The Poverty of the Truth

  One cannot serve two masters. You either serve God or mammon (wealth). Christians should know this from the teachings of Jesus. And yet we have entire Christian denominations today that cater to those who serve mammon. Mammon is what is now worshiped in many nations, much more so than any God. Especially in ‘first’ […]

The Power of Forgiveness

Seventy times seven. This is how many times Jesus commanded his disciples to forgive. He then goes on to teach the story of the servant who is forgiven his debts and then turns around and will not forgive debts owed to him. Explaining that we will not be forgiven in Heaven if we do not […]

The Fundamental Truths of our Time

  We are All deeply deceived, and live in a time of universal and mass deception. That the purpose of deception is Thought Control, and therefor since we live in a time of Mass Deception thus we are all thoroughly thought controlled. All of us, and for our entire lives. That the purpose of thought […]


Truthshock: the psychological condition induced by a barrage of Truthbombs. Oftentimes accompanied by distress, disbelief, and denial. TruthShock. I did not appreciate when I created this blog how accurate, how prescient, how appropriate that title was. When I set out to create this blog I wanted to call it ‘The Forest’. Alluding to the well […]

Hoaxes, Illusions, and False-Flags

There seems to be a great deal of confusion lately about the use of the word ‘hoax’ in regards to the latest traumatic mass casualty events. Events that have been demonstrably proven to be False-Flag actions. In particular the argument is that a Hoax ≠ False-Flag. Or that because real people actually died then it […]

The MSM News is in the Business of Deception.

  The News has a fiduciary responsibility to sell falsehoods to the public. What? A responsibility? Yes indeed. But let’s ask Uncle Miltie why. Milton Friedman, the famous or infamous Noble Prize winning economist, and his ‘Shareholder Value’ philosophy brought us this famous quote: “There is one and only one social responsibility of business — […]