And another bite of that delicious enchilada…

I am coming to the point where I rather be a honest fool than a deceiving tool. I am a hypocrite. I despise myself for being so. But I am a hypocrite not by choice, but because who I really am has been hijacked by outside forces. So as per my last two ‘enchilada’ posts. Here is the real unedited me.

tip of the spear

lol… the financial markets around the world are so fubar’d, what a circus.
This is old news except for public admittance. And it is more than just cyber. The other current battlegrounds are financial, weather, culture, and of course the proxy wars (Iraq/Syria, Ukraine) and saber rattling (Iran, China).

Music is a (spiritual) reflection of the people who make it… I read an article a few days ago at Zerohedge about the music business and it’s decline in revenues. The execs keep trying to blame it on technology, but never consider that people might be rejecting their music because it is soulless, formulaic, over produced, (trying to think of a word to describe the technology used today to compensate for mistakes and singing off key, I just call it fake music or talentless) garbage music.

Luke 12:53 — The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

Matt 10:16-22
Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues; And ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles. But when they deliver you up, take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak. For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you. And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death. And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.

The above is the life of a true Christian, how many people do you know who have lived this life? The above life also represents one who seeks, speaks, and lives the truth. Any person who walks this path will then naturally and automatically have MANY enemies when they live in a world of mass deception and illusion.

There is a analogy used by some to describe the world and the type of peoples who inhabit it. There are three groups. The sheep, the wolves, and the sheepdog. The sheep are the common people; decent, innocent, naive, harmless. However the sheep are also dumb, easily led, incapable of living without ‘help’ (and yet sheep existed long before man ‘domesticated’ them). Then there is the wolves. Those who pray upon the sheep. And last we have the sheepdog. The brave intelligent animal who guards against the wolves. Of course the sheepdog has another purpose, actually it’s primary purpose, to herd, direct…  to ‘control’ the flock.
But this analogy is incomplete, in fact so much so as too be fatally flawed. For there are two others groups who are not mentioned but are critically important. The first and arguably the most important is the shepherd, the true protector and owner of the sheep. It is this person who directs the sheepdogs. For this is the true controller. Interesting that the shepherd is left out of the analogy… And then there is the other group, the most dangerous group of all, again interesting that this group is not mentioned in the analogy. For these are the wolves in sheep’s clothing. The ones whom appear and act externally as friends, one of the gang, but inwardly seek to destroy. The obvious wolves distract, while the wolves in sheep’s clothing (WISC) capitalize on the distracted. Which is a powerful an accurate analogy of the current world we live in. So I say ignore the obvious wolves, let the sheepdogs handle them. It is the wolves in sheep’s clothing that we must be wary of. There has always been WISC but I feel confident in saying that the number of WISC in both raw numbers and as % of the total population is much greater than in any time in recorded history. My other primary issue with this analogy, even if we include the Shepherd and WISC, is the portrayal of the common person as stupid and needed to be ‘led’. This is a ‘condition’ that has been ‘created’ by the controllers, one of the primary purposes of public school.
The militarized police. A very dangerous and ominous reality. And for one very simple reason. For what is the role of the police? It used to be to ‘serve and protect’… of course now it’s ‘law enforcement’. Do you see how radically different these two phrases are? We’ve gone from the peace officer (a term commonly used to describe the police decades ago) to the enforcer. Yet even as different as these two roles are they both are a radical departure from the role of the soldier. For an Army and the soldiers who populate it have a vastly different purpose than the police officer. For the purpose of the soldier is to destroy the enemy. That is why they have tanks, artillery, bombs, aircraft, and all the other tools of destruction.

