Acting vs Being…

I do not want to ‘act’, I want to ‘be’. The difference is truly night and day. Black vs white, the lie vs the truth. Acting is an intellectual exercise, being is spiritual. Acting comes from without, being from within. Acting comes from the brain, being from the heart. Acting is a performance, being is sincerity. Acting is fake, being is real.

I first wrestled with this issue over 20 years ago. The question then as it is now; how do we move from acting to being? I will attempt to answer this as I write. Since ‘being’ is spiritual then it seems the first step for anyone is to first connect/reconnect with your spiritual self. In fact I suspect this is the most important step. In fact this may be the only step. For the spirit is always ‘real’. How do you connect with your spirit? First understand a great deal of effort has been taken to suppress the spirits of all people. One of the primary tools of this suppression is mass media. So to connect with your spirit you need to disconnect from mass media. For most this will not be easy since we’ve been conditioned to be addicted to mass media. In order to hear your spirit you must be still, quiet, and patient. This is not possible with the constant noise from mass media.

If this acting vs being resonates in any way please take some time to think about the difference and what it means. Our societies as a whole teach us to ‘act’ rather than to ‘be’. I remember in college getting instructions about how to make presentations, I realized that this person was giving strategies on how to present while you are a nervous wreck, which apparently is exactly what this person did. I thought to myself; would it not be easier to make a good presentation if you’re NOT a nervous wreck? I wanted to ‘be’ calm, not ‘act’ calm whilst actually being a nervous wreck. (Note: My strategy to be calm was simple. First know what you are presenting front to back, then practice making the presentation until you have it down pat. Second, remind yourself that your audience is glad they are not the ones presenting, and third just be yourself, speak naturally, don’t try and be perfect.)

Let us all be.


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