Truthshock: the psychological condition induced by a barrage of Truthbombs. Oftentimes accompanied by distress, disbelief, and denial. TruthShock. I did not appreciate when I created this blog how accurate, how prescient, how appropriate that title was. When I set out to create this blog I wanted to call it ‘The Forest’. Alluding to the well […]

Hoaxes, Illusions, and False-Flags

There seems to be a great deal of confusion lately about the use of the word ‘hoax’ in regards to the latest traumatic mass casualty events. Events that have been demonstrably proven to be False-Flag actions. In particular the argument is that a Hoax ≠ False-Flag. Or that because real people actually died then it […]

The MSM News is in the Business of Deception.

  The News has a fiduciary responsibility to sell falsehoods to the public. What? A responsibility? Yes indeed. But let’s ask Uncle Miltie why. Milton Friedman, the famous or infamous Noble Prize winning economist, and his ‘Shareholder Value’ philosophy brought us this famous quote: “There is one and only one social responsibility of business — […]

Orlando Pulse – When False-Flags go Wrong!

Because sometimes laughter is the best medicine. In the vein that it’s better to laugh than cry, and because of the absolute ridiculousness of these past few false-flag events. And because sometimes the best way to handle the bullshit is to throw some bullshit back. I have decided to resurrect the smart-ass that resides within. […]

Whose ‘Thought’ Is It Anyway?

Why do we think about the things we do? What prompts us to have a specific thought? Why do we have random thoughts? Why does one person think constantly about celebrity culture, and another sports, and another video gaming? Are our thoughts unique to us? Do you have unique thoughts? Or are our thoughts actually […]

Overcoming the Globalist Agenda…

  How do you defeat a monster? How do you defeat an opponent who knows every move you make… before you make it? How do defeat an entity with unlimited resources? How do you win a game created by your opponent? A game rigged against you, where the rules are changed on the fly to […]