War for my Mind – Part 1

Mind Control. Is it real? Is it possible? What does it mean to have ones mind controlled? Mind control is a loaded phrase in the English lexicon. Let’s put aside the term ‘mind control’ for now. Let’s try some other terms; propaganda, opinion manipulation, manufacturing consent, thought control, mesmerized, whipped, idol worship, crowd control, social pressure, group think, popular opinion.

We all are aware of cultures in the past where a person was worshiped and believed to be a god. Egyptians, Aztecs, Imperial Japanese. Yes, only 70 years ago a major technologically advanced nation’s people believed their leader, the Emperor Hirohito, to be divine. Most people in first world nations would scoff at someone believing that an actual person is a god. And yet history is replete with this reality. So how does a person, or more realistically, a small group of people convince the larger population that a person is a god? For this is a classic and ancient example of mind control. The first conclusion to make since we know a person is not a god is that ‘deception’ is the keystone of mind control. The next conclusion is that mind control cannot occur without a communication medium. Language (written/spoken), images/symbols are needed to manipulate thoughts. So in order to have ones mind manipulated requires exposure to the message. This can be direct or indirect exposure. Therefore in order to infect a large population requires an efficient communication system. Thousands of years ago civilizations had such systems. Those systems pale in comparison to the modern communication systems of today, systems that are now worldwide and instantaneous.

Why are people susceptible to thought manipulation? Why did thousands to millions choose to believe that a person is a god? I contemplate this from two positions. One is at the beginning of the deception, the first time the ‘idea’ is presented that a person is a/the god to the general population. The second is if one is ‘born’ into the deception. So the manufactured ‘reality’ exist in the culture one is born into. So it is easier to understand, if one is taught from birth that your ‘ruler’ is a god, why a person believes this. If your parents, friends, siblings, and for that matter the general population as a whole believes an idea then one would be ‘crazy’ not to believe it. The ramifications of those last two sentences to anyone’s beliefs should be tremendous. But how was this deception sold to the masses initially? Why did people begin to ‘worship’ their leader? Is leader worship a prerequisite step to transforming a man into a god? Regardless of the civilization at some distinct point in time their leader went from being mortal man to immortal god. Why or how did people choose to believe this lie? For believing a person is a god is mind control. Mind control is deception.


4 thoughts on “War for my Mind – Part 1

  1. I’d say people want desperately to believe that there is more to life – that there is some supernatural aspect to it. So, it was easy for someone long ago, to “sell himself” to the masses, as that very savior. Keep in mind also, that it appears that some Roman Emperors demanded such reverence be paid to them, and when it wasn’t – the offender received the death penalty! There is an interesting book, on this topic, by Alexander Del Mar, entitled THE WORSHIP OF AUGUSTUS CAESAR, which can be found here: https://archive.org/details/worshipofaugustu00delmuoft

    1. Thanks for the links. Yes I agree the CBs are behind some of the mind control, but imo there is a whole host of groups trying to control our minds. I agree that the person presenting them self as god appeals to the desire by people for ‘answers’. And certainly god has plenty of answers!

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