So when a soldier goes and trains police officers we have a serious problem. When police departments are given military equipment we have a serious problem. How does one who has been trained to ‘destroy’ then train others? A combat zone is vastly different from our neighborhood streets, regardless of how rough they are. In a combat zone all contacts are considered potential threats, is this the case in your typical neighborhood? In a war, collateral damage (ie. innocent victims) are expected. Which basically means there is no penalty for killing civilians, unless it’s particularly egregious. Is this is the mentality we want our police officers to have? A soldier is trained to be violent and aggressive, controlled or focused violence, but violent nonetheless. Is it wise then to have men trained to kill, training our police?

SIDEBAR: In fact the US Army has gotten very good at ‘training’ their soldiers to kill. In WWII the average infantry squad was 12 men. The estimates were that roughly 25% of these men were taking aimed shots at the enemy, so 2-3 men of the 12 man squad were actually aiming to kill. Today I believe it is greater than 90% of the now 10 man squad is taking aimed shots.(Verify, but I did read a paper about this). So the Army has figured out how to psychologically manipulate (mind control) the soldiers into killing machines. And the soldiers are paying the price. The cost is PTSD and suicide. Apparently the Army can turn on the ‘thoughtless killer’, but did not bother to figure out how to turn it off, or that their might be consequences to creating these ‘killing machines’, who just happen to be human. Cause and effect.

We have so much video evidence of police using excessive and unnecessary force. They are so quick to draw and point their firearms, with their fingers on the trigger. One of the golden rules of firearms training is this; do not point your weapon at anything you are not prepared to destroy. I distinctly remember two different instance as a young boy hearing police officers brag about never firing their weapons or only drawing them a few times. Today we see just the opposite. In fact I would say we see a large % of police officers who are ‘eager’ to use their firearms. This is a direct result of the militarization of the police. And I also am beginning to suspect is also the influence of first person shooter video games. Is it healthy or smart to have police officers, people who openly carry weapons legally as part of their jobs, play games where the goal is to ‘kill’ as many people as possible? Games that have now become hyper realistic. I wonder how many police personnel play the Grand Theft Auto games? I know many would scoff at this, as I did not so long ago. Trust me, I have played mucho video games, many FPS games. In particular hyper realistic shooters, and war strategy games. I wonder how many ‘virtual’ people I have killed… I’m sure the number would be staggering. I wonder how many deaths I’ve seen on video/TV/movie… I’m sure the number would be staggering. Is it healthy to be ‘entertaining’ ourselves with death?

I am not condemning the Police or Military personnel per se. Though I will admit I have some philosophical issues with the role of the Police in general, and for that matter the Military. It is human nature to group or categorize. It’s actually how we cope with large amounts of info, simplify. So for some the Police are good, and others bad (regardless of the person’s criminality or lack thereof). But I’ve yet to see any organization with just one type of person in it. I would be lying to say Police don’t serve any useful purpose… but can not these purposes be handled by others? Police departments are a relatively new group in society, some how large cities functioned throughout history without them, including America. The issue with the Police is their ‘unique’ position and function. Whether they are peace/safety officers are law enforcers. What do you do when the those suppose to be enforcing the laws (and for now we will ignore the unjust, bad, immoral laws) are breaking the laws? How do the citizens properly respond to this? Should not a person who carries a weapon as part of their job be held to a ‘specific standard’ on its usage? I know policing can be a very stressful job. But it’s one thing for average Joe citizen to have a stressful job… and lose their cool. A whole another thing, when someone who carries a firearm as part of their job, loses their cool. Since I try not stereotype large groups then for me at least, it comes down to good vs bad cop. The bad cops make the whole group look bad. The organization/brotherhood reality also many times has the good cop covering for the inappropriate behavior of the bad cop… and if they don’t, and depending on the ratio of good:bad officers (level of department corruption), the good cop can be harassed, ostracized, fired, or worse. But let’s assume we have a department with a very low corruption ratio. How do police deal with stress? Do they have outlets or counseling options (free?). Police are people too. Just part of a legalized gang.

