War for my Mind – Part 3

Is mind control real? Maybe the better question is what does it mean to have one’s mind controlled? Let’s go back to our classic example of mind control. So a group of people have convinced the populace that a man is a god. How this is done will be addressed in a following post. So now that a person ‘believes’ a man is a god, then that, let’s call him ‘godman’, has a tremendous amount of ‘influence’ over said person. For certainly god knows much much more than a simple man.  At this point the godman can do as he pleases with the true believers, those who doubt will mostly obey due to social pressure, and those who know it’s a sham either actively participate and benefit from the sham, or play along for self preservation. Those who protest against the sham are labeled as heretics, insane, or trouble makers. And therefore they are either killed, ignored, or run off.

So the godman now has more than mind control, as ultimately all mind control leads to physical control. Physical control without physical effort. Mental slavery versus physical slavery. Much more efficient. So now the godman has control over part of each persons day. Whether it be through prayer/supplication, tribute/tax (percentage of physical output), or rituals/gatherings. The godman provides many answers to how the world works and therefore controls how the populace thinks about the world, and in particular how they view god. The godman normally creates rules of behavior and therefore then is able to control how the populace behaves. It’s amazing really. I suspect what is really amazing is how relatively easily this is done.

One important fact of mind control is that it requires regular reinforcement. The schedule of reinforcement is directly related to the amount of control being exercised. More control = higher frequency of reinforcement.  Reinforcement requires regular exposure to the ‘message’. When the populace is small, and let’s assume we’re dealing with pre-industrial peoples, then exposure is simple. As it is easy to visit/see/hear the godman at his location. But exposure becomes more difficult/impractical as the populace grows. In particular if the populace becomes geographically dispersed. At this point the godman creates official ‘representatives’ to go out amongst the populace to spread the message. Eventually these representatives remain in these distant areas, have permanent structures, and begin to act as proxy for the godman. Representatives becomes priests, structures become temples, the message is codified and thus religion is born.

I believe it is possible to identify religion as the first organized system of mind control. For religion is mind control. Religion is a system of control. Many organized systems of control follow the same model as religion;
representative class (priests), physical presence/building (temple), official codified text (holy book).

Religion           priest       temple   holy book
Government    politician  capital    constitution
Judicial            judge       court      laws
Education        teacher    school    textbooks

Mass mind control is very real and very old. It is pervasive throughout history. It is how the few control the many. Religion is the oldest organized system of mind control using the art of deception to convince the populace that a person is a god or represents god.


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