War for my Mind – Part 4

You know the saying; ‘… on the tip of my tongue’. That is how I feel, well really think, or lack thereof, about what I want to say. It’s right.. there.. but I can’t quite.. formulate the complete thought.

Is mind control real? Perhaps the better question to ask is what does it mean ‘exactly’ to be under mind control? Mind control is a loaded phrase, and not by accident. I refer back to the beginning of ‘War for my Mind: Part 1‘,
“Let’s put aside the term ‘mind control’ for now. Let’s try some other terms; propaganda, opinion manipulation, manufacturing consent, thought control, mesmerized, whipped, idol worship, crowd control, social pressure, group think, popular opinion.”

If you want to read the best book on mind control then get Edward Bernay’s ‘Propaganda‘. Though ostensibly it’s not about mind control per se, it actually is all about mind control. I was leafing through it looking for quotes, and this book is rife with juicy quotes, and well the first paragraph of the first chapter wraps it up quite succinctly;

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in the democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of the our country.”

How much more direct can you be? That’s the first bloody sentence/paragraph of the book! You don’t believe in conspiracy? Well the above quote should abuse you of that notion and quick. It also illustrates that ‘Democracy’ is a sham. Bernays was the nephew of Sigmund Freud, and just in case you’re not quite sure of the significance Freud is considered the father of psychology. So the nephew of the father of psychology writes a book about manipulating public opinion. He published this book in 1928. This manipulation of public opinion is done through mass media, which in the 20’s was primarily newsprint and radio. Of course the tools and techniques have improved vastly since 1928… with television and now online video being devastatingly effective.

Now much of what is referred to as propaganda I would just call direct overt advertising, but it’s possible I’m just splitting hairs. In his ‘Propaganda‘ Bernays explains in detail about how propaganda is the process of planting a desire or idea, with the affected persons believing they came up with said idea on their own. This is done indirectly, covertly. And as the quoted paragraph states, it is the ‘manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses’. Your opinions are based on your ‘thoughts’, habits are your physical ‘actions’. So Bernay’s book is about manipulating population’s actions and thoughts… this is the very definition of mind control.

So what does this mean to you and me? What does this mean at a practical level? It means quite simply that we are exposed to mind control techniques and communications every single day, and have been since our birth. Whether it was done at home through the TV, in the car on the radio, at the school through our textbooks and lessons, or at our places of worship. Whether it was done by those who knowing and willingly engaged in the manipulation, or by those who were just ‘doing their jobs’. The effect is the same. Arguably the best liar of all is the person who bought a lie and then repeats it with full conviction and earnestness. This means that we have been and are under a STAGGERING amount of mind control. In many cases competing or conflicting messages. It means that our thoughts have been turned against ourselves… and others. It means we’ve been manipulated for all of our lives… Who I am, who you are, has been a ‘creation’ of those persons who control the message.. the media. Or as Bernay’s said; ‘Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of the our country’. It means that you, and I, and everyone we know is not just mind controlled… but deeply so.

If you are reading this then most likely you are are least partially aware of the ‘illusion’ that we live in. But please do not EVER assume you are fully awake. This is a critical mistake with devastating consequences. We are all under untold layers of mind control. You DO NOT shed yourself of this simply or easily. It is deeply embedded in our conscious and subconscious. Do not underestimate the level of control that the ‘invisible government’ has. Especially with modern technology. They know you and I, everyone… intimately. So much so that those entities who spy on us (ISPs like Charter, Cox, Time Warner, wireless providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, banks like JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America(your debit/credit card purchases are an open book, use cash whenever possible), Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, plus whatever spyware is loaded on your PC/Smartphone, plus government entities at the local, state, and national level, and of course the NSA who gathers every electronic communication on everybody) know you better than your best friend. Let that sink in for a minute. Now think about how terribly easy it would be to manipulate you with said info. In a nutshell it means you simply cannot trust ‘coincidences’ anymore.

I personally have been in the process of trying to detox myself of the toxic society we live in. Both with what I eat and drink… (though a glass of Brandy sits by my monitor. Forgive me, sometimes the stress is difficult to bear. I know it is bad for me, alcohol is basically a poison) and what I consume with my eyes and ears. You are what you consume. What are you consuming? Do you want to free yourself? Then one critical step is disconnecting from the systems that are used to (mind) control us. The TV, the radio, newsprint, the Internet. Remember, these systems have been designed to addict us. So stopping will not be easy. Trust me, I can attest to this personally… especially so as a recently divorced male living alone. Just as the US populace is addicted to sugar (I have found dark chocolate(60%+) and raw honey to be awesome substitutes to satiate the desire for something sweet and both have real tangible health benefits) they are also terribly addicted to their internet connected devices. I no longer own a cell/smart phone of any type, I do not have a TV in my residence, I recently reverted back to keeping my radio off in my car, you’ll be amazed at how peaceful your time in the car is with the radio off. I regularly disconnect my PC from the internet, for no other reason than to irritate those who choose to spy on me.