I break Police down into three primary groups:
LEO – this person is a professional, they treat people with respect, regardless of the persons race, religion, socioeconomic status. The keep their cool, even when the other party is being a belligerent asshole. They listen, are fair, and patient, especially with those who are not. They do not abuse their authority. Only uses violence when absolutely necessary. Pro.
COP – for this person being the police is just a job. And probably one they don’t really like anymore. But they are committed, don’t see any other options, and want their pension. How this person treats you is going to be dependent on their mood, how you treat them, and your race, religion, socioeconomic status. Their behavior therefore is inconsistent, and largely driven by circumstances. They will abuse their authority as the mood strikes. Not normally violent. Bored.
PIG – abuse of authority is this person’s MO. Good chance they are racist. So a person can be polite and respectful and still get ‘roughed up’. Violence is not unusual. Looks for excuses to abuse position. Vindictive.

But let’s assume the officer is a LEO or a decent Cop, he’s having a bad day, issues at home, money, life etc. He is having a string of assholes mistreat him today… and at the end of his shift the last asshole pushes too far… and he loses it. You know this happens. And this should not be compared to the Pig. Not sure you can blame them, and certainly there are plenty of assholes who deserve to have their teeth kicked in. But where do you draw the line?

Back to militarization of the police.

Military, nationalism, patriotism

Creator vs destroyer –

dont rock the boat – it is not those who expose the criminality who are responsible for the death of a corrupt system or corporation, it is the rulers of said corrupt entity who inevitably are the architects of their own demise.

The magick of the written and spoken word…

We are in a spiritual war… therefore we must be spiritual warriors. My spirit is strong, and despite all the countless attempts to poison it… still has enough purity to drive out the evil of this time. The gauntlet has been thrown, and I pick it UP!! And I will use this gauntlet against those who oppose me. But where my enemies operate in secret, I will speak in the open. Where my enemies bring violence, I will bring peace. Where my enemies bring condemnation, I bring forgiveness. Where my enemies speak lies, I will bring truth. Where my enemies bring bondage, I will break the bonds and show the path of freedom. Where my enemies bring hate, I will bring love. Enough of this worship of wealth… it is destroying humanity, animal kind, and the planet. Let my love open the door. Let the love of the creator open the door. For the creator loves us. He did not make us to be enslaved, or to throw ourselves at his feet. He created us to be free, to share in his creation, not to ‘dominate’ it. To live in harmony with it. Worship the creator from the position of thankfulness and appreciation, not obligation and fear. We are wonderfully and fearfully made. There is still time to save humanity from it’s destructive path. Love conquers all. I so desperately want to love. But I first must break the bonds that hold me. I am so close… my spirit is strong. Let the creator’s love open the door. (Addendum: wow, sometimes I write stuff and think… who is this person? Why, does he appear so infrequently?)

The creator is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the creator for ever.

The cost is high, but what is the value if there is no cost?

Here I am, in all my glory, and in all my shame. But here I am. The real thing. Love me or despise me. But I do not pretend to be something I am not. I am not what I want to be… yet.  But here I am. Fighting to be what I want I to be. Struggling against the toxic malaise that encompasses us all. I will overcome.

What is this that holds me back? What is this power that disarms me, that dis-empowers me. It goes back into my childhood.

The danger of the ‘organization’. Impersonal, no ‘personal’ responsibility. Has a life of it’s own.

I wonder how close we are to having the first voluntary outing of a person everyone thought was male or female and turns out they are transgender? It’s one thing to fantasize about someone of a particular sex and they reveal they’re gay, it’s a whole other thing to reveal they were born the opposite sex…

Humans are so good at self deception… but what if is is not self deception? What if it is not ‘me’ that is deceiving myself… but some other…. ‘entity’.

