grant of DARPA. The purpose was to create a network for the nuclear weapons launch sites. This network was to be decentralized and robust, so that if one node of the network was taken down the others could still communicate with one another. So then the creation of Atomic Bomb lead directly to the ‘net… how about them Apples? James Burke would be proud. Every node then has a unique address, what is often called the IP address, and every hardware device also has a unique identifier code called the MAC (Media Access Control) address. It is actually the MAC address that is the unique identifier. Think of the IP address as software and the MAC address as hardware. So when people get ‘banned’ on the internet, it can either be a IP or MAC banning. Changing IP address is relatively easy, but the MAC… well actually spoofing the MAC address is pretty simple as well. But the point is that for any device to communicate on the network it needs an ‘address’ so that it can communicate with other devices on the network. And all of these ‘communications’ are trackable. Yes, I know about encryption and proxy servers, but let’s keep it simple. The internet allows tracking at the individual level but on a mass scale.

Communication devices throughout history have been used for manipulating the masses. What has changed is the reach (how many people are affected), speed (how quickly the message is spread), and effectiveness ( print<radio<TV<computer). Networks are highly effective in helping individuals communicate. That is why they were developed. They are also wonderful tools for monitoring people… spying. Let’s just name a few different types of networks; postal service, news service (AP, Reuters), telephone, TV (NBC, CBS, etc.), cell phone, Internet, Facebook. So when you use your smart phone to check your Facebook and read a link to a news article you’re interfacing with 4 networks… The cell network which then communicates with the Internet network which connects to the Facebook network, which links to the news service article. A network of networks. Newsprint, radio, television are good tools at disseminating information, propaganda, fear… etc. But they are one way networks. So it takes time to discover how effective the message was and it’s difficult to discover ‘who’ was exposed to the message. This is where the internet and the net connected device prove to be truly unique.

For with the net connected device one can find out instantly who, where, and when was exposed to the message. We also know duration and if it was repeated. We know if it was ‘liked’ or ‘shared’. So then the originator of the message can literally get ‘instant feedback’ on the effectiveness of their message.

Newsprint, radio, TV went from a few choices to many to ‘tailor’ the message to specific groups. This allowed a finer degree of control by being able to target specific demographics. But the internet allows the controllers to target at the individual level. This is power on a whole new level. They not only know who ‘exactly’ was exposed but how the individual was exposed. They are able to watch as a message propagates across the internet; how it is interpreted, reactions to it, how it is passed on, and how it morphs.

The internet has become the ultimate tool of social control. It allows ‘mass’ control at the ‘individual’ level. A first in the history of humankind.

A now we have the Smartphone, the wunderkind of the digital age. I could do a whole article just on the myriad of functions the smartphone has. It is amazing. Makes the Star Trek tricorder look like child’s play. I find one the most amusing unintended uses is that of a flashlight. The smartphone. They could never have convinced the populace to buy a handheld portable computer… but a cell phone. There is a large subset of the population that never purchased a handheld gaming device nor would have, like a Gameboy, that are now regular gamers on their smartphone. I wonder what % of total smartphone use is actually talking/texting? You’ve got your newspaper/magazine, radio, TV rolled into one. Not only that but a GPS unit, camera, voice recorder. Some people literally cannot put them down. When you can’t be without something for a short period of time is also commonly called an ‘addiction’. But that is the goal. The controllers want the individual ‘plugged’ into the system as much as possible… with 24/7 being the goal. It’s amazing when the herd adopts a new behavior in mass, like smartphone addiction, it’s not called addiction… no it quickly becomes ‘normal’.

Sidenote: normal does not mean good, it means widely accepted behavior. Here is the definition from Merriam-Webster;

a :  according with, constituting, or not deviating from a norm, rule, or principle
b :  conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern
:  occurring naturally <normal immunity>
a :  of, relating to, or characterized by average intelligence or development
b :  free from mental disorder :  sane


15 years ago it was normal to not have a cell phone, today it is abnormal to not have a smartphone. I don’t own a smartphone, or tablet, or any kind of portable PC or communications device. I am now abnormal… and I relish my ab-normalcy, I bask in it, I wallow in it. Per the definition(s) above normal also means; free from mental disorder. Which by inference means if you do not accept your programming then you are not normal, hence your insane. There has been a recent push by psychiatrists to label ‘conspiracy theorist’ as having a mental illness… this comes as no surprise to me. I suppose to people who are completely enslaved by the deceptions of our culture, those who are not do seem crazy. I will readily admit that awakening from the mass delusion has been mentally taxing. It’s been physically and spiritually taxing… hell it’s just taxing period. I suppose since we have been deliberately addicted to the system, that a huge part of the process of breaking free is ending the addiction. And we know that some addictions are difficult, or physically traumatic to break. Detoxing can be a painful process, and apparently so is deprogramming. Hmm… I never thought of it like this before. It explains why this is so stressful, at least for me it has been. And now coming to this realization… it gives me peace. There are powerful forces that have enslaved us, and those same forces are working to keep us enslaved.


So the smartphone is an open book to your life, that is quite literally true. They know physically where you are at all times. They know who talk to, and those you just text. They know what you listen too, and what you watch. What websites you browse, what games you play. I’d say within 5, maybe 10 years most people will use their smartphones to make the majority of their purchases… so they’ll know what you buy. Maybe you’re ok with this. But understand because they know this you are much much easier to manipulate, to control. What about that built in microphone? You’d be surprised at how well those microphones pick up noise from far away. Try this, you’ll need 2 phones, at least one cell phone. Turn on your TV (or play a vid, just need a source of verbal noise) call the cell phone and place it by the source of noise. Then go another room or outside to see how well you can hear the TV. Now move the cell phone farther away… try putting the cell phone inside something. You’ll be shocked at how well that little mic picks up sound. You realize that mic can be remotely turned on right? I’d be surprised if the gain was not adjustable. You realize that most smartphones can’t actually be turned off. There is no hard on/off switch. You’re basically just putting it to sleep… it can be activated remotely at any time. You’d think the camera would be the more invasive, but it can be and frequently is covered, but the mic… it’s always working.

The smartphone is the ultimate tool to monitor and control, it’s no wonder Apple stock is doing so well, they did such an awesome job of selling the public on the smartphone.

Anything labeled as ‘Smart’ also means it’s a fantastic device to spy on the user; smartphones, smartcars, smartappliances, smarttvs, smartcities. Just replace the word ‘smart’ with ‘spy’.

Technology is cool, helpful, interesting. But everything has a cost. And it is a fact that technology is being used against us. It is invading our privacy, it is dumbing us down, it is making us dependents, it is making us lazy, it is influencing and controlling our thoughts and actions.

I’m no Luddite, obviously I’m writing and posting this on a PC. But the more I come to grasp what ‘freedom’ really means, the stronger I am compelled to move away from technology.


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