A massive part of the mind control we are under is designed to keep us occupied, distracted. So that we don’t actively engage in free form thought. It is called ‘mind control’… to control what we think about. So that we don’t think about the important issues. We are lulled asleep by distractions… celebrity gossip, sports, hobbies, frankly ANYTHING that will keep us from focusing on what is really going on. I feel fortunate that my public schooling did not crush my curiosity (as it’s designed to do), for ultimately it was this curiosity that led me to break out of my conditioning. For the record I need to give credit to Reddit, though it has now been completely hijacked and it’s posts highly censored, astro-turfed, or shilled. For it directly was through Reddit that I stumbled upon the ‘alternative media’, in particular the ‘noise’ surrounding the ’08 election opened my eyes, and the treatment of Ron Paul.

Ultimately I believe there is a purpose greater than controlling our thoughts, it is the control of our spirits. Freud, the uncle of Bernays, identified the Id, Ego, and Superego.  All of the mind control we’re exposed to is designed to control the Superego, so much so that it overwhelms the Ego, and therefore controls and suppresses the Id, and imo the Id is our spirit. Our strength comes from within, from our spirit. That is what our intuition is. That is what our gut instinct is… it is our spirit. If the spirit is broken, sick, malnourished.. or worse yet completely ignored. Then the will to resist, to fight is destroyed. The broken slave.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in the democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of the our country.”

So then this quote unequivocally means that ‘democracy’ equates to the populace being manipulated by the secret government. Kinda changes the meaning of ‘spreading democracy, or forces of democracy…’ Btw America was founded as a REPUBLIC, not a Democracy! So then another word for Democracy is… Slavery? Wow. That’s a mind bender.

None are more hopelessly enslaved
than those who falsely believe they are free.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

* Attributed to Goethe, unable to verify, please see note at end of this document.

If we have been manipulated by our unseen/unknown secret government since our birth then we are absolutely enslaved… but not hopelessly so. No, there is more than hope. We can all be free… and each individual is the key to their own freedom.

But do not confuse awakening… regardless of the level, to breaking free. Awakening is simply the realization of your enslavement. It’s a whole other reality to break free of one’s enslavement. As the supposed Goethe quote intimates… how can one break free of their enslavement if they do not realize they are slaves? But there is a whole agenda out there trying to convince people that awakening is ‘IT’… and to keep them as ‘slightly’ awakened as possible. The first series of steps… is to awaken, until you are aware enough to realize how deeply deceived we all are. Then one can address freeing themselves. And the very first step to freeing yourself is disconnecting from mass media…

Read Bernay’s ‘Propaganda‘ …, here is a PDF link;
It is short/quick read. So much so, that after you’ve read it, pick it up and read it again… and really digest it.

The Creator did not make us to be slaves… but to be free. Be still and know.

I do not speak ‘truth to power’… I speak the Power of Truth to the deceived, the lost, the manipulated, the broken… to help break the bonds of their enslavement.

I yield the Power of Truth against the wicked, perverse, psychopaths who enslave us all, to destroy their plans, schemes, and machinations.

We WILL Overcome!

NOTE: I made a decision a while back when using quotes to verify them, and when using list author and source. As it seems they are a great many spurious quotes… especially on the ‘net. Quotes are commonly misquoted, mis-attributed, and almost never sourced. You can find multiple ‘quote’ websites who don’t list sources. I found this Goethe quote with additional sentences, it is even better… but no source, and it lists other Goethe quotes with sources!… sigh. Here is a site with tons of Goethe quotes and all sourced, I could not find the quote in question. I did find several awesome quotes that are listed below; all from this source;

Based on how many quotes of his I’ve found with verifiable sources, I have to conclude he did not write the quote in question. I wonder who did? Regardless, I’m glad I researched this because Goethe has much to say… however I kept searching and low and behold; Not only a source but also the quote as it was originally written in German! Persistence prevails! But wait… I wanted to find the actual quote within the text it came from. So I looked for and found both the book in pdf and txt form. I could NOT find the quote. I searched and could find other sentences, words, etc, but not this quote. The words ‘enslaved’ and ‘hopelessly’ are not in this book. At this point I could argue that I’ve ‘wasted’ too much time trying to track this down. But this is an excellent lesson in that if you can only trust that which you have personally verified.

Quotes from Maxims and Reflections by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe;

It is much easier to recognize error than to find truth; for error lies on the surface and may be overcome; but truth lies in the depths, and to search for it is not given to everyone.

If one has not read the newspapers for some months and then reads them all together, one sees, as one never saw before, how much time is wasted with this kind of literature.

A man avails himself of the truth so long as it is serviceable; but he seizes on what is false with a passionate eloquence as soon as he can make a momentary use of it.

Everything that we call Invention or Discovery in the higher sense of the word is the serious exercise and activity of an original feeling for truth, which, after a long course of silent cultivation, suddenly flashes out into fruitful knowledge.

There is nothing more odious than the majority; it consists of a few powerful men to lead the way; of accommodating rascals and submissive weaklings; and of a mass of men who trot after them, without in the least knowing their mind.


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