What if the normal progression of a life forms on a planet is that the first species to achieve interplanetary travel always wipes itself out….

love your enemies
stop participating in the system(s) that enslave us – starve the beast

War for for Mind: Addendum

I need to address what drives me. I am insatiably curious. I want to know how things ‘really’ work. The facts, what actually occurred, or the truth. The truth… is not some nebulous concept, it is not subjective, or open to opinion. It is simply that which actually occurred. Now discovering the truth… well that does become nebulous, subjective, and very opinionated. But, and not without a large dose of irony, this is not because of a desire to find the truth, but because of person’s need to hide the truth (reword)

I have also, for a long time, been a big picture thinker. I use to think I had a knack for seeing the big picture. But I suspect now that it is actually a skill I developed in my desire to know how things work. In order to understand the big picture you must simplify. We live in complex societies, with complex systems, using complex tools, with many complex relationships. We are drowning in details, lost in the minutia. And in fact this is one of the primary purposes of complexity; to confuse, to obfuscate, to discourage.  But in order to see the big picture, to see the forest for the trees (which is what I wanted to call this blog; ‘Forest for the Trees’, though TruthShock is a good one, and an accurate one) you must break down these complex entities into their simple base form. Or distill, the process by which you remove impurities with some form of heat. Strip away the unnecessary. So whether I have a knack for this distillation process, or I have developed it over the years. Regardless, it is a skill necessary in order to understand how governments, societies, nations, and the world itself works.

The point I am at today is this; if one is to understand ‘what is really going on’ then you first must understand these three things.

Deception – the art of deception, the depth of and breadth of the deception in which we all live, the commitment many have to using deception. You must understand that you as an individual are deeply deceived, and it is natural to want to deny this, but if it’s any consolation, so is everyone else you know. It is not an easy process to rewire or unwire the brain, both intellectually and emotionally. It’s a veritable minefield if you want to find the truth. A lie is discovered to quickly be replaced by another lie. It is impossible to see the big picture without understanding we live in age of universal and deeply imbedded deception.

Mind Control – at the person to person level, and from a benign position, call it the art of influence, at the malicious position it is the art of manipulation. But the techniques used to do this are well known, and are even more effective at the group level. Video in all its forms(TV, Movie, Youtube), radio, print media are all tools of mind control, and have been since their inception. The internet connected device has now become the most powerful tool of control. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter… are all extremely powerful tools to ‘lead’ the herd. Herd mentality, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and deception are used against us to control us.

Spiritual – there is much more than the physical, just as their is much more physical than can be seen with the naked eye. We are spiritual beings in physical bodies. If we ignore or discount the spiritual we’ll never understand the deeper workings. But by far this is the most mysterious. And not by accident. The ‘spiritual’ arena and it’s many options are fraught with all kinds of charlatans, con-men, and dupes. There is a reason we are so spiritually sick, despite all of the organizations that are suppose to ‘feed’ the spirit. Remember, the closer one gets to the truth the more resistance and deception will appear.

Any person who portrays themselves as having it ‘all together’ is a consummate fraud. Especially today in this egregious world of deception we live in. NO ONE has ALL the answers. No one. We are all in this mess together. We need each other to get thru it. Wisdom is realizing that the more your understand the less you know.

We have no spiritual leaders today. None. Nada. The ones who claim to be are frauds, charlatans, wolves in sheep’s clothing. And once one understands the importance, nay the critical nature of the spiritual condition, the one more realizes why the world is so spiritually dead…

The world is ruled by those who lust for power and control… realize that money/wealth is but a means to achieve power and control. I have no desire for power or control or wealth. And yet I am compelled to lead. Because I refuse to follow the sycophants who rule. Because ‘leading’ is vastly different from ‘ruling’ or ‘controlling. I have confused these for all of my life. To ‘lead’ does not equate control. At least not to ‘real’ leaders. To lead is just that.. to lead. Leaders lead, whether others follow is no concern to real leaders. They simply do what they do… blaze their own path.  I think, I believe, I walk the path I’m on because I have considered the opinions of others, contemplated their merits, and then chose my path based on my own conclusions, as warped and manipulated as they are. What more can I or you or we do?

