You are what you eat…

You are what you eat. A statement from my childhood, that personally took on a bit of a trite meaning. In hindsight I realize this was not by accident. For there is no truer fact than this. All living things are a reflection of what they eat. Food is our fuel, what quality of fuel are you putting in your body? Do you know? Do you know really anything about where your food came from, how is was grown, how it was handled?

But this ‘reality’, that we are what we eat, is but part of a greater whole. The whole picture is that you are what you consume. What are allowing yourself to see and hear? Is it good fuel? What are you consuming? We are all products of our environments, as children we have little control of our environments, but as adults we should have complete control. We are all influenced by our environments. Is your environment healthy?

We watch and listen to content from media and know nothing about the people who create it. What are their values, beliefs, agendas? We watch favorite TV shows and know plenty about our favorites actors but know nothing, not even the names, of the people who actually create the content, the writers and producers.

Is is any wonder that we live in a time of universal deception when we know nothing about the people who create the media we consume? If we live in a midst of a war for our minds, bodies, and spirits should we not be careful of what we put in our minds, what media we consume? If our bodies need good fuel to be healthy, does not our minds and spirits as well?

You are what you consume. What are you consuming?


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