What side are you on…?

Do you notice a trend when it comes to sides? You only have two choices. What happens when neither choice is one you like? What happens when both choices are corrupt? What happens when both options present themselves as the ‘right’ choice and yet both are but wolves in sheep’s clothing. What do you choose? The lesser of two evils? And by so choosing you automatically align yourself with evil. By so choosing you compromise your principles. By so choosing you align yourself to these ‘parties’ who are controlled by wicked people.

No I say. We must reject these false choices!

You do and must make a choice. Are you going to follow some other person, organization, ideology, or religion? Or are you going to think for yourself and walk your own path? Are you going to let other persons define what is right and wrong, good and evil? Do you understand that if ‘evil’ is defining good and evil that it’s definitions will be perverted and false? Or are you going to choose to stand your ground and live what you believe to be right?

What ‘side’ are you on? Do you actually know what your side ‘believes’? Do you know the people who ‘control’ the side you’re on? I’m not talking about the figureheads, spokespersons, talking heads, and puppets who are paraded in front of us. I’m talking about the people who actually control the side. If this is a difficult or impossible question to answer then should you be aligning yourself with a group whose controllers hide themselves? Is this a sign of leadership and bravery or en-slavers and cowardice?

What side are you on?

Don’t let other people, at the very least misinformed people if not deliberately deceptive, force you into a choice you don’t like. You can say no, you can abstain. Choosing not to pick a side is a valid choice. By doing so we say no to these corrupt, broken, deceitful choices and yes to independence. By doing so we say “I will walk my own path, I will make my own way.”

What side am I on? I’m on my side. What side are you on?


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