Another bite of the enchilda…

As per my last enchilada post… this is a raw dump of thoughts. Partially edited for grammar and spelling. As always, regardless of whether you agree or not, I hope it provokes thought.

“For fools rush in where angels fear to tread”

Alexander Pope – An Essay on Criticism (1709)

I’ve spent the majority of my life being a fool, or perhaps it is more accurate to say ‘being fooled’. But even today I would rather rush in as the fool, then run away as the coward.

Despite the desperate nature of the current state of affairs I still have great belief in a radically different future. The current world today is a reflection of three overriding factors; control, greed, deception. And yet in spite of this we still have many positive and beautiful things. So just imagine what kind of world we could have if the factors were; freedom, generosity, honesty.

The time of the prophet is nigh at hand. There is nothing particularly special about the prophet. The prophet is simply one who sees the forest for the trees. One who accurately sees the past, the present, and based on that is able to project where the path leads in the future. This can and has been done on a very short timeline of a few years and a very lone timeline of millennia. The prophet sees the truth and speaks the truth. Where are the spiritual leaders today? There are so few. Which is not surprising since there has now been a concerted effort for many decades to suppress the spirit of peoples. People are so spiritually dead today. They go to their churches, temples, mosques to be fed and leave in even worse condition than when they entered. Instead of getting fed they are fed upon. Instead of being refreshed they are drained.

Central Banks are the current ruling control system of today. Supplanting the old stalwarts of Religion and Government. And they use usury and fiat currency to enslave and control the people. And yet it is unique in that it does not have the ‘leader’ that is worshiped like the Church or State. I suppose there is small group of financial acolytes that worshiped the Fed head(s); Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen. But certainly not the masses. Religion has it’s holy texts, and the State it’s laws and founding documents, the banks official texts are legal contracts, such as the loan, an instrument of bondage.  At least Religion and Government have the pretense that they offer hope, answers… but the bank. Well they use to keep your money safe, but no longer, not with negative interest rates and bank account forfeiture. In fact what is VERY unique about Central Bank control is that the masses do not realize they are the controllers. Most mistakenly believe it is the State. And since Central Banks rule is it any wonder why greed is so pervasive in our societies, why people worship those who have lots of money, and those with lots of money worship the things they purchase with it? Note: I am confident one could make a compelling case that Religion’s holy texts and the State’s founding documents are also instruments of bondage as well.

The Corporation: a legal entity (fantasy) that’s sole purpose is to extract resources from the many to distribute to the few, oftentimes called ‘profit’, but without the personal responsibility, such as a sole proprietorship  or partnership. The corporation wants or sometimes demands the loyalty of its servants, often called employees, but rarely returns said loyalties for one of two primary reasons; a legal entity can have no loyalty (only sentient beings can demonstrate loyalty) and loyalty for the corporation oftentimes is a threat to the bottom-line, and you never threatened the ‘profits’! Even though the corporation is made up of people, it still exists as a separate entity. It has a life of it’s own, unique from those that populate it. Some people use this ‘separate entity’ as a shield behind which they rob? others. Through shoddy products, manipulative advertising, improper handling of industrial waste, to name a few. These predators wreck havoc for a few years at one company and then hop to another, having no personal responsibility for their actions, and the corporation can’t be held responsible for ‘one employee’ who no longer works there… right?

America’s current financial system is in dire straits, actually make that the world. But let’s stick with the USofA. So Walmart comes to some small town and everyone is excited. Convenience, low prices, jobs. What’s not to like? Walmart Corporate did not open a store in Anytown, USA to make people happy. It opened a store there to make money. It came to take, for the profits don’t stay in Anytown, no they go to Walmart Corporate. The small local owned businesses (in particular the ones put out of business by the new Walmart) they kept their profits local, they spent their profits locally. Sure Walmart created jobs, but at the expense of small businesses. and these aren’t good jobs, they’re low paying jobs. But it does not stop at the local level. No in order for Walmart to have such low, low, low prices it does one of two things. It buys from foreign companies, whose workers work in sweat shops at very low wages, many times in dangerous conditions, and under intense pressure to produce. Did I mention how young many of these ‘workers’ are? By doing this is puts the USA company out of business or forces it to shut down it’s USA factories and manufacture elsewhere. If a US corporation off-shores it’s manufacturing it’s cost go down, profits go up, the stock price goes up… everyone is happy. Well except for all the good folks who lost their manufacturing jobs. But such is progress right? I mean Nike’s corporate earnings good news always trumps the closure of a plant in Anytown, USA… right, at least for Wall Street? I mean come on now, Wall Street is much more important than Main Street of Anytown, USA! Now if they do source from a USA company here is what happens to them. So let’s take a medium sized company, has a good product, good reputation, is profitable. Walmart offers them a contract, which dwarfs any of the other contracts or customers. So much so that they might even drop some in order to fulfill the new Walmart contract. They take out loans to grow their business to meet the new demand. Now Walmart is their bigger customer, by a long shot. So much so that now if they lose their Walmart contract it could put them out of business, so Walmart now has them by the short hairs. And Walmart comes calling and says, we need to drop the cost of your product by 10%. 10%!, that’s huge. That’s going to cut into profits. We’re going to have to lower costs, which is not necessarily a bad thing. But once the easy cuts have been made then then only the hard or questionable choices remain. Do we lower the quality of our product? Does it really need to last a lifetime? I mean come on, who lives a lifetime, or uses a product that long for that matter? And so the product quality is lowered. And this happen again, and again… you know what I speak of. Walmart makes more profit.. but at whose expense? You and I, who also just happen to be their customers. So now the product that you bought once for $50 that you never need replace is now just $10! “By Grabthar’s Hammer… what a savings.” Of course you have to replace said item now every 2-3 years and in just 20 years you’ve spent close to $100 where before you spent $50.

