A bite of the enchilada…

but not the whole enchilada. The following is raw. Edited for grammar and spelling only. Well, mostly, I tried to leave it as unedited as possible. It’s my musings, thoughts, opinions, questions. Some are complete, some only a few words. For better or worse it’s a snapshot of my mind. The admonitions and exhortations are directed as much to myself the writer as to you the reader. I felt compelled to share this as is. Think of this as a visit to the workshop of the artisan, instead of viewing their work in a museum (not that I think of myself as an artist, but it’s a much better analogy than imagining watching your favorite author write a book… which sounds ‘really’ boring).  I hope it provokes thought.

The sheer scale of the illusion… the hijacking of peoples lives… mass psychosis… the manipulation of base human emotions and needs, the conflict of duality… the staggering volume of deception,,,

add to that all of my faults, weaknesses, contradictions… and yet many… maybe all of our ‘issues’ are a direct result of this mass ‘experiment’ we now live in. Those who do not submit or take to their ‘programming’ are labeled as rebels or crazy. Turn off your TVs (I do not have a TV, but I still watch too much vids on the PC), put down your smartphones (at least I was able to do this, but I’ve never been a small form factor (gadget) person, btw it is very liberating to not have a cell/smart phone), turn off your radios (I do listen to a commercial free jazz station in my car), walk away from your computers (this is my white whale…). All these are tools used to control us.  I struggle to understand who I am, who is the real me? Is there a real me? I and you and all of us have been so bombarded with others thoughts, desires, opinions. How do we take back control of our minds? How do we detox the mind? How do we free the spirit? Our spirits have been buried to be replaced by foreign spirits.

The deceived lead others into deception. Wolves in sheep’s clothing are everywhere. The best lie is always wrapped in truth. The charlatan calls out the lies of others to lead you into their own web of deceit. Out of the frying pan, into the fire. It is ‘democratic’ politics in a nutshell. You’re really deciding whose lies you like better. The lesser of two evils is still evil… and I refuse to choose evil. You don’t fight evil with evil. Those who make that fateful decision are consumed by the very evil they struggle against. You don’t fight money with money. This is one of the key lessons of the Gospels. You don’t fight secrets with secrets. You don’t fight deception with deception. You don’t defeat the enemy by playing their game. A game they created. A game they control, rig, change the rules as they please, and still have to ‘cheat’ at to win. You, I, we defeat the enemy by playing OUR game.

Freedom. All we really experienced is an illusion… true freedom can only be conceptualized at this point. But that is what I want. Freedom has both a physical and spiritual component. In order to be fully free both the mind and the soul must be free. The spirit is enslaved by corruption(?).

Make no mistake that are those who profess to want freedom but what they really desire is chaos. Personal freedom means you are your own sovereign, therefore the only person you govern is yourself, but you still must control yourself.

Ultimately this is a spiritual war. That is why choosing sides’ is ultimately foolhardy. The spiritual war respects no boundaries of organizational, national, political, religion… language difference is no barrier for the spiritual, nor it seems is time or space or distance. When ‘good’ peoples start a ‘organization’ to combat all the other corrupted organizations… it is only a matter of time until that organization is infiltrated and hijacked, diverted, neutered, or corrupted from within. And this is just the physical side. This same process happens on the spiritual level as well. How do you resist that which is unseen? That chain of influence… who or what is influencing you? The answer is simple. Everything you expose yourself to.

Is the physical simply a representation of the spiritual? But we know there exists elements and substances that are very real but one cannot see with the naked eye. The atmosphere, gases and radio waves are but a few of many examples. And we know the eye only sees a small portion (the visible spectrum) of the total electromagnetic radiation spectrum. So then it seems reasonable to conclude one or maybe both of the following; the physical is a partial representation of the spiritual, humans only ‘see’ a small portion of the spiritual. Hmm, or the spiritual is completely separate from the physical.

The difference between the heart (soul) and the mind (intellect). Emotion vs logic, spirit vs physical.

If the straight and narrow path was difficult 2000 years ago, then just how much harder is it today? It would have to be multiple ‘factors’ more. The forces arrayed against us to corrupt the spirit. It is truly staggering in today’s world. So many distractions… and many quite benign, but still a diversion from the straight path.

Our spirits have been suppressed for so long, they are weak, sick, malnourished, immature. Freeing the spirit is but the first step. We must nurse our spirits back into health. How quickly we can restore the spirit is directly correlated to the level of disconnection from the material world and focus on the spiritual(?).

I hear some speak of larger numbers of people awakening. I believe this to be true but at what level? Ultimately it does us no good to only partially awake. In fact the partially awake might be the most precarious position, for many in this position are fooled into thinking they are ‘fully’ awake and therefore can be led into even deeper deception. BEWARE of wolves in sheep’s clothing. The web of deceit we live within is stunning in depth and width. Layers upon layers upon layers. There are those who practice the art of deception and are masters at their craft. The tools and tricks of this trade have been passed down for millennium. Ultimately this is what the ‘occult’ is. From the Webster’s 1828 Dictionary; Occult: “Hidden from the eye or understanding; invisible; secret; unknown; undiscovered; undetected” So the ‘occult’ at it’s very core is deception. And this is why ALL secret societies are dangerous and unhealthy. For even those who start with ‘good intentions’ will eventually be corrupted by the very nature of being secret. I’m not sure if it’s possible today to be fully awake. But NEVER assume you are, for once you do you become vulnerable to the wolves. Maybe an alternative way of saying this is do not make the mistake of thinking once you’ve awoken to a great deception, that you are awake to all great deceptions, and most importantly that you cannot be taken by another great deception.

