It’s all about Control…

It’s all about control. Power is control, money and deception are tools of control, and wealth is created by control. The history of the world can be condensed into one overarching theme; the very few controlling the masses. War and conquest are about enlarging one’s sphere of control. Countless inventions throughout history were driven by war, a good recent example is one you’ve probably heard of… the Internet.

I hope those of you aware of the NSA revelations provided by Snowden, regardless of his motivations, realize that the Internet is the ultimate tool of control. Information is power, therefore information is control. Not only has the Internet provided unprecedented amounts of information on each of it’s users(in fact the NSA with a years worth of email and internet history knows more about you than your best friend, and therefore can easily manipulate you. Be wary of any ‘coincidental’ meetings with strangers), but it also provides the ability to propagandize on a mass scale at the individual level, a first in history. The internet provides instant feedback to the controllers machinations, and makes the spreading of disinformation and misinformation more effective as it is so easy to make it seem organic.

It’s all about control. We live under so many different systems of control. Government (international, national, state, county, city), Monetary, Law, Religion, Education. Kinda hard to claim we’re ‘free’ when we live under so many different systems of control.

No person has the right to rule or control another. Therefore we are all sovereign peoples. And therefore our enemies are those who try and control us.


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