Where slashing products cost gets really scary is when we start talking about food products. McDonald’s sells how many hamburgers a day in the US alone? How many millions of pounds is that? Beef is expensive, even the beef they produce in their unsanitary, unhealthy, inhumane feed lots. So if we replace say, oh let’s just do 5% of the the beef with a cheap filler that cost pennies per pound versus dollars per pound for beef. 5% adds up real fast when you’re using millions of pounds per day. Costs go down, profits go up. The customer can’t tell a difference, well most can’t, and the filler is harmless… right? Wait what exactly is that filler made of… did you say trees?

The Spirit is strong, and there is a wildness to it, not dangerous but unrestrained. Because our spirits have been suppressed they are immature. One matures by listening, thinking, and doing. The maturation process is sometimes messy. But necessary nonetheless. Time is short though, and the spirit must grow and mature quickly.

The spirit has been marginalized by science, and yet science has now come full circle

overcoming your conditioning

Poverty is created by wealth accumulation. It is IMPOSSIBLE for one person of their own sweat and toil and work to become wealthy. Oh come one you say, there are many examples of people who have gotten wealthy by themselves, especially in the tech industries. But they did not get wealthy ‘by themselves’, in fact most of your tech billionaires had lot’s of help, and/or their success was based on using others work. Like Bill Gates buying what became MS-DOS for $50k and then turning around and selling it to IBM per machine. Or Steve Jobs stealing ideas/tech from a visit to Xerox PARC, not to mention that it was Steve Wozniak who actually created the early computers. But Gates, Jobs, Zuckerburg, et al all were riding on the computer bandwagon. Which was the work of tens of thousands of peoples at least. And and some point down that chain you’re going to find people doing menial labor, in a high production sweat shop, making pennies per hour. Henry Ford did not become fabulously wealthy by building cars by himself, right? No, he created the assembly line. Then hired people to work on it, paying them a tiny fraction of what he could sell the car for. In fact Ford figured out that he needed to pay his workers more, so they could afford to purchase the cars they were building. He did NOT do this out of the generosity of his heart. No he did this because he realized he could make MORE money by doing this, since it would increase the numbers of cars sold, thereby putting more cars on the road which were rolling advertisements and hence create more consumer demand for those who did not work at Ford.

The only way to accumulate wealth, is to take a portion of other people’s toil and keep it for yourself. The more people you can take from, and the greater the portion per person, the wealthier you can get. This is the classic example of the King and his Kingdom. It’s simple math.

One coincidence is possible, two coincidences is suspicious, three coincidences is a plan. I’ll let you decide what 10+ or 100+ coincidences is.

Who is in control?


It is beyond slavery, it is addiction. It is what Huxley wrote in ‘Brave New World’. Dependency is addiction. If you are dependent on someone/something else for sustenance then that is a form of addiction. If you are dependent on a prescribed medication that is addiction. If you can’t put your smart phone down for a hour without checking it, that is addiction. The system(s) has been designed to create addictions in the populace. Because an addict is easy to control if one controls what they are addicted too…

Hmm… so I’ve believed for a long time that everyone is addicted to something. Many addictions are benign, harmless, some even healthy, others are extremely dangerous or destructive. I wonder if then it is basic human nature to have addictions? Aren’t we all addicted to oxygen, water, and food? We can’t live without it. So just like greed is a perversion of the instinct to store in case of lean times, the system again perverts the natural addiction instinct and uses it against the populace.

It is one thing to awake dreamily from a deep slumber…
another to become fully alert,
another to climb out of bed,
another to shower and get dressed,
and another thing altogether to go running into battle…

War of consciousness… what level are you at?

Mass control @ the individual level – this is what the networked computer allows and this is what is happening today. Even within the crowd that is aware, folks who actually know and understand the relevancy of Snowden and Assange, would be shocked at the level of control that TPTB have today. It is why the internet has not been heavily censored or shut down yet… because the information gathered and the ability to manipulate is still more powerful/valuable than the risk of revolt/revolution due to the masses awakening to the grand deception(s).

You realize that Central Banking (the now predominant control system) is it direct conflict with Religion (the oldest control system), in particular the Religion of Christianity (not to be confused with being a Disciple or follower of Christ). Central banking is about the worship of wealth, and Religion is the antithesis, in particular Christianity (at least according to the 4 Gospels). What was Christ’s answer to the rich young ruler on how to enter the Kingdom of Heaven…? Assuming there are some readers who are not Christians, and for those ‘Christians’ who’ve yet to find time to read even one of the Gospels. Christ told the young ruler to sell everything he had and give it to the poor. A person cannot serve two masters… We have churches here in the US who cater to those who worship money, probably safe to say whole denominations. Whole bunch here in D/FW, TX area. In the US religion use to be a counter to Central Banking’s message of greed.

Alternative/Truth media needs to stop using Google and YouTube, we know they are a CIA creation. There are alternatives. It is so easy to layer audio/video info into Youtube vids, possibly ad hoc, and certainly based on user. Subconscious, subliminal, video is

The closer one get’s to the Truth the more flack, misinformation, distraction will occur. Therefore it is simple logic to understand that the Alternative/Truth media is chock full of wolves in sheep’s clothing. You must use both logic and discernment to ascertain the truth. We each must make our own decisions on who is legit, willing agents, unwilling dupes, unknowing misinformation agents. Remember, the game is very deep. The best liar is the person who bought a lie, and then repeats it with full conviction and integrity. So if you play this out that means a person you 100% know is honest and trustworthy could deeply deceive you because ‘they’ have been deeply deceived. Layers upon layers upon layers…

Seek the truth, speak the truth, live the truth.

There is power in words, both spoken and written.


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