I wonder if the true process of awakening is actually the breaking of ‘spells’ that one has been put under? Is spellbound and possession the same? I lean towards ‘no’ at the moment. Spellbound is about the mind, possession is about the spirit?

And this is why each of us, as individuals, must walk our own path. Not follow another. This applies both physically and spiritually. Your spiritual journey is yours and yours alone, unique between you and the creator. Don’t allow others to hijack your journey. This is one of the purposes of Religion… to derail you from walking your own path. Do not look unto others for answers. You will either be deceived and/or become dependent if you do so. If one must be dependent then be dependent on the creator. But my own personal experience has never shown that the creator wants or desires dependency. I do not believe the creator wants us to worship him/her/it. The creator wants to commune with us, to share with us, to ‘be’ with us. Be still and know. Religion becomes a barrier, a hindrance, a stumbling block, a millstone around the neck.


I use to not understand what ‘righteous’ anger was… but I do now. And the majority of the world’s population will experience this as the facade falls away. And rightly so. But even righteous anger can be directed towards destructive outcomes… how do we channel this force into a positive outcome? Revenge is a self destructive path.

There was a time when I could not grasp the full meaning of the word ‘anguish’… but I do now. I experience it regularly now. It is a pain deep within. I believe it ultimately is a spiritual condition. My heart and/or spirit is in anguish over the reality of the world we live in. It grieves my spirit. My spirit cries out; for relief, for peace, for truth, for decency, for justice.

We live in historic times. This is not hyperbole, exaggeration, or boasting. It is true. We live in a time of historic and unprecedented technological change. The microprocessor has revolutionized the world. The pace of change today is ridiculous. But because we live in the midst of it… it has become ‘normal’. Our societies today cannot fully adapt to a new disruptive technologies before they are supplanted by newer ones. So not only are we dealing with numerous new disruptive technologies at one time, but the rate at which they come and go is quickening. This creates societal stress. And I am only referring to the publicly known technologies. The microprocessor has launched us into the future. It has radically shortened research time from years and decades to days and months.

One World Government – how do TPTB usher in the NWO which is actually 3 global systems? Monetary, Government, and Religion. Hegelian dialectic; problem, reaction, solution. So for monetary system a worldwide economic collapse should do the trick. For government WWIII should do the trick, or possibly global famine. And for Religion fake alien invasion, or maybe global pandemic. Fake alien invasion sounds ridiculous. It really does. Which is exactly why it would work if presented in a convincing manner, and the technology exists to do so.

For all the talk of a gold backed currency, must remember that TPTB want a cashless (all electronic) monetary system. So they then can control all currency at the account level and track EVERY transaction, not to mention take a ‘cut’ of every transaction. And what exactly do the good folks do when the power is out? Makes me wonder if by forcing electronic transactions that it will lead more to barter and trade, and precious metals.

To me in order to understand the ‘big picture’ one must first understand these:
Control: Macro level (the few controlling the many), micro level (individual controlling another or group). Years ago a post @ ZeroHedge had a comment, this was it; “It’s all about control”. It is that simple. There is a tiny % of the population who are consumed with controlling others, call it an addiction. A desire which seems to be impossible to satiate. More control means one of two possibilities; increasing the # of people controlled, increasing the amount of control per person.
Deception: Mass deception (global), depth and breadth of deception, art of deception
Mind Control: I want to call it something else because ‘mind control’ has been hijacked so as to discourage people from actually believing they ‘might’ be under mind control. But ‘mind control’ is the most accurate terminology. For it is more than simply thought control, or opinion manipulation. It is subverting critical thinking. It is literally preventing rational thought. It’s not just controlling ‘what’ one things about, but also ‘how’ one thinks about it.
Greed: the perversion of the basic human survival instinct, to store up food/supplies in case of an emergency, shortage, or drought. But greed ALWAYS means taking from others for your own selfish gain. Greed is short term gain with long term consequences.
Spiritual War:

I believe Ron Paul said: “The truth is treason, in an empire of lies”. A true but incomplete statement, and unfortunately a negative one. The truth is dangerous to those who profit from the lie. People are enslaved by the lie at the macro level, and afraid of the truth at the micro level. People willingly aid and abed the lie because they benefit from it, because they are embarrassed to admit they knew of it but did nothing, because they are afraid of it. So greed, shame, fear…

MSM gives you the ‘effect’ but rarely do they present the actual ’cause’.

Everything has a cost, and today the world is now facing that reality. Much of the cost of our current ‘modern’ societies was pushed into the future through debt. So people were able to enjoy many ‘conveniences’ in the present without the cost because the cost had been pushed to the future. Well what is happening today is the future has arrived and will continue to arrive, and the earth and it’s inhabitants are now facing the costs. And the costs are very high.


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