In the late 80’s I came home from college from Xmas break. I came in the front door and there was my sister, 5 years my junior and with a male friend of hers. She introduces me to him, Sky Oak Speaker, that is the name I remember. The first words out of his mouth… “you are a frustrated leader who doesn’t want to lead”. As soon as he said it I knew it was true. Even though that ‘reality’ had never crossed my mind.

I no longer care who is spying on me. In fact my message is to those who do. If I am to lead, then I am going to lead into truth. And for those who spy, you know the depravity of that which is hidden. But if we do not live in the truth, we will, and we actually are, enslaved by that which is secret. Do you want to be free or be a slave? Do you want to be FREE or be a SLAVE? FREEDOM or SLAVERY? WHAT DO YOU WANT? BOTH HAVE A COST!!!

You, you who have PROOF of the truth must reveal it. Regardless the cost. If you do not, then humanity is lost. There is something much more important than wealth, or reputation, or even peace of mind. Revealing the machinations of those very few who illegitimately control the world. If there is a creator then they are watching to see what you do with your time here in the physical. Wow. I need to say that again to myself. If there is a creator then they are watching to see what you do with your time here in the physical.

Free the spirit within you. Let the love of the creator open the door. Don’t let religion block you from the love of the creator.

We’ve been so poisoned by our culture. Turn off your TVs, your online videos, your radio. Put your smart phone down.. because it’s making you dumb. Be still and know.

Let my love open the door… I’m not talking about romantic love. That BS that has been created by mass media. I’m talking about real love. Sincere. Genuine. No strings attached.

What a sad reality or statement of our current society than that many humans have more genuine affection towards their pets than other persons…. which is one reason why I don’t have a pet. I refuse to substitute a cat/dog for a real person. And let their be no confusion, I am fan of all animals.

Our societies have been perverted by those who control mass media. Our communities destroyed on purpose because the community is the foundation of strong stable families.

LET MY LOVE OPEN THE DOOR TO YOUR HEART. – This is what the Creator says to all of us. Everyone person on this planet. Regardless of sex, race, belief. Regardless of socioeconomic status. Regardless of what you have done or not. Regardless of ANYTHING. This is what LOVE is. Acceptance without judgement. For this is what forgiveness is all about; to release one from judgement when judgement is deserved.

We live in world so propagated with hate and fear and violence. But why? So the few can get rich at the expense of the many.



5 thoughts on “And another bite of that delicious enchilada…

  1. You are generally correct overall, and slight not so right, but I think I can sum it up with your near end of article statement.

    What a sad reality or statement of our current society than that many humans have more genuine affection towards their pets than other persons…. which is one reason why I don’t have a pet. I refuse to substitute a cat/dog for a real person. And let their be no confusion, I am fan of all animals.

    True, but also not true. Live in a Latin country and witness first hand cruelty to animals and their overwhelming loving response to someone who reaches back to them. Not everyone understands genuine affection towards their pets and see them instead as an extension of their being. Others do understand the personal relationship between humans and animals. That’s a good starting point.

    It’s a good starting point, because it applies to people. The service you put forward on behalf on an animal gets repaid in service back to you. Same applies to people. But providing service to other people feels like a kick in the teeth, so start with small steps. Work with your family first and, yes, forgive 70 times 7 times because they are the toughest.

    Don’t forget to fast occasionally. it’s a little uncomfortable, but it is how we personally humble ourselves before God. You know why we get on our knees? Not because we are fearful, but to humble ourselves in that way also.

    So yeah, lead with an open heart and forgiveness and continue to speak truthfully. Good read. I’m a hypocrite too. Got to change myself first as well.

    1. I agree with your comments about pets. I was coming from the position of how warped our society has become. That for many people, because they’ve been hurt, used, and abused by other people, their closest relation is their pet. This is not a negative towards those people in that position. It is quite understandable why it occurs. It is a comment about the sickness of our societies.

      Thanks for the fasting comment, something I needed to hear to encourage me to actually act on my own thoughts about doing this.

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