Spirits in a material world…

‘We are spirits in the material world’

Spirits in the Material World
Ghost in the Machine
The Police

The MSM portrays spiritual people as being kooks, ‘out there’, confused or just weird. And there are people who fit all these descriptors simultaneously… but they are outliers. The point of MSMs portrayals is to discourage people from seeking to be spiritual.

But our spirit is ‘who’ we are. The physical body is but a vessel for the spirit. But what is the spirit? I’m not sure. There are many theories. But I decided long ago that each individual has their own personal spiritual journey. A journey that is ‘supposed’ to be unique to each individual. And it seems to me that the more one seeks out others for spiritual guidance the less unique your personal journey becomes. To the point that for many instead of having their own unique journey they simply follow the path of another. This is one of the primary roles of Religion. A copy/substitute for the real thing.

If you choose to believe in a god(s) then I say this to you. Do not let another person dictate or control how you choose to communicate, commune, or worship said god(s). If the creator was intelligent enough to create this world of balance and complexity with numbers that are truly staggering; like the number of cells in a human body, or the number of atoms for that matter. Then certainly the creator can manage a unique relationship with each of his creations. The creator needs no spokesperson on earth. It is man who ‘claims’ to speak for the creator.

If there is a creator then he/she/it created our spirits, and created our spirits to be free. It is man who enslaves the spirit of other men for their own selfish and inevitably wicked  purposes. And this is the primary purpose of Religion. Not to feed and free the spirit, though it purports to do so, no the purpose of Religion is to weaken, to starve, and ultimately to control the spirit.

Do not let someone else, either dead or alive, control your spiritual journey. Walk your own path. Seek the truth, for the truth will set you free.



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