Am I deceived…?

My spirit is upon me and within me. And it will be free to be that which it is. And when it is fully revealed those who love the truth will rejoice and those who revel in darkness will be consumed by the darkness.

We live in a time of universal deception. Deception perpetuated by the technologies of print, radio, video, and the amalgamation of all three we call the internet. It is such a time that the ‘truth’, which is simply that which actually happened, becomes hard, if not impossible to know, let alone believe. It is such a time that the ‘truth’ is the most dangerous and feared ‘reality’ of those who control society. We live in haze of deception, a matrix of lies, a web of deceit. One cannot emphasize this point enough.

Therefore the question is not; “Am I deceived?”, the question is; “In how many unique areas are you deceived and the depth of each”. If you are able to wrap your mind around this fact, then the next question is; “Are you willing to question everything you know?” No one likes to admit to being fooled, tricked, bamboozled. But take comfort, for ALL of us have been fooled. We are ALL in this together.

We’ve been born into a war. A full spectrum war. A global war. A war for the control of humankind, for control of our minds, bodies, and spirits. The bulk of this war is unnoticed. We see the physical manifestation of the war for the body in armed conflict around the world, suppression of protesters, and jailing of individuals for victimless crimes. We see and hear but do not comprehend the war for our minds through propaganda perpetuated through mass media, education, and religion. But the most critical battle is that for control of our ‘spirits’. For if the spirit is crushed, malnourished, sick, or neglected then controlling the mind and body is easy.

Regardless of whether you follow a Religion or not, or believe in a God(s) or creator or not, is immaterial. The physical is but a manifestation of the spiritual, the body but a container for the spirit. We are spirits in a material world, in the midst of a spiritual war.

In the physical world it is usually obvious when one is under attack, but not always. But the war for our minds and spirits… this is a different kind of war. The weapons of this battlefield are not guns and swords, but words and images. The battlefields are not cities and towns but living rooms, schools, and sanctuaries. Subterfuge and deception are the cornerstones of all war, it is no different in the war for our minds and spirits.

The first step in defending yourself is recognizing you are under attack. The next step is identifying your adversary(s). The only way to accurately identify the enemy is to know the ‘truth’.

The question is not; “Am I deceived?, but in how many unique areas are you deceived and the depth of each.”


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